President Donald Trump lands in the UK for 3-Day State Visit & calls Sadiq Khan a “Stone Cold Loser”

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The leader of the free world, President Donald Trump, has landed in the United Kingdom for his full 3-day state visit with a rolled out red carpet and Queen’s banquet, much to the celebration of the special relationship between the USA and the UK, but somewhat to the dismay of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, who isn’t invited to any of the historic proceedings, and rightly so.

Before taking off for London, President Donald Trump, responded to Sadiq Khan’s stupid comment, when he called Trump ‘a 20th century fascist,’ which is straight out of the leftist-socialist playbook, ‘blame the other side for which you are guilty,’ to which Trump responded before boarding his flight, calling Khan ‘the twin of De Blasio except shorter.’

This was a small dig at Sadiq Khan, highlighting his similarity to New York’s socialist mayor, who has literally set New York City back way beyond the eight years of his tenure, perhaps even back into the 1980’s, with a sharp rise in crime, poor sanitation and an escalating vermin invasion, and with increasing illegal immigration problems, hampering the Big Apple in all the ways ever possible.

Everybody in New York dislikes Bill De Blasio, and are sick to their stomach with him, and Donald Trump is surely onto something once again, since more than plenty of the UK population are no fans of Sadiq Khan. Why? Well, they aren’t fans of Sadiq Khan’s exorbitant green gas socialist taxes on motor vehicles, nor are they fans of his lacklustre and haphazard response to London’s homicide rate, with a knife crime epidemic that’s not slowing down, and an escalating murder rate that’s going through the roof, since Khan became London Mayor. Coincidence? We think not.

This failure can also be attributed to the London Mayor’s lack of concern about illegal immigration into the capital, previously saying that “London is open.”

Trump lands in London for State Visit
Donald Trump and Melania Trump land this morning in the United Kingdom for the US president’s full state visit. Credit: PA

Add to that, nobody is a fan of Sadiq Khan previously saying that “terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city,” which is something he will never be able to live down.

But, once again Sadiq Khan decided to open his mouth like a petulant child within regards to Trump, before he made his trip to the UK, where most had really hoped that Khan could exemplify some class and diplomacy, but in calling Trump, ‘a 2oth century fascist,’ it shows anything but class towards the US president, and moreover, it shows “stupidity.”

Therefore, Trump decided to send out a tweet right before landing in the capital for his 3-day state visit, with a full on Queen’s banquet at Buckingham Palace occurring later that evening, which Sadiq Khan isn’t even invited to, in the city where he’s the mayor. This must be a first for any London mayor, probably…

But, Donald Trump is the master of Twitter, and he explained a little more about Khan and the sentiment shared by millions of people across the world.

Trump tweets @ SadiqKhan
Credit: realDonaldTrump

Yes, Donald Trump hits the nail on the head in terms of Sadiq Khan, who should be focusing on the rising crime epidemic in London, rather that be sheepish and make ridiculous comments at Trump, which tried to undermine the most powerful man in the world, upon his historic and hugely beneficial trip to the UK, to discuss a number of big matters, which would never concern Sadiq Khan.

Trump tweets @ SadiqKhan
Credit: realDonaldTrump

Clearly, Donald Trump has no time for Sadiq Khan and that should be the end of that matter, once and for all, since he has much bigger things to address during his visit to the UK. When will Sadiq Khan fix the knife crime epidemic, the escalating murder and robbery rate in the capital? That is a good question.

Sadiq Khan knife Crime London
The stats for Sadiq Khan as London mayor speaks volumes in negligence on crime. Credit: theSunsBest

The mainstream press and news media will be reluctant to give Donald Trump any positive news coverage, even after the grand extravagance of his full state visit, which will be more than plain for everyone to see, proving Trump’s visit as important, and of grand relevance, in that the special relationship between the USA and the UK, remains in tact, now and in the future.

Pall Mall is decked out in the US and British flag leading up to Buckingham Palace, where the Queen will hold a banquet for Trump. Credit: REX

Yes, Donald Trump’s historic visit to the UK at this time, has more relevance than the mainstream media will lead you to believe, despite any cry-baby protestors that are said to be present, whom are all deranged by the lying leftist mainstream media coverage on Trump since 2016. Let’s be clear, Donald Trump is a perceived threat to the faltering lies of globalism, and within trying to keep the United Kingdom tied into the failing European Union, so the US presidents’ visit is of upmost importance, since the UK needs the US, and the ally’s will prevail, despite any leftist propaganda.

We have seen that much deception from the leftist mainstream media in recent years, and now due to Theresa May’s failure to see the UK out of the EU on time, it has now seen her decide a date for her resignation as Prime Minister, on June 7th. Theresa May and Donald Trump will meet, and they will have plenty to discuss ahead of her resignation on Friday, with Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt widely tipped as her Conservative party replacement.

Trump itinerary UK visit
Donald Trump’s expected itinerary during his trip to the UK, which shows important events right across his visit, without an hour spared. Credit: DailyMail

Donald Trump has also already stated that if Jeremy Corbyn was to ever become PM, then the US would most likely stop sharing intelligence with the United Kingdom. But luckily, as the votes in the EU parliament have already proven, the majority of the British public voted for Nigel Farage’s ‘Brexit Party’, and many people with common sense, oppose Jeremy Corbyn for his radical leftist ways, and for his anti-semitic party, who claim to be leading 250,000 anti-Trump protestors to overshadow and undermine Trump’s important visit to the UK.

Trump baby blimp failure
Do you remember the Trump baby blimp that was supposed to fly high up in the sky on Trump’s last UK visit? Yes? Well, it never properly left the ground, it was a big failure, and that’s the karma. Credit: AP

Even Piers Morgan of ‘Good Morning Britain’ has called the protestors’ and planned protests out, as “disrespectful and pathetic,” and we couldn’t agree more with Mr Morgan. The mainstream news media have already commenced with many lies prior to Donald Trump’s arrival, claiming that he called Meghan Markle a “nasty” woman, which is a total and complete lie.

Moreover, to the press and media overstating the size of any protests and opposition to the US presidents’ visit to the UK today, is all “part and parcel” of their agenda to undermine the amount of people that fully support Donald Trump’s visit to the capital.

This isn’t about the far-right, this is about logic, common sense and righteousness in opposition to the failures which globalist politicians have provided to the European public in the past six years, or decade even, or since even day one.

But, as the UK ‘Brexit Party’ EU Parliament votes have shown, being led by Nigel Farage, it’s clear that there are far many more Trump supporters in the United Kingdom, than there are any anti-Trump protestors.

Donald Trump and Nigel Fragae Trump Tower
Many people including Donald Trump, have pointed out that if Nigel Farge was apart of Brexit negotiations, then the UK would already have left the EU, a long time ago. Credit: PA

Furthermore, in the recent EU parliament elections, Matteo Salvini won in Italy, Marine Le Pen won in France, and this isn’t the far-right, this is the rise of common sense, prevailing over the failures of leftist and globalist politicians that have failed the European people in recent years, with their failed agenda of mass immigration.

There’s so much happening in the world, and the best thing happening right now, is seeing the leader of the free world, President Donald Trump, getting a full state visit to the UK, exemplifying the special relationship between the allies of the US and the UK, and nothing can change that. No matter how much “fake news,” biased mainstream media coverage and leftist doctrine that is thrown out by the press and mainstream media news channels at the public’s minds, it still cannot change the special relationship between the US and the UK.

No matter the biased talking heads coverage from CNN, and other news channels, in trying to undermine Donald Trump’s state vista to the UK, it’s all false noise, and it should probably be muted.


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