The Death of iTunes? Apple expected to close Music App after 18 years

iTunes to be removed by Apple

Apple is expected to announce the closure of its long-time running music app iTunes during its worldwide developers conference (WWDC). The decision for this is speculated that the company will move away from the iPhone as its main product and develop its subscription business.

That, and there is also the challenge of subscription competitors, most notably Spotify, which has particularly lorded over iTunes throughout the last few years.

Apple are reported to replace iTunes with three separate apps for music, podcasts and television. This includes Apple TV+ which started earlier this year.

iTunes launched back in 2001, originally as a music library, media player and online store. However, it has seen an increase in features, prompting criticism from users in recent years. And now, with the rise of subscription-based services, the app is simply seen as out of touch and out of style. What a shame for the people that prefer things old school, eh?

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The company is expected to close the app in order to welcome strategists at the company who have been keen to bring forward a new variety of media apps on iPhone and iPad devices.

It currently isn’t clear what will happen to a users’ media library if iTunes retires, but it is expected that Apple will not delete that media. Rather, they’ll encourage users to access it in a different way.

The company already have a subscription-based music service similar to Spotify – Apple Music – which offers a different spending and revenue model for the company compared to the rather outdated buy-and-download model of iTunes.

On top of this, numerous Hollywood A-list celebrities including Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston joined Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook to announce and promote a new Apple streaming service in March.

And that’s not all, as they’ve also announced a new credit card called Apple Card alongside Apple News + featuring magazines and a gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade.

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If competition wasn’t tense enough between the two, this move follows from a formal complaint Spotify submitted against Apple to the European Commission back in March.

Spotify claimed the company “deliberately disadvantages” other app developers. Its chief executive also wrote in a blog post that Apple introduced rules that “purposely limit choice and stifle innovation at the expense of the user experience”.

Apple takes a 30% cut of purchases on its app store, including upgrades from Spotify’s free to premium service. The European Commission is reportedly preparing to start a formal investigation into Spotify’s complaint, but not much is known about it as of yet.

As for iTunes, it’s had a good run, but obviously hasn’t been able to attain much relevance in recent years. Evidence of its closure was seen when Apple moved all of iTunes’ Facebook content over to the Apple TV page, as well as its Instagram account being wiped completely. It looks as though the end is nigh for iTunes, and the people still using the application to some degree will be led to listen to even less music, as a result, unless they subscribe to some new streaming services.


Story by Emily Clark

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