AG William Barr teases Nancy Pelosi’s Contempt Comments at Officers’ Memorial

Bill Barr trolls Nancy Pelosi did you bring Handcuffs?

Democrat delusion and the left’s manifestation of attempted public manipulation through the mainstream news media has been on-going since the 2016 US election, but now things are seemingly levelling out into the realm of reality, as the tides are finally turning.

So much so, that the lies of “RussiaGate” have already been exposed as being a complete lie, and Democrat House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, even went so far as to suggest that Attorney General William Barr, committed a crime and should be arrested for misleading Congress during his House and Senate Judiciary hearing, over the Mueller Report testimony.

Obviously, this claim held no basis in reality and was solely done to try to discredit the Attorney General, to which Bill Barr said to Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday, at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, in passing after shaking her hands.

“Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?” which was picked up by an ABC News reporter.

Yes, in pure “no holds barred” Bill Barr fashion, the Attorney General jokingly trolled Nancy Pelosi at the event, which goes some way to show just how Democrats will try to make any allegation in the mainstream news media, for which there is no basis in reality.

Just like with the now debunked “Russian meddling” fairytale in the US election of 2016, that Robert Mueller spent over two years investigating, at a cost of over $30million, on something that never even happened.

William Barr handcuffs joke to Nancy Pelosi
William Barr couldn’t help but make a well timed joke at Nancy Pelosi’s, May 2nd tweet, stating he committed a crime. Credit: Reuters

Nancy Pelosi, who unfortunately has become more of a leftist “extremist” radical in the perception of many people over the past couple of years, may soon now be returning to her senses, and reclaim some of the previously good natured perceptions of the Democrat party, or at least hold onto anything that’s left of it. One could at least hope…

Asking “Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?” goes to show that William Barr, who served in various Departments of Justice and in previous Republican administrations, has a wealth of experience, a quick dry wit and also a cunning sense of humour.

Whilst, Nancy Pelosi knows that her attempts to cause uproar over unfounded claims that Attorney General, William Barr, misled Congress in his Senate and House Judiciary hearing on the Robert Mueller report on Russian interference, this was all just breeze blowing by in the wind.

Just imagine if Democrats had conceded defeat honourably since 2016, and focused on their own party, rather than have focused on trying to topple the rightfully elected president, Donald Trump, with lies and deceit, then their party would have been in better steed for the 2020 US election. But, as we all know, that’s not the case now with a barrage of candidates that people know cannot match Donald Trump by any stretch of the imagination.

Donald Trump shakes Nancy pelosi hand
It is gracious of Donald Trump to shake Nancy Pelosi’s hand at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service. Credit: AP

Nancy Pelosi reportedly responded to William Barr’s question by smiling and indicating that the House Sergeant at Arms was present at the event, and would be able to make an arrest if necessary. However, there was never any danger of that happening. 

The National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service at Capitol Hill, honours law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty, and Washington’s political elite were in attendance. The humorous Bill Barr comment to Pelosi, is in response to Nancy Pelosi’s tweet on May 2nd, ‘‘Attorney General Barr’s decision to mislead the public in his testimony to Congress was not a technicality — it was a crime.’

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have subpoenaed Barr to release the full Mueller report, with the 10% which was blacked out in the redacted 448 page Mueller report, now demanding an untouched version, but it was solely blacked out for security purposes. 

As Robert Mueller’s special investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election proved, there was “no collusion,” and Democrat have since tried to prove there was obstruction of justice, although, there wasn’t any, as was confirmed by former Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein and by William Barr himself.

Donald Trump shakes hands with William Barr
Attorney General Bill Barr and Donald Trump (pictured) at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service on Capitol Hill. Credit: AP

Democrats still want a fully unredacted copy of the Mueller report, after William Barr refused to comply with the subpoena, and are now trying to move forward with holding him in contempt of Congress.

However, under federal law, if Barr were to turn over information that was discussed before a grand jury, he would be held in contempt of court.  High-waist wearing “Pants” Judiciary Chairman, Jerry Nadler, said he would continue to negotiate with Barr to give Congress, an unredacted copy of the Mueller report.

But, let’s be honest, Democrats are desperate to try to find some legitimacy to their failed lie of the Russia investigation, which was a total hoax, and they hope to find it, within the blacked out security measures taken in the already published Mueller report, which is already old news by now.

Nothing can stop what’s coming, and one wonders when and if, the “declassifying” of FISA warrants will occur, which will prove the real “collusion” and the real “obstruction” of the other side.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Breitbart

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