NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere is Found Guilty on all 7 Counts including Child Sex Trafficking

NXIVM sex cult leader svengali, Keith “Vanguard” Raniere, has been deemed guilty on all seven counts in the NXIVM trial, for charges of racketeering conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit identity theft, and in detail, that very much includes child sex trafficking. 

Yes, as we have been reporting for a very long time, for the past year and half, NXIVM and Keith Raniere have finally had their culmination of justice for now, up until sentencing. But, it’s now more than assured that Keith Raniere will spend the rest of his life in prison, after creating the Albany based sex cult, with co-founder Nancy Salzman in the mid to late nineties.

Keith Raniere arrest Mexico
Keith Raniere inside the Federal Police car after his arrest in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in March of 2018. Credit: DailyMail

The other NXIVM accomplices and sex cult members on trial, including Seagram heiress and main financial funder of the group, Clare Bronfman, pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy to commit identity theft in exchange for a plea deal. 

Whilst, Allison “Pimp” Mack, formerly of TV show ‘Smallville,’ pled guilty to the charges of racketeering conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking, in exchange for a plea deal. 

Allison Mack pleads guilty in sex slavery pyramid scheme
Allison Mack has been singing like a canary and naming names. Credit: NewYorkTimes

Kathy Russell, pled guilty on charges of racketeering conspiracy in exchange for her plea deal, whilst mother and daughter, Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman, with the former, pleading guilty to racketeering conspiracy, and the latter pleading guilty to racketeering conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, in exchange for her plea deal.

Nancy Salzman Clinton Global Initiative
Nancy Salzman pled guilty to one charge of racketeering in the NXIVM case. She was on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative. Credit: AP

Yes, now that Keith Raniere will be locked up for life, and never be a free man ever again, it remains to be seen, how much time the NXIVM cohorts will get in terms of a prison sentence, for partaking in the sickening and vile actions of the sex cult that hid beneath the premise of a women’s self help group. 

Well, back when the goose was well and truly “cooked,” and the chickens were already said to be sure to come home to roost, then rest of the NXIVM sex cult members, sought plea deals. Wise move… However, this does not indemnify any or all of them from serving any prison time. 

Whilst “svengali” Raniere pleaded not guilty to all counts. But, as yesterday now proved his disregard proved be decisive, in that ultimately Raniere was found guilty on all counts by the jury, after less than four hours of deliberation, in reaching their verdict of Raniere being guilty on all seven counts, for which he was originally charged. 

NXIVM success programs
It’s moronic that NXIVM classed themselves as a self help group. When they trafficked children for elite clients. Credit: wnyt

All that remains now is the sentencing process for Keith Raniere and his cohorts. with Allison Mack, seen as the chief recruiter for NXIVM’s sex slaves, already starting singing like a canary upon her arrest in March 2018 last year, and she started naming names in hopes of a lighter sentence.

What does this mean? Well, this also means that more sealed indictments are coming for big names and well known people that both used and facilitated the sex trafficking network services of NXIVM, including those underage and child sex trafficking services.

Don’t believe us? Well, expect many more indictments to arise from this day forward, as well as, to also be on the look out for suicidal celebrities and people facing criminal charges, since those inside that little black client book of NXIVM, now face a very uncertain future, indeed.

NXIVM was being operated not only for exclusive Hollywood clientele, but also in elite political circles, within even Stephen Bronfman, brother of Clare Bronfman, being Justin Trudeau’s top political advisor, so you may now see how deep this rabbit hole really goes, right?

Moreover, Ppolitician Kirtsen Gillibrand’s father worked for NXIVM and some conspiracy theorists suggest that Kirsten looks a lot like Allison Mack, and she could in fact, be her birth mother, as Allison was rumoured to be an adopted child. This is all very mysterious and cannot be confirmed, but all of this will peak peoples’ interest in the above stated notions.

NXIVM branding exposed
One of the branded cult members, shows off the initials of KR or AM, for Raniere or Mack, by her pelvis. Credit: CBC

Yes, add to that the sickening practices of NXIVM which we already know much about from this case and through over a year of research into the cult, with vile acts of sex trafficking, child pornography, extortion compelled abortions, branding, degradation and humiliation. Let’s also not forget Satanic sex rituals, which were said to be one of Raniere’s favourite pass times, no doubt, inspired by Aleister Crowley’s teachings of sex magic. 

But, that’s barely scratching the surface of the intricate and vile details of what NXIVM were really apart of in a grander scope. And, you’re not likely to hear of it from CNN, either. 

