Jeffrey Epstein on Suicide Watch after Pedophile is found with Neck Injuries in Cell

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Jeffrey Epstein has been found semi-conscious with injuries to his neck in his jail cell at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, where he was reportedly found ‘blue in the face’ and laying on the floor in a fetal position.

Two sources close to the investigation, reportedly believe that Jeffrey Epstein had tried to hang himself, following on from the sex trafficking charges of minors, which he currently faces.

Whereas, other investigators are now trying to gather information on whether Jeffrey Epstein may have been attacked by another inmate, as pedophiles are considered to be the lowest of the low in prison populations, and are often subject to physical attacks.

However, the latter seems unlikely, as Epstein is reportedly in his cell for 23 hours a day, but other witnesses claim that this could just be one of Jeffrey Epstein’s acted out ploys, in order to get out of Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, and garner a transfer to a better jail. 

Prison guards discovered Jeffrey Epstein in the early hours of Wednesday morning, around 1am, on the floor in his cell, still ‘blue in the face,’ and was then promptly rushed to the hospital by prison guards.

Jeffrey Epstein is now on suicide watch in the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Facility. Credit: AP

The 66-year old former hedge fund manager, or intelligence asset, had injuries to his neck, although, another witness said that his injuries were not serious, thus assuming it was just a ploy to get a transfer to a nicer jail, or into better living conditions in the near future.

However, investigators have not ruled out a physical assault on the multi-millionaire pedophile, and have reportedly questioned a notorious inmate murderer, Nicholas Tartaglione, who stands guilty of killing four men in a cocaine deal gone wrong, whom denied that he had ever attacked Jeffrey Epstein. 

Tartaglione’s attorney has stated that both he and Epstein have got along well inside the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center. 

Nicholas Tartaglione’s lawyer has denied that his client had anything to do with Epstein being found with injuries inside his jail cell.Credit: DailyMail

After Jeffrey Epstein’s initial arrival in the Manhattan correctional facility, eventually he had to be put into solitary confinement for his own protection, away from other prisoners, not long after being threatened by other inmates.

Reportedly, Jeffrey Epstein is reportedly only four cell doors down from notorious drug kingpin, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

Many believe that Jeffrey Epstein is only trying to secure his earlier wish to serve out his confinement until his trial, within his $77million Mansion on the Upper East side, after a court notice was made on Tuesday that will ask the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the July 18th rejection by a judge to let him serve his time before his trial, in his New York City mansion. 

Jeffrey Epstein has pleaded not guilty to all charges of sex trafficking, involving the grooming, molestation and sexual coercion of dozens upon dozens of underage girls (children) in New York and Florida, with the help of Ghislaine Maxwell, his partner in crime.

Entrance to Epstein’s mansion in New York, allegedly gifted to him by Les Wexner of Victoria Secret. Nice gift. Credit: GoogleMaps

It’s now still unclear whether Epstein tried to hang himself, or if he was attacked, or if he has attempted to hoodwink everyone into a ploy for a jail transfer, which all remains to be seen. It very well could have been an assassination attempt on the multi-millionaire, as he could be willing so speak out against those he knows have committed child crimes.

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman stated that within rejecting Epstein plea to serve time confined in his own mansion, has sent the signal that the government consider Epstein to be a great danger to young girls, whom he sought massages and sexual activity from, up to four times a day, over what seems like decades.

Therefore, not granting Epstein his wish, after his lenient and non-existing punishment back in 2008, after the favourable plea deal, this time, he’s been considered to pose a great risk to re-offend with young girls, even whilst pending trial for such charges.

Judge Berman wrote in a written statement about Epstein’s earlier rejection for staying in his own mansion. As follows:

‘Epstein’s alleged excessive attraction to sexual conduct with or in the presence of minor girls – which is said to include his soliciting and receiving massages from young girls and young women perhaps as many as four times a day – appears likely to be uncontrollable.’

Moreover, to the additional ears that Jeffrey Epstein would use his wealth, power and influence to disappear, as also being a key factor behind the decision to keep him locked up inside Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, whilst awaiting trial, since he could potentially pose a major flight risk. 

Jeffrey Epstein who owns a largely un-investigated ranch in New Mexico, a swept mansion on the Upper East Side of New York, plus a newly purchased $18million island, called ‘Great Saint James Island’, right next to the infamous island of horrors, known as pedophile island, aka Little Saint James Island, has an estimated net worth of $559 million, including a private plane and a stately home in Paris, France.

But now, Epstein has to make-do with his Manhattan jail cell, insteadMuch, or not too much detail has been revealed about Jeffrey Epstein’s perverted appetite for pre-pubescent or teenage girls, many of whom have been abused by him, have had their lives turned upside down and changed forever.

Jeffrey Epstein’s new home, the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional facility (pictured). Credit: KAT/MEGA

But, what’s not really been considered yet by the mainstream media, or looked into much so far, is just how Little Saint James’s Island’s near proximity to that of Haiti, and with his close relations to the Clinton’s, before and after that horrible 2010 earthquake, may have significance on things that happened on that island.

Rumours and theorists suggest that even far sicker and even more nefarious and Satanic activities occurred on that island, which would give everyone nightmares for all eternity.

Those are the rumours, so perhaps it’s time to do lots more digging on Little Saint James island, including even more actual physical digging beneath the ground, to see what really lies beneath the island, as well. Either way, all this information is sure to come out, sooner or later.

Plus, it may also be worth to bare in mind, just how the term ‘Evergreen,’ a phrase you might hear more about in the coming months, and also being the name of a rumoured shipping company, that may have been inter-connected into all of this through Haiti, which you may become even more familiar over time.

But, this none of this, cannot be confirmed as of yet. Yes, there’s seemingly so much more to the story of Epstein, than just Jeffrey Epstein himself. The man who is facing the charges of sex trafficking of underage girls from 2002 to 2005, that could land him a prison sentence of 45 years, and still there’s so much that has not been looked into yet, and everybody knows it.

From up here, it looks innocent enough, but Little Saint James Island is far from innocent, just like Jeffrey Epstein. Credit: GoogleMaps

Yes, the true story of #CarisJames (Caribbean Island Saint James) has barely been told thus far, and for now, it’s not just about Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes with underage girls.

But, what else has been happening on Little Saint James Island? What media exists of people being there, and what’s really been happening there for a long time? All of the more shocking revelations are  yet to be reported by the media, as it’s all yet to come out.

Truly, only time will tell the real story, once all is revealed, and then ‘the choice to know will be yours.’

Or just let cognitive dissonance enable you to keep ignoring the terrifying truths of what’s really been happening on Little Saint James Island. So far, one can only speculate.

Jeffrey Epstein is most definitely on suicide watch now and nobody has more dirt on the Clintons’, apart from maybe, what was already found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop…


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