A$AP Rocky Caught Up in Altercation with Syrian Migrant in Stockholm (*Update*) Trump tweets #FreeRocky

A$AP Rocky Sweden Stockholm fight Migrant Man

A$AP Rocky was on his Scandinavian tour in Stockholm, Sweden, last night and got into an extended altercation with some unrelenting migrant men, whom were obviously the furthest from Swedish that you could ever get. Yes, don’t get it twisted, these weren’t your usual spawns of ABBA, now were they?

*Updated July 26th* – A$AP Rocky has been in a Swedish jail already for 23 days and counting, over this incident. A$AP Rocky was not given bail, even after US President Donald Trump called Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven in order to work out a resolve to ‘Free A$AP Rocky’. 

Continued and updated…

So, do not get it confused, this is not a traditional Swedish person, nor is his friend, in the now leaked video and they look inebriated on some form of drug. But, for whatever reason the two migrant male imports, kept on following A$AP Rocky and his entourage for several blocks, seemingly lasting for all of eternity, after a night out on the town.

In the released video footage, A$AP Rocky’s security can be heard telling the two migrant men to leave them alone and to stop following them for several minutes. However, the migrant man in the white polo shirt (whom has now been revealed to have been on crystal meth at the time), speaking in very broken English, accuses A$AP Rocky of breaking his headphones, when it was clear that he himself, broke his own headphones when punching A$AP’s security guard.

As the video shows, the migrant man brazenly starts fighting A$AP Rocky’s security guard in a moment of clear insanity, for several minutes out on the streets of Stockholm.

The Syrian migrant clearly attacks A$AP Rocky’s security guard with brute force and breaks his own headphones. The Syrian migrant clearly got violent first. Credit: YouTube

Clearly, this Syrian migrant is not of sound mind, and obviously acted unreasonably, and violently towards A$AP’s Rocky’s entourage first. Also, later on in the video, a girl can be heard accusing the migrant men of forcefully touching many women’s butts that very night, and all of this, probably resulted in A$AP Rocky’s patience presumably coming to an end, after being harassed and stalked for many blocks in the Swedish capital.

The Syrian migrant simply wouldn’t leave the rap star and his entourage alone. The migrant man was at some point tossed onto the pavement in probably a justified manoeuvre, followed on by some physical ramifications after being stalked by the troublemakers for several minutes.

But, it’s very clear that the migrant man had earlier started a fight with A$AP Rocky’s security guard, and he was the one who instigated the fight and the whole incident from the start. A$AP Rocky and his entourage were clearly harassed for several minutes, over some headphones that the migrant man broke himself, when attacking the personal security of A$AP.

A$AP Rocky fight Stockholm
A$AP Rocky throws the annoying migrant man to the ground in Stockholm, Sweden, after being stalked for several blocks in Stockholm and after the Syrian man attacked A$Ap’s security. Credit: Tooshared

What actually happened with the headphones that the Syrian migrant spoke of in the video? Well, you can clearly see that he smashed his own headphones, when he attacked A$AP’s security guard.  Let’s take a look at the video down below, shall we? However, this is the only video we could find with most of the incident included, so please ignore the commentary of the YouTuber at hand, as this is not meant to be funny, or entertaining, but let’s just face the facts from the video.

This has now turned into a seemingly serious political matter, for which even Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and now President Donald Trump have got involved, in order to lobby for A$AP Rocky’s freedom or release.

Kim Kardashian who helped and backed Trump in his implementation of prison reform in the USA, has asked president Trump to help get A$AP Rocky out of jail, who is also a well-known friend to the whole Kardashian family.


But, let’s just see what happened when A$AP Rocky meets some of the EU’s imported Syrian migrant troublemakers on the streets of Stockholm. Erm… can you say ‘major culture clash,’ as A$AP is harassed by an inebriated and angry Syrian migrant on July 3rd, 2019.

Surely, this is an embarrassment, for not only the migrant man, but to Sweden, as well as to Stockholm, and to A$AP Rocky for being locked up for an assault charge.

A$AP Rocky has now been arrested for the assault, and has been charged for an assault, over an incident which could’ve been preventable if the migrant man, would’ve left them alone. Obviously, A$AP Rocky regrets the whole night, and also the incident. But, it is clear the migrant man was relentless in his harassment of the famous rapper.

A$AP Rocky is now expected before sentencing for assault on Tuesday, July 30th, in Stockholm, Sweden, and many people feel that he should already have been freed from jail by now, and not face an assault charge for the incident.

A$AP Rocky other tour shows naturally had to be cancelled, in Norway and all tour dates after that. There were many disappointed fans in Norway, and across the rap stars other cancelled tour dates, following his arrest.

Who’s to blame for all the cancelled shows? Quite possibly, the migrant man, or shall we say young migrant boy? But, A$AP should not have reacted in that way, but after what seemed like a continual and never-ending harassment, something would’ve happened, either way.

