Jussie Smollett Hoax Case Files Released to Public including the 911 Call (Listen Inside!)


The case information in the “Maga Hoax” attack orchestrated by former Empire actor, Jussie Smollett, on himself, is not slowing down. In fact, it’s picking up pace, since as promised, all the case files are now coming out in droves, solidifying the story of Jussie Smollett into the category of ‘Infamous Failed Hoaxes.’ 

Yes, Jussie Smollett paid Abel and Ola Osundairo to pretend to attack him at 2am in the morning in downtown Chicago after visiting a Subway sandwich shop, only to blame it on two fictitious caucasian Trump supporters wearing ‘Maga’ hats, with rope used to tie a noose around his neck, and with bleach inside a hot sauce bottle… is just the story that keeps on giving.

Well, it’s most definitely giving people a lot to question and ridicule, plus with many moments of “head scratch” galore encompassed. Since, just as to how this little-known actor, thought that he could fool the Chicago Police Department’s seasoned veteran detectives and investigators, into lapping up his bogus story, which he hoped would propel him into the limelight, by use of identity politics, false racism, and playing into the Democrat lies of Trump supporters perpetrating violence against people of colour. That’s very much “Fake News!”

Jussie Smollett in Court SmolettHoax
Jussie Smollett continually denied staging the attack and he continued to lie, after he was even caught out lying in the first place, which prompted the ruling to officially release the Smollett case files. Credit: AP

If anything, it’s Antifa and the left that are racist, violent fascists, and that’s been well documented by now, since they’ve even been classed as a domestic terror organisation in recent years.

So, what’s happening within the Jussie Smollett case files finally being released? Well, this small gem of Jussie Smollett’s friend calling 911 after the fake “Maga attack”, not long after Jussie Smollett walked home with a 12-inch tuna Subway sandwich, whilst still wearing a noose around his neck, which definitely raised eyebrows. Huh? Yes, it’s true… But, the whole story was totally false.

The Cook County State Attorney Office, also recently released the following evidence pictures from the Jussie Smollett case file, collected by the investigating Chicago Police Department, which would’ve set off alarm bells and red lags, into Jussie Smollett being the main suspect in a staged crime.

Rope used in Jussie Smollett case
The rope purchased by the Osundairo brothers has garnered ridicule, since what sort of rope is that? That rope would hardly fool the police into thinking this was a crime, perpetrated with any violent intent, due to being so flimsy. Credit: CookCountyStateAttorneyOffice

The fake Maga hate crime “hoax attack” was said to have happened on January 29th, but just two days before, the CPD in their investigations caught Jussie Smollett picking up Abel and Ola Osundairo in his Mercedes car on CCTV, indicating that Smollett knew the two personal trainer brothers’ very well, prior to the fake “Maga” attack.

Jussie Smollette Picking Up Osundairo brothers on January 27th
Jussie Smollett was caught on CCTV picking up the Osundairo brothers, two days before the alleged attack happened. Credit: CookCountyStateAttorneyOffice

The infamous bottle of bleach which Jussie Smollett said was poured onto him during the false attack, turned out to come from a bottle of hot sauce, containing the bleach, which Smollett said was poured onto him. Well firstly, who really pours bleach into a hot sauce bottle? And, just what kind of hot sauce is this? Very weird, indeed.

Bleach Jussie Smollett
The suspect hot sauce bottle, that held the reported bleach inside, which must’ve raised eyebrows with the investigators at the CPD. Credit: CookCountyStateAttorneyOffice

Cook County State Attorney, Kim Foxx, who was told to oversee the case, in what already  looks like pure Democrat corruption, or massive cover-up, sensationally recused herself from the case, as she claimed that some people had started to believe that she was related to Jussie Smollett. Hmmm…

No, it was the many people that actually started to presume that Democrat presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, was in fact family of Jussie Smollett, in him being her nephew, which was what sparked much debate, suspicion and brought out many questions from the public, amidst Harris’ consequential anti-lynching bill, which was attempted to be passed through Congress, at the same time that the Smollett “Maga Hoax” was staged… Very weird, indeed.

Kim Foxx to be investigated by special counsel over handling of Jussie Smollett Case
Could Cook County State Attorney, Kim Foxx, finally lose her job soon? Nobody knows, as of yet. Credit: WesternJournal

Kim Foxx is going to be investigated by a special counsel over handling of the Jussie Smollett case, after Jussie was sensationally cleared of 16 charges that he faced, for lying to the Chicago Police Department and for staging the ‘Maga Hoax Attack.’

We know that this is a lot to take in at once, but don’t worry, there will be more Jussie Smollett case files released into the media at a constant rate, in the coming weeks and days. So, that should bring us some more answers, and keep us all entertained at the same time.

But, let’s now turn to some excellent in the field reporting from ‘Lonnell Harris Live’, to bring more clarity, and to make more sense out of the recent Jussie Smollett case files being dropped, with his own “NO BS” commentary added, which we think is very befitting at this time. Watch!

Lonnell Harris brought some additional worthy perspective on the recently released Jussie Smollett case files debacle, and we hope that he reports more on this case in the future, as we will all try to do, as thoroughly as possible.

Now, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for Jussie Smollett, even though, we are starting to feel sorry for his stupidity in many ways. But, these lies need to be heard, and need to be exposed to the fullest degree. Sorry, Jussie… We’re sure that some people will forgive you some day… even if you’re a pathological liar.

Juicy Smollett won’t be back on Empire, Lee Daniels confirms on Twitter. Credit: Twitter/LeeDaniels

Jussie Smollett has repeatedly denied any wrong doing in the case, even though, all the evidence in the case, undeniably shows that he lied over and over again. Sad…


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: ReelChicago

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