CNN Democrat National Clown Debate was a Circus of “Fake News” (1st Night, 2nd Round)


Last night’s second Democrat nominee debate live on CNN, was likened to a ‘Democrat National Clown’ debate out of a catastrophic circus, where “Fake News” and anti-Trump propaganda dominated throughout, and at times it was far more than comical, or shall we say “tragic?”

All the Democrat nominees running for the spot to challenge president Donald Trump in 2020, with no more than “Fake News” and anti-Trump lies being used for their platform, in order to help them convince voters for next year, which should tell you all you need to know about how well it’s going to go for these candidates, in the realm of public opinion.

Maybe the DNC should stand for the ‘Democrat National Clown’ committee, and that just about sums up last nights’, first night of the second round in Detroit, Michigan.

But now, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this baseless Democrat debate, where phrases and words like “white nationalism,”racist” and “separating children at the border,” were thrown around like hot cakes, all without reason or substance in the realm of reality.

Instead of telling the truth, as they meant it, they should’ve been saying, “we need more illegal immigrants for our dwindling voter base.”

Yes, Democrats can only run their campaigns’ on “Fake News” talking points, and this is incredibly sad for the party, which has not even got “one iota” of decency left as a political party, spitting out more and more lies on mostly everything, throughout the whole debate. Nice!

Let’s take a look at even more highlights of this full blown circus in action now, where pushing a hidden socialist agenda, peppered with “Fake News” and an anti-Trump narrative, existed at the end of almost every sentence and phrase, used by the Democrat candidates. Why are we not surprised?

So much talk about racism, but Donald Trump’s policies have proven statistically to be the best in terms of employment numbers of all minorities (in record numbers) and he has done more positive work with the HUD, than any other president before him.

But, the Democrats are solely living up to their motto, “blame the other side for which you are guilty” and “divide and conquer,” but not everybody is buying that rhetoric anymore.

People are more than well aware that they need to get their news from online sources, and avoid the propaganda of the mainstream news media. This, of course, makes the Democrat debate easy to expose for what it really is, just like CNN, as a “Fake News” channel, even earning the illustrious name of the ‘Clown News Network’.

Recently, Donald Trump exposed the corrupt Democrat city of Baltimore, which has also been compared by Bernie Sanders, to be likened to a third world country, just a few years ago.

The Democrat pool of candidates for 2020, is a like a clown car of ineptitude. So much fun, just like a circus? Credit: Zerohedge

However, Bernie Sanders has now suggested that it was “racist” to point out Baltimore’s obvious shortcomings, due to Democrat leadership, once Donald Trump had already exposed it, which points out their continual aversion from the truth, once again...

Yes, the city of Baltimore has been ravaged under Democrat rule, as well as, let’s not forget about Nancy Pelosi’s more recently destroyed districts of San Francisco in the “Used Needle” & “Poopgate” fiasco, and to way beyond, with a multitude of Democrat run cities, that have become far different and even plausibly dangerous, under Democrat leadership, due to their lax (-ative) policies.

Well, WOW! What a circus the Democrat debate has become, and now we must wait until the 2nd night of round two, and see how that goes, with “Creepy Uncle” Joe Biden, and Kamala “Legs Up” Harris going head to head, amongst the rest of the candidates.

But then, after that, there’s a long wait until September 12th, the date of the next Democrat debate, to see who is in the lead, and who will still be running against Donald Trump in 2020. We can barely contain our excitement, can you?


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A nice flashback to ‘Round 1’ in Spanish now!


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