Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 Court Files to be Unsealed detailing Underage Child Trafficking Ring

Multimillionaire private island owner, Jeffrey Epstein, has had court files from a 2008 civil case recently unsealed, where the charged child rapist was given a favourable plea deal, which includes 2,000 documents, detailing the sexual abuse of children by politicians, executives, presidents and even a prime minister.

Yes, as we all have come to learn through research by now, Jeffrey Epstein is very much the keystone into investigations of pedophilia rings and child trafficking networks, such as with, the still not debunked PizzaGate, James Alefantis and Washington D.C. scandal, to the NXIVM case, and such sickening crimes, with allegations of an elitist child trafficking network operating in this world, with Jeffrey Epstein and his Island, said to be of major prominence within it.

Under the Trump administration, as promised, and even by the Q team, the phrases of, “the choice to know will be yours” and “these people are sick,” has resonated through ‘Q drops’ for almost two years now.

So now, that the Jeffrey Epstein 2008 court documents are to be unsealed, it will most surely implicate some guilty parties, whom were involved in a child sexual abuse and trafficking network up at the very highest levels.

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This unsealing unfortunately also includes to that of presumed links to Satanic sexual/ritual abuse of children, which has been rumoured to have been occurring on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Little Saint James Island’, which had been attended numerous times, by numerous prominent people, even by Bill Clinton.

However, nobody knows what all of this really means at this point, or what evidence currently exists to back up these claims. But, where there’s smoke there’s usually fire, sort of like, just how Epstein’s Island also mysteriously caught on fire, not long after the news broke of such shocking practices having occurred there.

But, surely there’s no coincidence that these court documents being unsealed now so close to the 4th of July, which had previously been private, and have now suddenly become unsealed. Plus, so close to the 4th of July, so was this one of the big events that President Donald Trump announced would happen within two weeks, aside from today’s big independence celebrations? Nobody knows.

But, the unsealing of Epstein’s 2008 court documents could be a monumental move, in bringing future charges and subpoenas on the people which are mentioned in these Epstein court documents.

The 2,000 pages of court records related to Jeffrey Epstein’s civil case over a decade ago, may later serve as a precedent or evidence for future investigations and fresh criminal charges.

Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice in 2008, his wife, Ghislaine Maxwell, was also well documented in the alleged trafficking of underage girls, and that much was stated in the court documents, we can confirm.

Jeffrey Epstein pictured in 2008, prior to plea deal for 1 charge of which Epstein pleaded guilty.  Credit: Zuma/Rex/Shutterstock

Well, so who has been pictured on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island? Plenty of people have been pictured on Epstein’s Island, and for one, Rachel Chandler is one of them, whom “Q” accused of being “100 times worse” than Allison Mack of NXIVM. Photos of numerous celebrities, politicians and many other prominent people are believed to be in existence, perhaps with the Q team, after they had visited the relatively remote private island, ‘Little St. James Island.’

Interestingly enough, the tunnel system beneath the unmistakable temple on Epstein Island, has been filled up, as the terrain was torn up and destroyed, after the hot scandalous news of Epstein Islands’ indiscretions with children became a trending alternative news topic some two years ago, and more recently, the temple which featured a “Molok” statue nearby, has now been entirely disassembled, judging from recently leaked drone footage photographs.

Back to the court documents now, and in these 2,000 pages, it’s said to mention ‘numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, world leaders, and also a well known prime minister.’

The documents are from a 2008 defamation case, which was settled after Jeffrey Epstein entered a guilty plea to a single charge of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg, it now seems. 

The records in the defamation case contained descriptions of sexual abuse by Epstein along with new allegations of sexual abuse by the hands of numerous prominent people, thought to have likely occurred on Epstein’s private Island.

The appeals court found that the judge in the 2008 civil case, did seal a number of documents without a justifiable reason, after ordering the release.

The plea deal that Jeffrey Epstein took back in 2008, indemnified him from having to register as a sex offender in 31 out of 50 states. In New Mexico, where Epstein owns another estate, he did not need to register, and this plea also enabled him to be identified as a low risk offender in places such as, the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In the plea deal, unknown to the victim whom was making the defamation case, the underage girl, that Epstein admitted to soliciting for prostitution, was in fact, not the 14-year-old girl that first reported the multi-millionaire pedophile to authorities. But instead, a 16-year old girl, whose name was left blank on the subsequent court documents.

Earlier this year, a federal judge ruled that the then U.S. Attorney, Alex Acosta, working for Epstein, violated the rights of Epstein’s alleged victims, when victims were not informed that they were no longer going to pursue federal charges as part of the plea deal.

The very lenient plea deal was also unknown to the victims, which let Jeffrey Epstein serve time in a low-security facility, once it was agreed that any federal charges would also be dropped against him in future.  

Jeffrey Epstein who donated millions to the Clintons’ over the years, was entirely off the hook, and many victims have never come forward, and now many people wonder, what will really happen next?

“He had no repercussions and doesn’t even believe he did anything wrong,” said victim, Michelle Licata. Credit: TNS/GettyImages

Attorney Spencer Kuvin, who represented the 14-year old girl at the time, said the following about the 2008 civil case, “They were cutting a plea deal. It wasn’t a prosecution. They had a grab bag of 40 girls to choose from. It’s unbelievably upsetting.”

“The rug has been swiped out from under the one girl who was brave enough to come forward and break this thing” he said about the victim.

After a series of lawsuits started to emerge from the alleged victims, questions began to arise over Jeffrey Epstein’s deal, which took the interest of the courts, that stated that any federal charges could never be brought onto Epstein, as part of the plea deal, which was concocted between the prosecution and defense team, back in 2007.

