What is #CarisJames?


New shocking revelations about a hashtag found strewn across the previously public Instagram account of Washington D.C. Pizza shop owner, James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong, whom is heavily implicated in what has become known as “PizzaGate,” which by the way was never debunked, is now picking up steam.

The hashtag #CarisJames found alongside that of photographs of toddlers and babies has now finally been defined. But just what is, or who is #CarisJames? Many thought it was referring to a specific toddler that James Alefantis was shopping around, but now the pieces are coming together.

Well, what do you know? Since Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest this past weekend for crimes involving underage girls that he solicited out in Florida and New York City for prostitution, in the early 2000’s, which is evidenced by those incoming sex trafficking charges, but there’s still yet many more horrors’ inside the Jeffrey Epstein saga. So, what about his Caribbean Island, called ‘Little Saint James Island?’

Yes, you’ve heard of Epstein Island, the place that has been frequented by former president Bill Clinton 26 times, according to ‘the Lolita Express’ flight logs, and also by his wife, Hillary Clinton at least 6 times, and also by numerous politicians, celebrities and business executives for years, and it isn’t just about teenage girls, whom are being sold off as prostitutes to willing pedophiles.

No, this rabbit hole goes much deeper and is, intrinsically tied way deeper into “PizzaGate” than anybody cares to reveal right now, since with Epstein Island, it was always thought of as a “safe haven” and private hub for child molestation, Satanic worship, child sacrifice and Satanic Ritual Abuse by its attendees.

However, the clinical research by civilian investigators scouring implicated people’s social media accounts, to the revelations of Qanon and more from those disclosed ZTE phones, it’s all combined and blowing the lid off of a Satanic pedophile ring, as we speak.

It’s also interesting to note, that when interest was initially gathering into the shady going’s-on at Epstein Island, back in March of 2018, not long after, on April 7th, Jeffrey Epstein’s Island mysteriously caught on fire. Burning the evidence much? Coincidence?

But, little did these “sick” people know, that anon’s and researchers would swiftly be onto them, after subsequent emails were already unearthed off the John Podesta DNC server, in 2016, leading them swiftly onto pedophile James Alefantis, and grabbing screenshots from his Instagram account, which are still being scrutinised till this day as part of “PizzaGate” research.

The most recent of revelations this week, gathered from James Alefantis’ popular hashtag use of #CarisJames is that it 100% refers to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island. You see, it’s all tied together, as we told you long ago.

Yes, James Alefantis’ photography and imagery featuring children on his Instagram account is very disturbing, which was dissected by PizzaGate researchers, and with hashtags like #KillRoom underneath a clean slated metal room located somewhere on a farm, which left little to the imagination, as it clearly indicates to a sacrificing location that many presumed is where some of the missing children end up. As Q has said, these people are ‘pure evil’ and is this evidence just all circumstantial, you be the judge…

James Alefantis (pictured) said this ‘boy loved the farm’ alluding to his farm outside Washington D.C.. However, the baby doesn’t look happy, does it?  Credit: JimmyComet

But just what is #CarisJames written by James Alefantis on his Instagram account, with many believing at first it was solely the name of the female baby seen photographed in such posts, and who was even coincidentally photographed alongside Senate House rep Chuck Schumer. Is that just a coincidence, also? But, we don’t believe in those. Today it has also been revealed that Chuck Schumer received thousands in donations from Jeffrey Epstein over the years. We wonder if this is all ties together in some fashion? Nobody can say for sure.

Chuck Schumer is photographed with one of the same children seen on Jimmy Comet aka James Alefantis’ Instagram account. Very weird… Credit: Instagram

But, the girl that many thought was named Caris James with the hashtag #CarisJames, now it has been exposed that #CarisJames is just a code that’s short for, Caribbean Island Little Saint James Island, and the purpose of the hashtag from James Alefantis is presumed to indicate where his followers could visit each particular child.

Credit: JimmyComet

Well, where else but on #CarisJames aka Epstein Island, aka Pedo Island, aka Orgy Island, which is the actual secret hub of “PizzaGate” trade, which isn’t so secret anymore, is it? We’re not sure, but James Alefantis’ seems to like to share the #CarisJames hashtag quite a lot, alluding to Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Saint James Island in his sickening Instagram posts.

Credit: JimmyComet

Do you really believe that Jeffrey Epstein’s Island was just a leisurely place for visitors to use and abuse teenage girls? If you thought so, you thought wrong. Since, as James Alefantis has proven in his haphazard Satanic Instagram account before it was made private, seemingly children to babies are all on the menu for sexual abuse, ritual sacrifice, along with onsite Adrenochrome administration and many other horrors are thought to have occurred there.

Credit: twitter

The story of Jeffrey Epstein goes much deeper than his taste for pre-pubescent school girls, and little has been spoken of regarding his infamous Island as of yet, which even locals south of Puerto Rico, calling it “Pedophile Island”, and this will all come out sooner or later.  The now disassembled temple on his Island was a building used for Satanic worship and for presumably child sacrifice, featuring two “Molok” owls on its roof, definitely tied into Satanic worship.

Recent rumours or hints suggest that Jeffrey Epstein was apart of the Intelligence community, as has been revealed by Epstein’s former Attorney Alexander Acosta, after he got him a very favourable plea deal for his crimes back in 2008. Although, it’s not been confirmed as a certainty that Epstein was an Intelligence asset, however, some believe that Epstein may have been closely tied to the Mossad, or even the CIA.

Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 arrest record, where he had to register as a sex offender in 31 out of 50 states. Credit: zerohedge

So, could Epstein’s Island, which was fitted with security cameras and underground levels and tunnels, have been used as a blackmailing center in order to gather incriminating dirt on powerful people via the use of children?

So, that those implicated would be subservient and co-operate when faced with their devious acts committed on Little Saint James Island?

#CarisJames hashtag is referred to in this disturbing image of a child taped down to a table. Credit: JimmyComet

Just how did Jeffrey Epstein get so rich, and just how could a Pizza shop owner in Washington D.C. named James Alefantis, be regarded as one of the most powerful men on Capitol Hill? Seemingly, it’s obvious that it all goes back to child sex trafficking and to the systemic molestation of children.

Go and do your research, then you shall find out more about the child trafficking network and about #PizzaGate, all encompassing the remnants of what we have already listed above, tied into Epstein’s Pedo Island.

Plus, what of celebrities and famous people that have frequented Jeffrey Epstein’s Island, well most recently, Bill Maher’s old tweets gave him away and just take a look at this. Please remember what Q said, it’s those that scream the loudest against Donald Trump, that have the most to hide.

This tied into how Bill Maher’s show used to be produced by a production company called ‘Kid Love Productions,’ is sure to catch people’s interest now. Credit: BillMaher/Twitter

Add to that, what Q also said, ‘the choice to know will be yours’ and it’s best to be mentally prepared for when more of the truth comes out, since there’s still so much more to be revealed. As this is barely scratching the surface, but only Jeffrey Epstein can confirm what certain people did on his Island, or can he?

But, when Anthony Weiner’s laptop, with the infamous ‘Life Insurance’ folder is entered into evidence, you can expect to learn about much more about the ‘crimes against children’ connected by certain individuals, which all seems to link back together somehow, across these avenues and across the board of all that’s mentioned here within.


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Featured Photo Credit: GoogleMaps

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