Bill De Blasio’s New York City has a big “Rat Invasion” Problem

Bill De Blasio to blame for NYC rat invasion

In the world of useless socialist mayors, Bill De Blasio, must be competing for the title of “the worst of all time,” already coveting the most disliked NYC mayor title, possibly ever in public opinion. Yes, Bill De Blasio is also directly responsible for New York City’s rat problem, which has gone from strength to strength under his tenure.

Bill De Blasio became New York City’s public advocate from 2010 to 2013, then he won as mayor in 2013, then got elected in 2017, which has seen the cities rat problem rise to astronomical figures and get totally out of control.

Yes, the cutesy days of confusing rats in Central Park for squirrels are long gone by now, with garbage strewn out all across the city and with sanitation at an all time low, which isn’t surprising since this phenomenon seemingly runs in tandem with the financial mismanagement from socialist mayors worldwide.

Bill De Blasio has clearly run New York City into the ground, and that much has been said by numerous people, including Donald Trump Junior, and by many local residents, who have also noticed the rat problem getting out of control under De Blasio, which is surely the consequence of even worse sanitation and poor garbage collection.

Bill De Blasio’s failure as Mayor, with the escalating rat problem is the certified proof in the pudding, with rats seen more so than ever before, even riding the cities subways, completely undeterred by the people around them.

A city renowned for its bustling population, and certainly famous for its pest problems, such as with those waterbugs (aka cockroaches) and rats, but now the rats are taking over, and they have Bill De Blasio to thank for the management which has led to the rodent takeover, or rat apocalypse even.

New York City Rat Growth 2010 2018
Since Bill De Blasio has worked for New York City, the rat population has risen steadily each year. This must be the work of Democratic Socialism, right? Credit: OpentheDoors

In the past 8 years, rat sightings have risen by 40%, with last year seeing an even bigger rise, as well as, more garbage not being collected, so if you’re in New York city, you’re more than likely not far away from a rat, being someplace hidden right near you.

Bill De Blasio’s self professed $32million effort to curb the rat population has failed miserably, with known viral celebrity rats, such as “Pizza Rat” and now the “Stripper Pole Rat” becoming social media sensation overnight.

Stripper Pole Rat NYC
A rat is seen working the pole on the F-Train in New York City. Credit: Instagram

Rats have flourished since Bill De Blasio became associated with the city of New York and this can only fall into his hands, as to why it’s become such a mess, along with other factors in New York becoming huge problems, such as the homeless population, illegal immigrants and crime very much on the rise.

The 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, Bill De Blasio, has turned New York into a rat infested cess pool. Credit: NYTimes

Nobody does “rats” better than Bill De Blasio, and it’s a shame to see possibly the greatest city in the whole world, have decayed so much in only 8 years time, and this is synonymous with Democrat socialist rule, and rats are now very synonymous with Bill De Blasio himself.

New York City Stripper Rat
Times is hard in New York City, with rats are working overtime on the subway. Credit: Instagram

Yes, at times like these, it may now be apt to name Bill De Blasio the “King of Rats,” since we can all just go and take a look at the rat invasion in New York City, on the fun and appalling interactive rat tracking website brought to us by Open the Books. They’re doing very good work in highlighting the New York City rat problem, brought to you by Bill De Blasio.

Rat Invasion New York City
New York City’s rat challenge 2018-2019: an interactive map with 22,000+ cases. Credit: OpentheBooks

Anybody up for a basement apartment rental share in Brooklyn, or in Midtown, Manhattan? We didn’t think so! Last year, rat sightings rose to 17,353, that’s a 38% rise since 2014 until today.

Nonprofit organization, Open The Books, has been collecting data and stats on rat sightings in the Big Apple, and it ain’t pretty, with new residents now being able to sift through zip codes to spot rat problem areas, before contemplating moving into to any new residences’. 

In 2019, if the statistics are anything to go by, with rats copulating and reproducing all the time, by the end of the year, there’ll be another rise of rat sighting by a further 2.5%. The most rat laden boroughs of New York, in first place comes Brooklyn, followed by Manhattan, then the Bronx and lastly, Queens.

Rat on NYC subway
A rat just casually riding the subway next to New Yorkers’ is now a daily occurrence, but things weren’t always this bad. HA! Credit: Facebook

Sure, New York City always had a rodent problem, but nothing of this magnitude, which is now being called a “rat invasion” despite Bill De Blasio supposedly funnelling in $32million, two years ago to stop this rat problem.

Well, what happened to that money? It has surely been misspent, and only one word can sum up this failure, and that’s “corruption,” one might think.

In 2018, Bill De Blasio came out with fighting words, which rings true with all Democratic Socialists, which is that they are “all talk and no action”, with plenty of corruption behind the scenes. Bill De Blasio said, “‘We want to make the greatest city on earth the worst place in the world to be a rat.”

“We are launching an all-out offensive to dramatically reduce the rat population at these developments and improve the quality of life for residents.”

Pizza Rat NYC goes viral
Pizza Rat enjoying a New York City slice, like the rest of us. Credit:

Well, what happened? The complete opposite happened, and for NYC residents, they should really be asking questions as to where that money really went?

Plus, become very suspicious of Bill De Blasio’s financial mismanagement of such rat funds, since the opposite of his words predictably came true. That’s highly synonymous with socialists, they say one thing, but mean the other, with failing results, as always.

New York’s population of 8.3 million people, not counting all the boroughs, and with seemingly an underestimated figure of around 2million rats, proclaimed by scholar Jonathan Auerbach, means that there’s one rat for every four New Yorkers’.

But, under the mayoral tenure of Bill De Blasio, the rats have flourished and the exact number of rats in New York City is still unknown, but with a “rat invasion” being widely discussed, there’s probably soon as many rats, as there are people in the Big Apple. If not now, then some day very soon, unless they really tackle the rat population, as Bill De Blasio once promised.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: New York Times

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