Mass US 2020 Election “Voter Fraud” Exposed Favouring Joe Biden


The US 2020 Election has been fraught with widespread voter fraud in favour of Joe Biden, during a time when mail-in ballots were encouraged over the so-called Covid-19 Pandemic, in an attempt by Democrats to steal the 2020 US Presidential Election.

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten days, or you have the equivalent IQ of a braying donkey, then you’d be more than well aware of this fact already.

However, CNN and other complicit news media networks, whom were also responsible for the already debunked “Russia Hoax” investigation, and multiple fake scam-scandals trying to topple Donald Trump since 2016, decided amongst themselves, that they would announce Joe Biden as President Elect in 2020, just last weekend, despite the voter count not even being completed yet.

Even though, the legal counting of legal votes was never finished in key swing states, including in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin, just to name a few, where the election fraud hit its highest peak. All of this will soon be exposed at such alarming levels, that nothing in recorded history has ever been witnessed to be so fraudulent, in all of human history.

Were the many cheating methods used by Democrats, as “dumb as a donkey?” Credit: theFederalistPapers

Well, the problem with the Democrat cheating scandal is that their cheating (with fraudulent votes) went way over board, and with these fraudulent hacks in the key swing states, working at the poll stations trying to turn the USA into a banana republic.  Plus, not to mention, with the added corrupt Dominion software pushed by Deep State tech demons, which changed thousands of Donald Trump votes illegally to Joe Biden votes, just like in that ‘The Simpsons’ episode, (yeah, you know the one.) But, the problem with that is no discretion was applied in their fraudulent voting ways.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, this now makes it entirely obvious that voter fraud was being implemented in the US 2020 Presidential Election in favouring Joe Biden, and it’s all about to be exposed, since the numbers do not add up or even make any sense.

So in hindsight, if you’re going to commit mass voter fraud, then clearly you should stick within the parameters of mathematical realities, and also stay within the realm of believability… Just maybe?

Trump was in the lead in all swing states until “Biden Ballot Dumps” magically appeared overnight. Credit: ThinkAmericana

At least try to suspend some common belief in the lie, in order to try to convince even the least educated of the liberal masses of what is reality, since not even Joe Biden this time around, could quite fathom how he got even more votes than Barack Obama did way back in 2008…. Eh, say what? Seriously strange, don’t you think?

Well, this cheating on any sort of believable level didn’t happen in such a way, just like how Joe Biden didn’t win the US Presidential 2020 Election on November 4th, with enough legal votes, but he did win with boxes full of fraudulent votes, seemingly backed by the fake stream news media.

This, as we all know, is absolutely disgusting, and it’s equally disgusting how media networks like CNN, and other well known news corporations, are seemingly persisting with this lie, in the hope that the mass exposition of this crazed “voter fraud” will just magically go away, and not be exposed to its full capacity in the forthcoming weeks.

Yes, sadly even well respected news publications, are pushing the same agenda with daily news stories to convince you that Joe Biden’s fake election win was legitimate, when it was clearly not legal ,in any way shape or form. Voter fraud is a crime and should be treated as such, since otherwise, worldwide democracy will forever be threatened and thoroughly compromised worldwide, not just in America.

The Joe Biden that we all remember from Donald Trump’s first term, getting uncomfortably close with several kids, earning him the name of “Creepy” Joe Biden. Credit: Youtube

It’s not hard to see why the mainstream media are lying, but it’s all the while very disappointing from the mainstream fake news media as per usual. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for reporting more fake news! Or at least, have the decency to recant and apologise for being misinformed on a grand scale, that easily climbs over the borderline of brainless stupidity.

(Yes, we’ve just throwing up in our mouths a little bit over the past ten days, at just the thought of all the voter fraud that’s been going on.)

Additionally, we expected nothing more from the big tech industry of liberal marxists in Silicon Valley leading up to the election and even now, (who really want you poor, while they get richer) of which surely Twitter, are the most complicit and annoying offender this election season, or are they? But, we digress…

Whilst, Facebook have just been trying to cover their behinds from mass Democratic outrage pre-election and post election, in clearly always banning conservative voices and anyone that ever shows any support for the current President, Donald J. Trump. One word sums it up, “Sad…”

This has unfortunately though, resulted in a mass exodus from Facebook all together, which was once so loved, way back in the year of 2007. Oh my how time flies!

