What really happened to Isaac Kappy? Was it Suicide or Murder?

Isaac Kappy Murdered?

One week ago, Hollywood bit part supporting actor turned whistleblower, Isaac Kaapy, who spoke out against the hidden dark side of child sexual abuse in Tinseltown, which has been widely reported, turned up dead after jumping off a 20ft overpass bridge onto the Interstate-40 (I-40) off Route 66, in Arizona, to his death and hit by a car, in what the media are calling a “suicide.”

Isaac Kappy who starred in ‘Beer Fest’, ‘Thor’, ‘Breaking Bad’ and in ‘Terminator Salvation’, took to social media last year and outed former friend and actor, Seth Green, as a pedophile, along with Hollywood heavyweights such as Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, naming names, where others simply wouldn’t, such as former child actor, Corey Feldman.


The media reported that he jumped off an overpass onto the I-40 on the morning of May 13th, and was then hit by a passing Ford pick up truck, whereas, it was also claimed that two teenagers tried to prevent the 42-year old actor from jumping. However, upon inspection of the bridge via Google Map satellite footage, there is no sidewalk or hard shoulder, and as to why anybody would be walking across that overpass (as the two reported teenagers were), makes no sense whatsoever.

The I-40 off of Route 66, the overpass that Isaac Kappy jumped off of. Credit: GoogleMaps

Many theorists are now contemplating if Isaac Kaapy was in fact, murdered or “suicided,” rather than taking his own life, and it is reported that he was probably not alone in the car, upon his visit and stay at a Bellemont motel in Arizona, off route 66, which led up to his death, before reportedly jumping from the Transwestern Road bridge onto the Interstate-40 (I-40), early on Monday morning.

Could he have just as likely, have been thrown off the bridge by somebody that was with him? Nobody knows, but three days prior to his death, in a live Periscope video, Isaac Kaapy stated three times, that he was “not suicidal” and according to close friends, he was doing okay, prior to his death, but he did appear conflicted. And, he did state that he may not be around much longer to witness future events. Let’s take a look.

A man that was labeled a conspiracy theorist for speaking out, was definitely never going to work in Hollywood again, and seemingly struggled with the reality of the “hushed up” child sexual abuse present in “Hollyweird.”

Not long after Isaac Kappy’s death, researchers and theorists pointed out to one of Tom Hanks social media posts from April 4th, 2019, which featured a discarded glove on a gravel dirt ground, with a plastic bottle cap, with seemingly a faded “P” written on it, with the subtext: ‘Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not! Hanx.’

Isaac Kaapy Tom Hanks
You can still find the April 4th, 2019,  ‘Roadkill Route 66’ post by Tom Hanks, which may have been a symbolic premonition of Isaac Kappy’s death off Route 66, as is now claimed by conspiracy theorists. Credit: Twitter

The ‘Roadkill Route 66’ post was posted forty-two days prior to Isaac Kappy’s death, and Isaac died at 42-years old. So, is this just a wild spin of a conspiracy theory? Tom Hanks is reportedly filming a movie in Arizona, and through this month of May.

Is there a seeming link between Isaac Kappy, his revelations or accusations of Hollywood pedophiles, and his sudden suicide? Did Isaac Kappy simply jump off a bridge to his death, as was reported by the mainstream media, or is there more to this story?

Nobody really knows what happened to Isaac Kappy, unless the person who was reportedly with him at the time, inside the car, ever comes forward. However, not many people can confirm that he wasn’t alone that morning. Nonetheless, Isaac Kaapy is now confirmed dead, much to the shock of his social media followers and fans, who found his Instagram page completely wiped, apart from a two page suicide note.

The death of Isaac Kappy being reported as a “suicide” doesn’t sit well with many researchers, and some believe that he was “suicided” due to his revelations over the past year, or more plainly put, “murdered” as a result of his actions in speaking out against some big Hollywood names. Although, there’s also people who claim that Isaac Kappy wasn’t mentally sound.

Yesterday, the following social media post was revealed showing somebody close to Isaac, going through his belongings and struggling to fathom what actually happened to him. Warning, this makes for some very sad viewing…


This may sound like old news to some people, but we wanted to wait a week, in order to review this story and leave it up to others to conclude what they believed happened to Isaac Kappy through further research. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Was Isaac Kappy onto something or did he fall deep into a false conspiracy theory, which resulted in his death, or in him taking his own life? Well known PizzaGate researcher, Titus Frost, spoke about the weird incident of Isaac Kappy’s death in a recent YouTube post, and he thinks like we do, that this is all just very strange and moreover, extremely sad…


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Featured Photo Credit: FoxNews 


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