President Donald Trump confirms Re-Election Campaign for 2020 at Orlando Rally


Last night, Donald Trump confirmed his re-election campaign for 2020 in a rally in Orlando, Florida, to a packed crowd of 20,000 people that filled up the arena, with plenty more outside, whom were not able to enter due to the sheer number of people present.

Trump said about the 2020 election confirmation: “This election is about you. Your family, your future & the fate of YOUR country’ resonating to massive cheers from the audience.

He also cited the 2016 US election win as “the defining moment in American history” and we couldn’t agree more, as the deplorable crowd of 20,000 people cheered for their president.

Donald Trump took time out to address the numbers in the crowd, stating, “Not only did we fill it up, but we had 120,000 requests… Congratulations!”

Trump added, “My only special interest is you, the American people” lamenting the Washington D.C. swamp, and exposing the previous political elite for what they are, which was followed by crowd chants of “CNN SUCKS!” and to the familiar chants calling for Hillary Clinton to be locked up, with “LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP!” engulfing the arena.

Donald Trump also touched on the fake Russia investigation, known as the ‘Mueller Report’, which was nothing more than a “witch hunt,” as we all know, but Democrats and the mockingbird mainstream media have had a really hard time, letting it go. Yes, they really have nothing left…

Credit: realDonaldTrump

No Obstruction, no collusion, as the Mueller investigation already proved. Furthermore, the Robert Mueller “Democrat” led Special Investigation of angry Democrats, also cost the taxpayer $40million, all for the “Russia Hoax” to play out, and result into what it really was, which was a total hoax and a major “nothing-burger.”

Donald Trump also correctly added to the video evidence of Barack Obama stating on an open-mic, when he thought that the cameras were off, to a Russian official, saying “please inform president Vladimir that after my election. I’ll have more flexibility.”

It’s good that Donald Trump brought that up, since the fake mainstream news media, will not bring that up and we should all find that video again and share it far and wide, for all the non-believers.

Perhaps, this was the building block for the real Democrat collusion of the Uranium One deal with Russia… Just maybe? But, let’s now take a look at president Donald Trump’s epic speech in Orlando, FL, and just enjoy the show, since there’s lots to gather and to re-cap on, from this wonderful re-election campaign speech.

What an EPIC speech! Yes, things are moving along well in the USA, due to Donald Trump, with a booming economy, and the leader of the free world has made the nation totally energy independent and energy proficient, undoing years of outsourcing by Democrats and by previous presidential campaigns. This all sets Trump’s 2020 campaign and launch up to a rapturous reception from his devoted fan base last night, not only in America, but right across the world.

Americans and the world are no longer asleep to the lies of Democrats, and to the dangerous corruption of socialism, across the world, and this can only be seen as a good thing. Trump notably added this in his speech:

‘The Democrats don’t care about Russia, they only care about their own political power. They went after my family, my business, my finances, my employees, almost everyone that I’ve ever known or worked with. But they are really going after you. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about us, it’s about you. They tried to erase your vote, erase your legacy of the greatest campaign and the greatest election probably in the history of our country.’

President Donald Trump also spoke once again about how Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 private emails from her servers, even using the acid-washing technique, and hinted still, at much information being in the hands of Attorney General, William Barr, presumably in reference to those FISA documents, which are now currently in review.

Elsewhere yesterday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was seen vigorously shaking when she met the new Ukranian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Berlin, with fears growing for her health. Could this have had anything to do with the impending truths behind the hoax Russia investigation?

Was it really only down to “dehydration,” as the mainstream media claimed? Or could it plausibly be down to the increasing scrutiny placed on the Obama administrations shady Iran deal, for which Merkel and Germany are rumoured to be heavily involved, in order to capitalise on energy, Nobody knows, but the rumour mill spins and Merkel was visibly shaking.

The US President and First lady make their entrance in Orlando last night ahead of Trump’s speech. Credit: Reuters

“Keep America Great” follows on from “Make America Great Again,” and as Trump makes real waves in the American political and economic landscape , this is sure to be felt right across the world. Donald Trump is influencing a big movement right across the globe, which doesn’t quite favour career politicians bought by special interests, and their lack of regard for the common man, in only serving their one agenda.

Yes, this isn’t populism or the far-right, this is the logical progression of awakened minds to the deception inflicted by career politicians, serving only themselves and their own special interests. So, don’t be swayed by the “fake news” mainstream media propaganda machine, and tune into the silent majority, which is far bigger than anyone cares to state at this point in time.


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Featured Photo Credit: TampaBayTimes

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