Update: We’ll Be Back After the Shutdown is Over

As the headline reads, we will soon be back after this extremely long shutdown period.  A time in which we have all been properly following along with social distancing guidelines, using our hand sanitiser and sharing our wealth in plenty of toilet paper. This obviously took some time and now many of our old articles are finally back!  

For now we will let you bask in the fun that is Brainstain Entertainment News, and you can catch up on all of our newsworthy goodness, with plenty of foresight in older articles, found across the board and inside our handy “keywords” search section.

We hope you enjoy our new look and by all means share the knowledge.  Soon we will come back with regular news posts for your comedic enjoyment, and you’re sure to learn something new.  Since we’ve already done a lot to cover the most interesting news stories of the past, that will still have a basis in the present future.

You can simply remind yourself of anything in particular, by using our handy search bar on the top right-hand corner of the webpage, or now also on the bottom of the website, as well. Fun times!

search news
Search for some news in our handy search bar (top right or bottom) and use any keyword to find what you’re looking for. Credit: SearchNews

Last but not least, to be notified when our next news posts go live again, please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll also be able to enjoy our entertaining side content at the same time. However, given the leftist nature of censorship on such social media mammoths, we may all be switching to other social platforms entirely, some day soon.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back! Some things may change, but Brainstain Entertainment News will still be here to make you laugh all over again. The date of commencement of our new posts is yet to be confirmed! But until then, just watch this space and share our content!


Brainstain News Team


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