Since then, it’s been proven that the U.S. Attorney’s Office violated the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act, for never disclosing the terms of the plea deal to Epstein’s victims. At the time of the abuse, when the suit was filed, the victims were 13-years old, and 14-years old respectively. 

Across 140 emails, between Epstein, the defense and the prosecution team, it was proven that the victims were not informed about Epstein’s favourable deal, which unless he was given it, he would most likely have served a lengthy prison sentence, inside maximum security facilities.

The motion to now unseal the 2008 civil case documents, stated:

‘There is good reason to believe that if the prosecutors had exposed their dealings to scrutiny by Jane Doe 1, Jane Doe 2 and other victims, they would not have reached such a sweetheart plea deal,’ the motion reads.

‘Despite the fact that this case has been in litigation for more than seven years, spanning several hundred pleadings, the government does not write even a single sentence explaining why it entered into an NPA (non-prosecution agreement) with a sex offender who had committed hundreds of federal sex offenses against young girls.’

The motion also says that the deal Epstein received is ‘one of the most extraordinarily lenient plea arrangements in American history’.

It all began in 2005, when a mother in Palm Beach, informed Police that her daughter claimed to have been paid $300 to give Jeffrey Epstein a massage in her underwear at his house in Florida. Local authorities later found enough evidence to charge Epstein with four counts of sex with a minor, and one count of molestation.

Against recommendations of the local Police, all charges were brought before a grand jury, where only one charge was later placed upon Epstein, which he then circumnavigated with the defence and prosecution’s plea deal agreement, for pleading guilty to one charge only.

After Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 to the single charge, he never served any time in prison, but instead, spent some time in a low security local detention center located in Palm Beach, Stockade, and Epstein was also allowed to leave the facility six days a week, in order to report to work at his own office. It’s almost unbelievable, but it was true. 

Epstein did however, register as a sex offender, but only in 31 states, out of the 50 states. However, if the victims of Jeffrey Epstein, would have known the full extent of his lenient sentence, they would surely not have been happy about it, hence why, now the 2008 documents are being unsealed, and it is yet unclear if any further charges should now arise for Epstein.

Q once asked, and highlighted to the above in a Q drop regarding Little Saint James Island owned by Jeffrey Epstein. Credit: YouTube

Add to that the rumoured story of the ZTE cell phones that people whom were visiting and using on Epstein Island, which the people thought were on a secure communication network, when they actually weren’t.

Since, all the while, all the information and media taken on those cell phones, was being safely stored on a server back in China. The Q team, have often said, ‘We Have Everything,’ if you can recall.

Furthermore, to the story of Jeffrey Epstein, are the questions over the alleged practises and rumoured sick occurrences that happened there, which is now a largely disassembled private island, a.k.a Little Saint James Island, that previously featured a sophisticated underground tunnel system, befitted with security cameras, and hosted numerous private clients flown over on his private jet, called ‘The Lolita Express.’

From rumours of his private island, serving as an underground honeypot of video evidence of elite people engaged in sick and compromising situations, with underage-minors, to reports of numerous dentist chairs being present on site, without Epstein being a dentist.

Plus, add to that the proven charges of Epstein’s taste for underage girls, added to the flight log evidence of ‘The Lolita Express,’ which named people like Kevin Spacey and the Clintons’ being aboard; but what’s still unclear is what will be found on the 2,000 pages of documents that will eventually reveal something…

The case of Jeffrey Epstein is not over, with evidence suggesting Satanic Ritual abuse that quite took place on his Private Island, or is it all just a conspiracy theory? Credit: Gawker

Interesting information to add to this story, is about celebrity child sex whistleblower, and late bit-part actor, Isaac Kappy, who was involved heavily in publicly outing pedophiles in Hollywood, and beyond, whom was later said to have committed suicide in early May 2019, after jumping off a bridge off the famous Route 66.

He had stated in numerous videos and even made a song before his suicide, where he said that “Jeffrey Epstein” was the “Keystone” to much of this elitist pedophilia, and once all the information on Jeffrey Epstein was gathered and exposed, then it would, and probably could lead to further arrests.

Furthermore, Isaac Kappy did exactly mention the date of the July 4th, as being very significant, and judging by today’s news, he was entirely correct, if he was indeed referring to the case of Jeffrey Epstein.

We are now almost sensing more sealed indictments coming, and we wonder whom may be implicated in these unsealed court documents, in the web of Jeffrey Epstein’s largely untold story of child sex trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children..

Was Epstein’s Pedo Island also a video evidence honeypot “hotspot” trap for prominent political figures? Plus, what other sickos’ may have been involved in this horrendous web of child abuse and child sex trafficking, at the expense of many unidentified victims under the guise of Jeffrey Epstein and his pedo network? We just don’t know…

Isaac Kappy was a follower of the Q movement. Rest in Peace, Isaac. To all the people celebrating the 4th of July today, have a great celebration, and you can also play Isaac’s song at your cookouts today, and make of it what you will.

Some say that Isaac Kappy was crazy, and that he may not have been the most reliable source. But, he took inspiration from the guidance of Q, and the Q team in his research. So, is Q a reliable source?

It looks like we are all about to find out very soon. So far, Q has been incredibly accurate, wouldn’t you say? Lastly, Isaac Kappy was correct about the impending unsealing of Jeffrey Epstein’s documents, wasn’t he?


A very happy 4th of July celebration to all!

Story by The Narrator

Feature Photo Credit: PageSix

*Update: July 6th – Jeffrey Epstein is arrested in New York City on federal charges of Sex Trafficking.


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