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The Curse of Aston Villa? Will it turn around with a new Manager?

The beginning of October 2016 marked the end of Roberto Di Matteo’s short reign as Aston Villa manager, after only fourth months in charge of the side. He managed only one win in eleven matches, leaving Aston Villa only two points above the relegation zone in the Championship table.   Does this sound familiar? Last year…

Joanna Lumley: Channels Patsy and it’s Fabulous!

Joanna Lumley is a breath of fresh air as always and in a recent interview with The Daily Mirror, she has spoken her mind on “cat-calling” and “wolf-whistles”, seeing them as a form of loud compliment.   Joanna who forever owned her role as Patsy in the “Absoluetly Fabulous” sitcom as the chain smoking, white wine…

Demi Lovato on Magic Mushrooms: Not the First, but definitely the Last Time

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Demi Lovato has brought much attention to mental health disorders in her career, such as bulimia, bi-polar disorder and also to self-harm, which at Brainstain, we find to be very honorable as a young celebrity figure with droves of impressionable young fans. Admittedly, this attention has been definitely more beneficial than her pursuit in making…

Kim Kardashian Robbed: She’s an easy Target

Palve Stanimirovic a former “Pink Panther” member has openly blamed Kim Kardashian for getting herself robbed in Paris. If you don’t know what a Pink Panther is, well, it isn’t the cartoon Pink Panther or Peter Sellers as Inspector Closeau, it is merely defined as: ‘the name given by Interpol to an international jewel thief…

Hurricane Matthew: Will the Devastation effect the Presidential Election in Florida.

Hurricane Matthew could not come at a worse time for America, with the presidential debate coming up this Sunday and voter registration closing today on Tuesday the 11th of October . The hurricane has already claimed 340 lives in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, as well as causing significant destruction in the Bahamas and now…

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: A Legend and still got it!

Happy birthday to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who turned thirty-five on October 3rd 2016, and he’s currently enjoying his break after retirement from International football. At 6ft 5’ inches he stands as a national hero in his home country of Sweden, he’s the elusive footballing enigma of the world, a black belt master in Taekwondo and he’s…

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