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The Misanthropic Guide To People Hating (15 Examples Of Why Humans Suck)

Do you find yourself being unneighbourly and inhospitable towards your fellow humans? Forced to internalize internal frustrations and thoughts of death and mass killing sprees, whilst you are out in public, because of a general disdain for your work commute?  Then you are clearly suffering from a severe case of misanthropy, which can be very normal…

10 Possible Theories As To Where Madeleine McCann Could Be

Where is Madeleine McCann? That is the question on everyone’s lips, nearly 10 years after her mysterious vanishing act. The disappearance and case of Madeleine McCann is quite literally, the never-ending story. And, recently the DailyMail covered the story with former Detective Inspector, Dave Edgar, who believes she is still alive and hidden in plain…

Stockholm Terrorist Attack; Truck Ploughs into Pedestrians (Live Updates)

Stockholm, Sweden – the home of too many Muslim migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, has suffered a characteristic vehicular jihad terror attack on Drottninggatan, the most famous shopping street in the whole of the capital, occurring in broad daylight. There have been reports of shots fired and at least five confirmed dead by truck, so…

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