But, they still have the chance to stop being such partisan social media hacks, since as we know, they truly want to be bipartisan even if a huge percentage of their employees may be part robot or something. And well, as for Google, well, they’re just being… Google

Big Tech wins big in Covid Pandemic
Who do you currently like more these days? Who’s your favourite big tech tyrant? Answers on a Patriot postcard please! Credit: TheOnion

However, just one big example of the “Big Tech Tyrants” cashing in massively lately, in the past 8 months alone, is with their profits soaring during the Covid 19 Pandemic into the billions, from what they would’ve earned without the first lockdown ever being implemented. Yeah, must be nice with those Christmas bonuses right around the corner.

Yet, even Elon Musk (a truly great guy) recently tested negative for Covid twice, and then tested positive for Covid twice, on the same day. He later then stated, “there’s something bogus going on here” of which surely we must all agree by now.

That would then indicate what many have known all along, that the “false positive” testing outcome of a clearly bizarre agenda is unfolding like a circus of delusion, right before our very eyes.

Perhaps, there are many false positive results out there, inflating the numbers and inflating the fear, prompting lockdowns across the world, based on phoney science and science clearly implemented by marxist professors and doctors, gloating at the thoughts of full blown communism, (as we smash this keyboard.)

Ferguson Imperial College Marxist
Mr. Ferguson is a bit suspect, with plenty of his false science and crazy projections proving false, along with Dr. Fauci in the USA. Credit: FT

Yes, the lockdown’s have served up big profits for tech companies and they’re surely enjoying the thought of another Covid 19 pandemic lockdown very much. Whilst simultaneously, they’re silencing Conservatives, Patriots, Republican’s and any Trump supporters across the board, which is just astronomically corrupt, is it not?

But, we’re all used to it by now, aren’t we? There’s no level playing field with big tech censorship, and mainstream fake news coverage on everything anti-Trump, whom are now also trying to call an election win for Joe Biden, under the reality of fake votes and massive voter fraud.

Well, that’s just one example, and this might be why the Deep State Democrats and liberal tech companies want another “second” lockdown, which is by the way, vehemently opposed by most Republican Mayors, to be precise.

So clearly, you won’t be getting any real news reports of the facts of the impending overturning of the 2020 US Election results, due to mass voter fraud, but by giving the legal vote and win to Donald Trump should be the only logical and legal outcome, whilst those many illegal votes for Joe Biden, will have to be rightly discounted from the official court count in due time.

Since what else would suffice for trying to steal an election by methods of cheating and mass voter fraud? The courts have to do their part in rectifying what everyone knows is a rigged election, using hand to hand “Biden Ballot Dumps,” and corrupted Dominion Software that  switches digital Trump votes to Biden votes. Then to those deranged liberal poll watchers and counters, obstructing many legal observers on election day, and then throwing their dirty hands and tricks into the mix of the legal ballot box.

Trump Never Gives Up
Donald J. Trump doesn’t give up in the face of mass voter fraud, since the count was not completed in key swing states and therefore it’s not over. Let’s count the legal votes soon! Credit: FoxNews

So, should legal US voters just accept cheating in the US 2020 Presidential Election and then turn the other cheek… Hmmm? Good question, but the answer is, “NO!”

There are now rampant rumours swirling around that the Deep State swamp rats on both sides of the pendulum, are scrambling to cover up their tracks and whatever else they can do, by even burning up fake ballots in crematoriums across the nation, and then trying to white wash Dominion voter software records, from standing out as voter fraud evidence. However, this will not hold up in the future court rulings of law and in legal vote counts, regarding the official US 2020 Election result.

Here is a video from a whistleblower from Arizona, exposing the sharpie pen (“SharpieGate”) fraud, insisted on upon by employees at voting centres, who gave out sharpie pens to Donald Trump voters, thus invalidating their Donald Trump votes.

But, so how will it all go down once the many Democrat votes for Joe Biden are exposed as fraudulent, and the very many late ballots of Joe Biden are rightly disqualified, remains to be seen.

And, what about those many fake votes for Joe Biden which were casted by the already deceased, that seeming arose from their graves to vote for the Dems once again, during this election cycle?

