Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) claims Border Agents Make Detainees Drink from Toilet Bowls. False!

AOC at the border

We’re back! And, just in time for casting contest Democrat winner, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s latest outrage, over further unfounded evidence. No, it’s not the debunked fear mongering of the ‘Green New Deal,’ which would plunge all of humanity into a rapid death, but, as we saw in the past week, AOC has been focusing on fences lately.

This much, was exposed by none other than conservative Blexit founder, Candace Owens, after AOC had released staged photos, next to some metal fencing at a Tornillo tent city, and which was ridiculed by much of the whole Conservative online sphere, which actually sparked the Democrat House plant, “AOC” to physically visit some actual border detainment centres in Texas, on Monday. Well, what do you know?

But, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s outrage continued, after she claimed that after her visit to the facilities, that the illegal migrants detained there, at the U.S. border stations were forced to drink water out of toilet bowls. Hmmm…

But, don’t worry, that turned out to be absolutely false, of course!

Yes, let’s put this with all the other Alexandria “AOC” Cortez “gem-like” moments, in a collection of her other stupid remarks, alongside those environmentally plaguing ‘cow farts’, her ‘Green New Spiel’ propaganda failings, to even her prediction of the end of the world, to those colonial cauliflowers, and lastly to the amazing wonders of food disposals.

AOC is that Democrat gift that keeps on giving the Democrat party a very bad name, alongside others, such as Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. Yes, indeedy! Are they ever serving a purpose but to plunge belief in the Democrat party to even greater lows, if that’s even possible…

Now, the earlier photos we mentioned about AOC, crying by some border fence, has now been confirmed to have been photographed some time last year by a photographer, and not taken last week, in a set of propaganda photos set to be used for the Democrat migrant and pro-immigration border narrative. Whoops! Big Fail Again!

However, it’s all about ICE toilet bowls now… That Alexandria Ocasio Cortez falsely claims that illegal immigrants have to drink water out of, which has been refuted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agents in the latest failing Democrat hysteria tactic, to hit the fake news hemisphere.

Later, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez spoke outside the Border Patrol station in Clint, Texas, where she lied, as she raged, “There’s abuse in these facilities… This was CBP on their best behavior. Telling people to drink out of the toilet.”

AOC Clint Texas Speech
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) attempts to spark outrage outside Border patrol station in Clint, Texas, over toilet bowl. Credit: GettyImages

AOC claimed to have visited two Texas border stations, however, she refused to enter one of them, although she was invited in, as was confirmed by one journalist.

Yet, Democrat House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Monday that illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers whom were detained at two U.S. Customs and Border Protection stations that she visited, were drinking water out of toilets. That’s fake news.

Yes, that’s a lie, since she only entered one of the facilities, causing further disbelief in AOC’s version of events, at this early stage, about what she claims that she saw regarding drinking water and toilet bowls. Nowhere did anyone drink out of, or has anyone ever  been made to drink water out of a toilet bowl on US soil, nor at a Border Patrol station. 

This approved design provides clean tap water above the toilet, as has been confirmed in photos from the Border patrol station, in Tucson, Arizona. Credit: USDeptJustice

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez may have also upset the Jewish community by brazenly comparing the U.S. border patrol facilities to Nazi concentration camps, which even angered a Facebook group for current and former Border Patrol Agents, and there’s obviously a lot for them to be angry about. Since when AOC makes these wild and offensive claims about their line of work being in any comparison to the Nazis in Germany, during WWII, would anger the most docile of employee to no end.

U.S. Border Patrol officers continue to fight against child trafficking, apprehend Coyotes whom are engaging in human trafficking operations, that also combat illegal drugs, which are being smuggled through the southern border, meanwhile, arresting dangerous MS-13 gang members, and much more. Yet, AOC has the nerve to compare Border Protection Agents to Nazis. This is beyond sick, and way beyond mentally deranged.

It’s a whole new level of low for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, as Democrats seemingly have nothing else to shout about right now, whilst Antifa (the domestic terror organisation) aligned with the leftist Democrats, recently assaulted a gay conservative journalist, Andy Ngo, in Portland, Oregon, but that gets no mention by Democrats or the mainstream media with any outrage whatsoever. Why are we not surprised? (See the second video in the Tweets below.)