So, what about this man’s headphones that he himself broke by attacking A$AP’s security guard? And, just why was this Syrian male, named “Jafari,” following A$AP Rocky and his entourage for all that time in the first place? Why wasn’t the Syrian migrant arrested for assaulting A$AP Rocky’s security guard? The Syrian migrant, known as Jafari, reportedly moved to Sweden back in 2014 from Syria, during the migrant influx.

A photo of the toilet facilities in the jail, where A$AP Rocky has been kept for 23 days. Credit: RapCurrent

Has a proper and fair investigation been carried out? Looking into the persistent stalking, and also for Jafari fighting the security guard? Why was he following them, and then attacking A$AP’s security guard?

Let’s hope that fair justice is given on Tuesday, and that A$AP Rocky will be freed. Have the Swedish police properly investigated the migrant man, after being accused of touching many women’s butts that evening, by another Swedish female, which would be in a direct affront to the #MeToo movement, right? Or could that even be classed as sexual assault?

This might be where A$AP Rocky decided to react, but it is clear from the video that A$AP Rocky was being harassed along with his entourage, pointing to that of the Syrian man, going out of his way to look for trouble.

Furthermore, in recent days, the news media have suggested that the Syrian man, had been taking crystal meth that night, and that he has a previous conviction for possessing ‘Tramadol,’ a prescription drug.

We cannot say either way how Tuesday’s court date will work out for A$AP Rocky, nobody can. But, this video says a lot about the nerve of the migrant man, and his refusal to leave A$AP Rocky and his entourage alone, even after repeatedly being told to leave by his security several times.

A$AP Rocky also told the Syrian migrant to leave, and walk the other way.  Plus, Rocky said that hey really didn’t want any trouble, or even for them to get hurt in any way.

President Donald Trump has a very good point, that he is making here regarding A$AP Rocky’ treatment in Sweden. Credit: realDonaldTrump/Twitter

Was A$AP Rocky and his entourage justified to react to the migrant man? Well, one thing is for sure, is that A$AP Rocky and his entourage were harassed by the Syrian migrants for a very long time.

The migrant man broke his own headphones, and continued to follow, stalk and even attacked A$AP Rocky’s security first, reportedly cutting him on his head, as well.

It was after a long time of coaxing and goading A$AP and his entourage, that A$AP finally reacted by throwing the migrant to the ground. This Syrian migrant was clearly not sober, and he was looking for trouble, persistently that night.

Once again, President Donald Trump has made a valid point regarding the A$AP incident in Sweden, with a major rise in crime spiking, since the migrant influx into Sweden, since 2014 onwards. Credit: realDonaldTrump

We sincerely hope that the Swedish courts, free A$AP Rocky and release him from jail, without any sentencing on this assault charge, since it was most definitely the doing of the Syrian migrant, who was harassing the New York City rapper and his crew, for a very long time that night. We wonder why? Will we ever find out.? What was the Syrian migrant trying to achieve by stalking A$AP Rocky?

Donald Trump has even reviewed the video tape of the incident and has now lobbied for A$AP Rocky to be freed from jail, and so far, he has been left very disappointed by the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, in his lack of action on the matter, and in also keeping the rap star locked up for 23 days, and that he’s now also facing a trial for assault on Tuesday, the 30th of July.

Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, has said that A$AP Rocky will not be given any ‘special treatment,’ as he was denied bail, since those conditions don’t even exist in Sweden.

KimKardashian has lobbied Trump to help release A$AP Rocky
Kim Kardashian has taken an interest in the now international case of interest of A$AP Rocky, with all eyes now on what will happen on Tuesday in court in Stockholm. Credit: TheFader

However, we do not know the full details of the incident and assault, but what is clearly seen in the video, is that A$AP Rocky and his entourage were stalked, harassed and fought, before A$AP and his entourage reacted. That much is clear.

Lastly, is the city of Stockholm even still safe at night? If this footage of harassment is anything to go by, one has to ask if it is safe? Plus, whatever happens in this case, Sweden could suffer a major backlash, both in terms of visiting musical artists, but perhaps also politically. Since the harassment of A$AP Rocky and his reaction, has now become a matter of international interest.

So many questions over this developing story, but as of now, there’s so few answers as to what will happen next. Who was in the wrong here? Please tell us in the comments section down below.

But, let’s hope that the investigations have come to a just resolve on Tuesday, for all involved and that the correct justice is carried out by the courts. All eyes are now on Sweden for next week, for the outcome in this A$AP Rocky case. #FreeA$AP #FreeRocky #FreeFlacko


A$AP ROCKY’s Assault Ordeal Timeline:

June 30: A$AP Rocky and his entourage gets into street fight with two young men caught on video

July 2: Rocky shares video of the altercation on his Instagram saying the two men followed his group and refused to leave them alone

July 3: Rocky is arrested sparking international outrage. TMZ reported he went in voluntarily for questioning and was taken into custody afterwards

July 8: Rocky’s appeal to the Swedish High Court is rejected after he was deemed a flight risk

July 10: His European tour dates are cancelled

July 19: Kanye West speaks to Donald Trump about Rocky

July 25: Rocky charged with assault, ordered to remain in country custody, and  Trump tweets #FreeRocky  


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Featured Photo Credit: TMZ

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