But, it’s clear that the jury in Keith Raniere’s trial didn’t seem to need any encouragement to rightfully find the sex cult “svengali” to be guilty on all counts, signifying that perhaps even the cookie-cutter evidence shown, was just too sick in nature, for even the jury to overlook.

These people are sick, as Q has always. Plus, now we have a precedent in Keith Raniere being found guilty on all counts, which should pave the way for the names’ which were mentioned by Allison Mack, in pursuit of a lighter sentence, to also suffer the consequences of their crimes, within certain people using underage children provided by NXIVM for their own sick sexual means.

Yes, above a political in Arkansas was ensnared in NXIVM, the home state of the Clinton family, and as we know Keith Reniere sought to buy political influence within the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, and both entities are intertwined in human trafficking, child trafficking, and their names have been linked up in NXIVM case, and subsequent investigations, numerous times already.

Even the Clinton Global Initiative, had NXIVM co-founder, Nancy Salzman, on their board of directors for many years, and Nancy was aware and encouraged Raniere’s use of a 15-year old sex slave named Camilla, to be used as such by Raniere, and for her to become his first official DOS (Master over Slave Owner) inductee into the darker subsidiary of NXIVM’s S&M bondage sex cult.

Of course, NXIVM also used Richard Branson’s Necker Island as a holiday hotspot, where they held events (more than once), as well, which may make people wonder as to who, and just what anyone was doing there, in tandem with the sex cult’s presence?

Yes, but as yet, for any further sealed indictments resulting from Keith Raniere’s recent guilty verdicts, remains to be seen. But, what has really happened now, is that Pandora’s Box has well and truly been opened, for further cases and charges to be brought upon the other people that were named within the inner investigations of NXIVM.

So, let’s now see what sorts of sealed indictments will be forthcoming and who will receive them? Yes, so you may ask why the mainstream news media have not been covering the NXIVM trial? Well, clearly they’ve hidden the story and the verdict in this case, and the finer details, as it may involve some well known names and faces. But why, hide it in this obvious way?

Well, since the true back story of the trial also involves so much more than has been mentioned, and only insiders and keen researchers truly know what this entails, but it does include, a criminal sex trafficking network of women and children, and the Clinton Foundation have been linked to the sex cult already, many times over. Think Mexico border, think child sex trafficking, think Haiti, just think and you shall find a lot of information.

Nancy Salzman NXIVM case
Keith Raniere also sought to buy political influence within the Clinton campaign via Nancy Salzman’s inner connections. Credit: Zerohedge.com

Also, Anthony Weiner’s laptop also had NXIVM evidence all over it, and as we know, he was formerly married to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide. Let alone, Ben Szemkus detailed being present at a strange cult like cocktail mixer in New York City many years ago, where not only Stormy Daniels was in attendance, but also, Huma Abedin and Anthony Wiener.

Coincidence? Do you believe in that many coincidences? You be the judge on that one. Well, we don’t know much, but we know a strong precedent case when we see one. This is that CASE! The sentencing on all 7 counts of guilt for Keith Raniere, will open up the floodgates of future indictments.

Anthony Weiner’s laptop recovered earlier by investigators for a separate crime, is full of evidence, which has now been made legally filed as usable evidence, after the NXIVM trial, in other legal cases.

This verdict will start to rock the boat in such a way, to affirm that “PizzaGate” is very real, and to those that ever used NXIVM for any untoward and illegal services, will very much be having a terrible day, right about now.

Credit: knowyourmeme

PizzaGate with James Alefantis, and cohorts, and now NXIVM and their client book, and to that of the mysterious Epstein Island, still very much on the table for future investigations. Yes, the next few months could get very busy in uncovering child sex trafficking and subsequent Satanic sexual abuse, conducted by the elite.

So, could this verdict have a snowball effect onto other investigations, such as more revelations of whom was involved at Epstein Island (referred to as ‘The Keystone’), and could Keith Raniere now also start naming names of his own? He surely knows all about this sickening human trafficking network, down to the very small details.

Did you know that NXIVM ran 11 daycare centres worldwide for children, from Hollywood, to across America and the world, and now the leader of that organisation, Keith Raniere, is now going to prison on all seven counts for which he was found guilty.

So, let’s keep an eye on all of this, in the coming weeks and months, until Keith Raniere is sentenced on September 25th, for which he will most likely be given a life sentence.


Story by The Narrator

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Featured Photo Credit: NYPost

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