Well, once all of these fake votes are exposed in the hundreds of thousands, in a court of law, and then passed onto the Supreme Court, then what will happen then? Well, let’s just wait and see what happens next, shall we?

Why do the deceased always go out and vote for Democrats in the US Elections? It’s just so weird… Plus, how did they even make it out to the USPS mailboxes? Credit: Knowyourmeme

Even complicit Democrats in these key swing states, surely can’t stop what’s coming in terms of voter fraud being exposed. And unfortunately, this planned election fraud has the same smell of the “Russia Hoax” all over it, and who was responsible for that tall tale which was proven to be entirely fake?

Well, you can find out again by searching in our handy little search bar at the top and at the bottom of our webpage, just to refresh your memory.

Now moreover, not many news corporations are reporting on this Democrat voter fraud, but rest assured, it happened, and we will now refer to the trustworthy news of ‘The Gateway Pundit,’ to have them factually clear that up for you. Hit the following link to discover the real current count in Pennsylvania, which you won’t find on the corrupted “lame-stream” media

This fraudulent US 2020 Election result for Joe Biden, has now also opened up a big can of worms, in the betting markets of Las Vegas. Now while some other worldwide betting companies are awaiting the real results of only legal votes in the US election, by correctly holding onto and keeping any such bets closed, until the final count and final results have been proven and counted into official numbers, by discounting illegal votes, some betting companies have not.

US 2020 Presidential Election Betting Under Fire
The many fraudulent Joe Biden votes in swing states has spun bookies into a carousel of future implications, with clients whom bet on the US 2020 Election Result, not happy, since it’s not over yet, due to mass Democrat voter fraud. Credit:

Yes, some other bookies and worldwide betting companies, like Bet365, have incorrectly called the US 2020 Election win for Joe Biden, without a final count in no less than five states, despite clearly there being investigations into illegal voter fraud, that are now already under way to be exposed.

And, there’s only one word for that, and that’s “Sad,” and also clearly very fraudulent at the same time. Since cheating and fraud can cause all sorts of problems in what was supposed to have been a legitimate voting process in the US Election.

But, the 45th sitting President,  Donald J Trump, did call the voter fraud agenda out long before the 2020 US Election. So, the US 2020 Election is far from over, and it will now be interesting to see how it all unfolds in the next couple of months or even weeks.

Biden voter fraud
Allegedly, there were many non-hero’s also committing voter fraud in key swing state polling stations, that blocked many legal observers across the USA on election day. Credit: FoxNews

Since even Attorney General Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo and Rudy Giuliani have all clearly already alluded to the on-going investigations into this disastrous and indiscreet cheating by election “Demonrats,” whom are of course, intrinsically tied to the Democrat Party and chose Joe Biden, without a legal final vote count being completed, via the use of the mainstream media to announce a bold faced lie in order to con the people.

In Pennsylvania, Donald Trump had a 700,000 vote lead on Biden, until when just magically tons of Joe Biden ballots were just dumped on top overnight, which gave him that mysterious lead in all of the key swing states, currently being covered up for by the fake news media.

Then in Michigan, an election observer witnessed 50 boxes of absentee ballots being delivered into Detroit at 3:30am, which were surely full of more fraudulent Joe Biden votes.

These absentee ballots must have been delivered by the Demonic Democrat “voter fraud fairy,” who is now the stuff of “looney-toon” liberal “urban legend!” Go figure!

Lies! CNN nor Fox News or any News Corporation does not elect the US President, however, legal votes do. Credit: Fox News

Go figure! Then now the “fake news” media corporations, are covering up the scandal, and let’s remind them that they do not choose the US 2020 President Election, by spreading lies and false projections, determined by fake election ballots and fake news announcements, now do they? Since that is even fraudulent in itself.

However, the rightful voters, and the will of the people casting the many real legal votes, does count in a US 2020 Presidential Election and in a court of law, and even in the Supreme Court.

So, let’s all hope that the rightful US President wins, once it is all proven to be Donald Trump for a second term, as it should be!

Since legal votes and a legal election is paramount to human existence, because if you don’t have a legal election result, with an official count process in the US 2020 Election to disprove Joe Biden’s fraudulent projected win, then it will even threaten Democracy all across the whole wide world, indefinitely, for future years to come.


Have a great weekend!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit:  FoxNews

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