Trump’s DOJ to launch Anti-Trust Probe into Google and Amazon

google served with DOJ anti-trust probe

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. No, not the on-going and successful 3-day state visit of Donald Trump to the United Kingdom, where post-Brexit negotiations are already happening. No, but now let’s take a bit of time to go over what BIG TECH are going to be facing very soon, for their partisan lies over their platforms and search engines, in a war on information, filled with incredible conservative bias.

Yes, Google and Amazon are going to get closer regulatory scrutiny over concerns that they’re actually two monopolies, that no-less, only favour one side of political sphere, with a streamlined, biased service provided, which favours the left, leftist views and leftist websites, whilst censoring and limiting the reach of content that’s not abiding by their beliefs.

President Donald Trump’s DOJ have now launched an official Anti-Trust investigation into Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. and now the Democrat controlled House Judiciary Committee plans to investigate giant tech companies, promising a “bipartisan look at competition in the digital markets,” according to House Judiciary ranking member Doug Collins (R-Ga.)

Shares of both Google and Amazon fell on Monday, over the reports that the two companies would be facing US regulatory scrutiny, after many years of objections from many rivals and plenty of politicians.

alphabet inc served with anti-trust provoke by DOJ
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Alphabet Inc. stocks fell 6% on Monday, to $1,036.23 and has now surrendered all gains in 2019. Whilst, Amazon stock gave up 5% to finish at $1,692.69, it’s lowest stock value since March 2019.

The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice are looking closer at Amazon and Google. The DOJ will focus on Google. Whilst, the FTC will focus on Amazon and insider knowledge tells us that both companies are very nervous about what is about to unfold. 

Politicians on both sides, Democrat and Republican, have made breaking up big tech companies high up on their agenda, with both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders backing these moves, as well.

Whilst, President Donald Trump maintains that Google’s algorithmic search results are biased against right-leaning content. Many people know this very well, and it’s nice that this is now being addressed via the DOJ Anti-Trust probe into Google and Amazon.

This also casts a shadow over Google’s online advertising, with critics pondering its ability to combine ad revenue to search results, which offers them an anti-competitive edge.

Facebook also took another hit in the stock market on Monday, with a 7.5% decline down to $164.15 a share on Monday. As we all know, Facebook have faced numerous scandals over its data practices in recent times, and Mark Zuckerberg has recently expressed a will to be regulated, in the light of recent data usage scandals.

However, Google and Amazon do not share the same willingness, to be regulated, but soon comes the probe, launched by the DOJ.  

Well, in an ideal world, wouldn’t it be nice if Google provided an unbiased search engine, an unbiased advertising service and an unbiased and open service for all people to use equally?

The same can be said about Amazon’s bias against conservative voices and websites, in stifling sales revenue for websites that do not adhere to their globalist and socialist view point. Plus, the same can also be said of Instagram and Facebook, for their incredible bias, occurring prior, and right after the US 2016 election, which has been on-going, ever since.

Amazon served with anti-trust probe by DOJ
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Whatever happened to an equal playing field? So, are we now witnessing a digital war on information and the stifling of different view points in big tech, which aren’t aligned with the leftist and socialist mentality?

We believe so, and perhaps this is why the Department of Justice are serving Google with an Anti-Trust probe at this time? Many people cannot wait to see what will happen next regarding this phenomenon of censorship and bias.

Hopefully, this will culminate in a more open and broad minded service provided by the big tech companies, such as with services provided from Google, Amazon, Facebook and the apps that they own, like Instagram, being a level playing field for all.

Since the bias of big tech companies is very well known, and finally now, its going into the investigative stages, to potentially break up, unearth and further regulate them for their biased ways.

Moreover, what Google and other big tech companies are doing in censoring and filtering out opposing voices to their globalist agenda, is in fact, illegal under Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act (CDA), making it a criminal act to not service users with the same right to share information.

The recent outage of Google, Instagram, Snapchat and other apps worldwide, just a few days ago, has been rumoured to be a direct causation of the upcoming investigations into the big tech companies, in that they were trying to hide their censorship tracks. But, you won’t ever hear that from them…

Just imagine if refunds and compensation would even be provided to those that have used their biased services, yet had their website reach, advertising revenue and social media stats limited by the big tech companies algorithms’ of censorship. Yes, due to their conservative bias, many have not been provided a fair and just service. Well, wouldn’t that be nice and fair, if things were finally to change to a level plain.

The DOJ Anti-Trust probe into Google, would probably find out lots of information that the public would wish to know about their biased practices within the world’s online sphere. Just maybe? Here’s to hoping and have a great day!


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