President Donald Trump’s Rally in Greenville North Carolina (Review)


President Donald Trump has just conducted another rousing and truthful speech at a rally in Greenville, North Carolina, to sum up recent on-going successes and even going into some response to the latest Democrat outrage, regarding the so-called “Squad,” whom are no doubt a disgrace to America.

Especially, Ilhan “Snake” Omar who married her brother, conducting both immigration and tax fraud to illegally naturalise in the USA. Whilst, Rashida “Impeach that motherf*cker” Tlaib is just another unhinged George Soros plant, and both are Al Qaeda and ISIS sympathisers, tied to the Muslim Brotherhood whom both love the 911 attacks… Change our minds.

The nil-pin of the so-called “Squad” is the Democrat casted actress, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, whose clearly the secret weapon that keeps on giving Democrats a headache given her recent spat with Nancy Pelosi, and also giving everyone else plenty to ridicule. Well, with those recent toilet bowl comments, and comparing Nazi concentration camps to southern border detention centres, is more than enough to make anyone beyond enraged.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ rhetoric on the southern border has offended just about everyone in the process, including Jewish people, hardworking border agents and all logical American citizens.

Let’s add to the so-called “Squad” whom we should all probably call the George Soros Democrat plant squad, with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, with Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley all failing to condemn recent Antifa attacks, or declare Antifa as a terrorist organisation, as a whole. Wonder why?

Also Ilhan Omar failed to renounce Al-Qaeda, and it’s more than clear to say whom the real racists are in all of this, since it is ‘The Squad,’ whom are trying to divide the nation by race, whilst pushing their socialist and communist agenda, and meanwhile also trying to sneak in Sharia Law into America.

However, as Trump has already stated, nobody will buy into their act, which has already been made clear in recent days, following the nationwide reaction to the fake news media’s Democrat selective outrage in trying to say it was racist of Trump to declare to the radical congresswomen that they can leave if they so wish.

Below is Louisiana Senator John Kennedy’s words, on the so-called “Squad,” retweeted by Trump and we agree entirely with his views.

In the video above, at 1hr and 3 minutes, Donald Trump also speaks about human trafficking, involving the trafficking of women and children, and how Democrats want to do nothing about it, being that they are against the southern border wall. The Democrats want illegal immigration for votes and for other human trafficking reasons.

Donald Trump also correctly scolded Democrats for turning San Francisco (Nancy Pelosi’s district) and Los Angeles into barren wastelands of homelessness and disease, teetering on complete collapse due to their corrupt policies, where homeless tents line the sidewalks, with human excrement and used needles strewn across the streets, much due to their sanctuary cities’ lax laws and encouragement of illegal immigration.

This was also finalised with some humorous Trump digs at Democrat 2020 candidates such as Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, which was very funny and accurate. So, who says that Donald Trump has no humour?

As always, we will continue to bring you Trump’s rally’s because it sums up the current status, past and present successes of his presidency, and pointing out the radical agenda of the leftist Democrats, who are the party of: “high taxes, high crime, open borders, late term abortion, intolerance and division.”

However, what wasn’t really spoken much about was the on-going investigations of those that have conducted ‘crimes against children,’ but rest assured that’s very much being looked into.

Yes, we could expect that to develop further behind the scenes, if you get your news from trusted online sources. Watch that space also, as there’s currently a lot happening in that realm too, and right across the world.

Donald Trump is making America, and the world great again! i.e. “America will never be a socialist country.”


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