‘Democratic Socialists of America’ Convention is Summed Up in Ridicule


Last week, you may have come across some unbelievable highlights, or even some sound bytes of the recent Democratic Socialists of America convention, where the consensus from onlookers regarding these democratic socialists is that they embody all that is bizarre, since 2016 onwards. Is this really real?

Yes, with words and phrases like “triggering, safe spaces and gender pronouns,” plus an unbelievable amount of leftist “Soy milk” rhetoric permeating throughout the convention hall, much of it was hard to fathom.

This really has to be seen to be believed. Yes, where even too much chattering caused somebody to experience sensory overload, and another pointed out an additional “point of personal privilege” and that was to stop using “gendered language.”

Since the video clip was released, tons of people have likened this total non-parody of a convention to be something straight out of South Park episode.

Well, we haven’t watched enough of South Park to know the specific comparisons, but we sure do see similarities to memorable scenes from the popular animated TV series, ridiculing political correctness, in its pure form of ridiculous characters, harping on about absurd PC notions in moments of community outrage.

Yes, as much as this was seen and experienced through viewing the ‘Democratic Socialists of America’ convention in Atlanta, Georgia, which took place at the beginning of August.

But, don’t take our word for it, as YouTube channel High Impact Flix, hits the nail on the head with his commentary over the proceedings in quite a humorous fashion. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Excuse us, just one more point of privilege… We just couldn’t agree more, but at the same time, we must respect the way that these people are, however strange and foregone from logic and reason in the course of humanity that they have evolved to become.

If they want to act this way, it is their choice, but perhaps the socialist conditioning of extreme liberalism gone too far, and definitely gone awry, is to blame?

Since, in this so-called force fed millennial mindset of safe spaces and college campuses, where leftist doctrine is interjected into still unformed minds, is this the new normal? We doubt that it is and any other reasoning for the causation of this as a whole, remains unclear, apart from a type of liberal indoctrination which has never ever been seen before in human history.

No clapping allowed, but you can raise your hands up for Democratic Socialism in 2019. if you wishCredit: libertyunyielding

If this is the sort of representation of Democratic Socialism in America, then Democratic socialism will not fare well at the ballot box in 2020, or in any other place for that matter, or prove us wrong, since where shall this be considered the normalcy of “human kind.”

This form of thinking is so beyond and far way from logic that it effectively alienates a grand portion of people who ponder as to why some factions of people feel and act in this way. Surely, there is some reason for this, but to try to figure out why is not an easy task of research, beyond the obvious, and we tend to agree with High Impact Flix’s comedic take on the ‘Democratic Socialists of America’ convention.

Could this type of extreme liberalism tied to Democratic Socialism be a mental disorder, or is just something that other people are failing to comprehend? Have many of us missed the boat, or the point so to speak?


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: WashingtonExaminer


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