Fifty Fails of May – Why Theresa May Had to Leave Downing Street

Theresa May was not on many Brexiters wish list when it was first announced that she would become Prime Minister in 2016 after David Cameron snuck out the backdoor and faded into obscurity after the Brexit referendum, but as many Brexiters would have it, they wanted Mrs May to do well, and wanted the UK, democracy and most importantly, for Brexit to prosper and achieve its full potential.

Theresa May was never going to be the next Margret Thatcher, and maybe it was unrealistic to expect another reincarnation of the Iron Lady, but we wanted leadership, a leader who believed in the 17.4 million who voted in the single biggest political turn out this country had ever seen.

But instead of a substitute for iron, such as metal, steel or even brick, we got delivered plastic, which as we all know, is very is bad for the environment. But, despite our reservations, could the former Home Secretary with the personality of a McDonald’s plastic straw, who herself voted to stay in the EU on 23 June 2016 set us free from Angela Merkel’s globalist clutches?

Mrs May resigned as Prime Minister on Friday the 24th of May, at 10am. Credit: Financial Times

Well, the proof was in the politics, and while the Prime Minister was not a Brexiter, she certainly seemed to take her new-found job title seriously in delivering on the results of Brexit. She signed article 50, the first initial steps to make it official that we would be leaving the European Union, and told us week after week in every Prime Minister’s Question Time that this ‘bloody difficult’ woman would get the UK out of the EU, with or without a deal. So far so good, or so it seemed.

What followed was a catastrophic whirlwind of disastrous deals with the European Union that would have kept the 5th largest economy in the world in a bodiless state of limbo, with Jean-Claude Juncker mockingly poking us and gloating with his EU Regulated electric cattle prod.

It took 3 failed attempts at passing a deal, a limp campaign during a catastrophic snap election and a cabinet dwindling in numbers to get Mrs May to finally hand in her p45.

But it wasn’t just her lack of political conviction that got her the largest defeat in the history of the House of Commons, it was her unwillingness to listen and to take advice that made her lose the support of her MPs, her Cabinet and Conservative members in the country, and ultimately, loses her job.

Long gone, are Mrs May’s dance moves and her famous strut, after Friday’s resignation as PM. Credit: Mashable

Despite the awkward Abba dancing, Theresa May lacked the charisma and magnetism to lead and to inspire, and under her leadership, we saw conservatism turn into pandering and compromise. Theresa the appeaser wasn’t just an unflattering moniker, it had become the very core of a party that an iron lady had previously led to triumphant victory, which had now been reduced to nothing more than a joke on the world stage.

Theresa May had the opportunity to lead our country out of the European Union but Instead, she surrendered and showed cowardice when we needed strength and leadership. The Prime Minster served her interests to stay in office and brought our country to its knees.

So, what next for the former Prime Minister, who officially leaves her post on June 7th. Mrs May no longer has a job and the Spice Girls are missing a member for their reunion tour as posh can’t be bothered to dust off her little Gucci black dress and mine to a few backing tracks.
Maybe those leopard print kitten heels and stiff dancing moves can come in handy after all.

The US president recently announced that he may have to ask Mrs May about the rumours of the role that the United Kingdom played in spying on the Trump campaign in 2016, as well as the ‘Five Eyes’, as part of “SpyGate” scandal.

What will President Trump have to say to Theresa May during his state visit to the UK in June? Credit: Politico

Trump has been confronting numerous treasonous acts within the Democrat party as of late, what with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, CIA, the DNC and cohorts, facilitating a fake “Russia” dossier created by ex-British spy, Christopher Steele, and paid for by the Clinton Foundation via Fusion GPS, it seems the UK playing its part in treasonous affairs may be next on the agenda.

All of this is well documented in the recent declassification of FISA, which is now in review with Attorney General William Barr. Mrs May may have vacated her seat, but the roller coaster is certainly not going to stop yet. Yes, the coming months will be very interesting, indeed, so interesting in fact, that it makes us want to break out in a dance.

Hopefully, not as stiff as Theresa’s 1,2 step.

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