Furthermore, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was reportedly also witnessed, to be screaming obscenities at Federal Law Enforcement agents in El Paso, Texas, on Monday, and she refused to tour the facility, clearly not making her any friends within the U.S. Border Patrol community.

Credit: AnnaGiaritelli/Twitter

A Facebook group consisting of current and former border patrol agents, allegedly created Photoshopped images showing illustrations of AOC engaging in oral sex with a migrant man, and another fake photoshop job, where she is being forced into another sex act with Donald Trump.

Was this an uncalled for revenge on AOC’s bad manners and actions at the facility or is it yet another concocted leftist ploy to cause outrage. Who knows? We don’t!

Whatever is coming next from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the duly casted and elected Democratic socialist congresswoman from New York? Let’s wait and see.

Since, massively stupid controversies and allegations continue to follow AOC everywhere that she goes, resulting from her remarks, such as comparing CBP and ICE agents to Nazis, and insulting hardworking Americans in the process, who’s job it is to protect and secure the US border.

A Customs Border Patrol Agent official stated on Monday, that plumbing fixtures at the locations that Ocasio-Cortez visited are standard-issue jail appliances, where sinks safely dispense clean drinking water, that are attached to toilets in a single unit.

The official said, ‘Of course that’s what we have. No one is drinking toilet water. They’re drinking water from the sink attached to the toilet. It’s what you would find in every municipal jail in the United States.’

Clint Border Patrol Facility in Clint Texas
The Clint Border Parol Facility in Texas, doesn’t look that bad from the outside, does it? What does really AOC want? A four star ‘Club Med’ Resort?? Credit: kfoxtv

After the official’s remarks, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confirmed over Twitter, ‘[t]his was in fact the type of toilet we saw in the cell.’

There you go, nobody is drinking out of toilet bowls inside these border facilities. But, this didn’t stop Alexandria Ocasio Cortez from making further allegations outside the border patrol facility in Clint, Texas, where she proclaimed to a small crowd, alongside George Soros plant and MB insider, Rashida Tlaib, AOC said:

“Pro-concentration camp & Pro-Trump protestors tried to drown out our accounts. They yelled at Rashida Tlaib about pork when she talked about facilities. They called Joaquin Castro ‘traitor’ for denouncing family separation. @AyannaPressley was heroic, speaking truth to vitriol.

‘And to these CBP officers saying they felt ‘threatened’ by me – They were literally discussing making a GoFundMe for an officer who attacked my on my tour. They confiscated my phone, and they were all armed. I’m 5’4′. They’re just upset I exposed their inhumane behavior.”

In retrospect, in AOC’s speech outside the Clint facility, she remained relatively calm, whence compared to Rashida Tlaib’s yelling tirade at the same mini-rally outside the Clint border facility.

Yes, Rashida Tlaib displayed a red faced deranged tirade, reminding us of her “we’re gonna’ impeach that motherf*cker” rant, after she was elected into the House, seemingly, Tlaib is clearly suffering more from a clinical form of ‘Border-Derangment Syndrome’ than AOC is…

However, the outrage and lies of AOC, will inevitably class her in the same category of falsehoods, that she always inhabits, this time around, as well. SAD…

Credit: AOC/Twitter

Democrats want open borders, for their Democratic Socialist votes in the 2020 Election and beyond, and that’s why they want more illegal immigrants, more MS-13 members and also more drugs to continue to flow through the southern border, because it’s all intertwined. Along with the rampant human trafficking operations through the border, that are conducted by paid Coyotes a.k.a (human traffickers) including that of sending women and little children into the U.S. via these ill minded monsters, that are abusing and selling children.

This is why President Donald Trump is working with CBP and ICE, to make the nation safer, including the continual build of the southern border wall, to prevent further illegal immigration, and endless migration, which harms naturalized citizens’ rights,’ and also those that are being illegally trafficked into the country by these Coyote traffickers. End of story.


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