Millennials are Literally Killing themselves for Social Media Selfies

death by selfie

We’d all kill for that prefect Instagram-worthy selfie, right? Whether it be injecting ourselves with an obscene amount of silicone to the point where we no longer resemble a human being, to using all manner of apps and photo editing software to make us look like a digitally altered stick, but to literally die for a few social media likes is properly taking it a bit too far.

However, according to statistics, 259 people died from snapping selfies between 2011 to 2017, and this must be classed as a selfie “death” epidemic at this point.

Taking selfies in front of cliff drop edges, and above industrial sites, can result in sudden death once you slip, as statistics have now shown. Credit: BBC

A study by the India Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care found that self-absorbed and narcissistic snappers died when their egotistical desire for social media validation from anonymous strangers, resulted in taking selfies in places one definitely shouldn’t be taking selfies, including dangling high over rooftops and posing stupidly close to speeding trains, before being decapitated.

We all love a good selfie, but with social media dominating the very fabric of society, the ever evolving digital landscape has created a generation of self-centred social media ‘influencers’ whose sole purpose is to make us all feel terrible about our bodies and our very existence as they post the very latest snap in their perfectly filtered life.

This has resulted in mass hysteria as an influx of millennial’s desperately try to outdo one another in their quest to take the perfect selfie, with each selfie being more daring and more extravagant than the next.

With people literally willing to risk their live for a selfie, it’s no surprise that the reasons they have met their unfortunate end are just as elaborate.

With a GoPro, anywhere out in the oceans off San Francisco, to Durban, or anywhere off the coast off Australia, you could really snap the authentic version of this selfie, before you’re limbs are snapped off. Credit: YouTube

Other causes of demise by selfie include being mauled by animals, electrocution, being burnt alive, drowning and accidental shootings whilst posing with a loaded gun.

But surprisingly, you are more likely to be killed by taking a stupidly dangerous selfie such as posing on the edge of a cliff, then by being attacked by sharks. This is demonstrated by the 50 reported fatalities from shark attacks in the same six-year period compared to that of death by selfie. But, as above, if you wish to tempt fate, then go get a shark selfie too?

Whilst, we all may think that we look like Kylie Jenner or Chris Hemsworth, as we take a conveniently positioned selfies, but having your intestines chewed on by Jaws is definitely not a good look. Let alone smashing into the rocks below from a 100ft drop into a heap of mush.

But for a comprehensive list of Death by Selfie, you can read up on all the selfie death incidents so far, including people who taking selfies next to poisonous snakes.

How to die taking a selfie
This doesn’t seem like a great idea either, with many recorded deaths also occurring in India and Bangladesh. Credit: IndiaJournal

Yes, that list was quite an eye opener, wasn’t it? So, we strongly recommend against taking dangerously stupid selfies, or any risky one’s for that matter… Trust us, you will thank us later.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Source: TNW

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