‘CATS’ Movie Trailer is Released and it’s Very Unsightly


With so much disturbing news hitting us all lately, we felt we needed to focus on some light hearted entertainment news that’s also highly disturbing, with the trailer of everyone’s favourite stage musical, ‘CATS,‘ set to hit you hard, and not in a good way.

We must really forewarn you now, ahead of its supposed blockbuster reveal this December, that you may not like what you see, and we don’t suppose the producers of the film, like it very much either?

So, before you reminisce over it’s joyous and inspiring soundtrack and such, don’t get too excited, as this looks truly awful! But, Hollywood has seemingly really come to this, in the remake, re-do and re-creation market of making something tasteless out of something that’s already been done before, to legendary failures, for lack of a better project.

Now, one couldn’t criticise the new ‘Lion King’ from Disney, but this ‘CATS‘ idea, is sadly, falling into the Hollywood fashion of desecrating a wonderful work of musical art, and turning its memory into an unsightly joke of a motion picture. Well, what were they thinking?

It’s Judy Dench with the new “cat face” filter from Snapchat! Only kidding, it’s CATS. Credit ABS/CBS

The film’s trailer release has already been said to be more frightening than Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Chapter II, and we surely could come up with some other disturbing comparisons, or can we? Perhaps, you can? Although, Stephen King’s ‘Sleepwalkers’ definitely comes to mind with that whole cat face thing.

Anyhow, with an All-Star cast in ‘CATS‘, with big names and faces attached, as is also the case with their faces simply splayed onto feline like figures in an anthropomorphic display, with quite terrible CGI, and “facepalm” inducing visual effects. So, something’s really got to give, hasn’t it? Maybe, it’s the story then?

Or at least, let’s hope so, since this may really be a career ender for many, and it’s a real shame that this is Taylor Swift’s first acting role, or perhaps even Sir Ian Mckellan’s last film? Only joking, but it’s very bad luck for Taylor, indeed…  However, let’s take a look at this trailer travesty, shall we?

Well, is it as bad as we first thought? Or is it even worse? The film which is directed by Academy Award winner Tom Hooper, who gave us Les Miserablés and The King’s Speech, and then starring Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, James Corden and Ian McKellen, might all be regretting their inclusion in this very poor idea for a motion picture, and rapidly so.

But maybe, once you get used to the strange facial superimposition, and oversee just how weird and ghastly Jennifer Hudson’s face looks imposed onto a feline furry figure, then just maybe, the story will captivate us all, just like the musical did, perhaps?

Jennifer Hudson in CATS, looks really pawthetic… Credit: flipboard

We predict that these visual effects are going to be facing far more of a backlash than the already shamed CGI creation of Sonic The Hedgehog, prompting the director to delay its release date, and change the aesthetic of the lead character entirely. However, with CATS they’d have to change the whole film, and all the CATS seemingly.

But, could we really be blessed to see this CATS movie in cinemas this December, as is? Maybe, we should just all oversee how incredibly bad it looks (at first), and give them all the benefit of the doubt for now. Please tell us what you think in the comments section down below about this CATS car crash of a movie…


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Playbill.com

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