Justin Trudeau’s Secret Plan to Take Away Canadians’ Legal Guns in June

Justin Trudeau to take away Legal Guns in Canada

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party, who’s mass immigration, open borders and extreme socialist “soy milk” persona, by even engaging in the cultural appropriation of other nations on embarrassing public relations visits, is very much starting to rub many Canadians’ the wrong way, amongst other more pressing issues. 

Without even needing to mention Justin Trudeau’s seeming ancestry to former Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro, or him becoming intertwined in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, within providing $30,000 worth of prostitutes to Muammar Gaddafi’s son, in exchange for the engineering firms big contracts, in helping rebuild the North African nation, as a trade off, with seemingly the sex cult, NXIVM, popping up in the same picture, somehow? Weird

But, now there’s yet another burgeoning dilemma or major cause for concern in the Big White North, according to Conservative MP, Tony Clement, of Parry-Sound Muskoka, who spoke out at the House of Commons last week, about Justin Trudeau’s plans for a “sweeping” ban on legal firearms this June.  

Yes, Clement has seemingly received information of Trudeau’s plans at the Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver on June 3rd, which will be attended by none other than, New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, who already successfully banned guns in NZ. 

Justin Trudeau is “far left” leaning, as everyone knows, and his socialist agenda, would of course, whether he is elected or not in the Canadian elections on October 21st, 2019, he will try to strip Canadians of their firearms, before he departs, or if he’s unfathomably re-elected as Prime Minister, this is his plan. Will he win in October 2019? That, only time can tell…

Therefore, Justin Trudeau is hatching his plan early, to take away legal guns from law abiding Canadians’, sort of just like clockwork, as was already done in New Zealand.

Those in the know, will find this to be against the will of many law abiding Canadians’, and even be potentially dangerous, since when you do your research of where people’s guns have been taken away from them, by previous socialist and communist governments, it eventually resulted in military interventions, riots and even genocide.

Surely that will never happen in Canada, but why the need to take away people’s legal guns in the first place? That question will definitely raise Canadians’ eyebrows, won’t it?

Justin Trudeau's eyebrows fall off at G7 meeting
Taking away Canadians’ legal guns will raise eyebrows, as it did when Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows nearly fell off at the G7 summit… Credit: StoryPick

Well, up steps the moment, where certain information reached the ears of Conservative MP, Tony Clement, who spoke out in parliament about Justin Trudeau’s secret plan to ban guns, which he will announce at the ‘Women Deliver Conference 2019’ in Vancouver, in early June. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Clement said, “The prime minister plans to announce this ban at the Women Deliver Conference, where New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern will also attend – can the prime minister confirm or deny this zero accountability, secret plan?”

In response,  Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction minister Bill Blair, spoke for Justin Trudeau, and said, “Our government remains absolutely committed to taking all the measures that are effective in keeping Canadians safe…there is no greater responsibility for any order of government than the safety of their citizens.”

“We are prepared to consider whatever measures will be effective in doing so,” said Blair.

However, Bill Blair did not deny Tony Clement’s claims about the secret plan to ban legal firearms, and this should leave people in no doubt, that with Jacinda Ardern also in attendance, that banning legal guns is very much on the agenda, and will be announced by Justin Trudeau at the ‘Women Deliver Conference’ in Vancouver, without even a vote in parliament.

Let’s also hope that there are no convenient mass shootings on Canadian soil, prior to that conference, which would surely raise further suspicions, similar to the suspicions that arose after the Christchurch massacre took place, back in March.

Currently in Canada, there is a bill stuck in the Senate, called (Bill C-71), after the Security committee gutted key components, including the definition of a ‘non-restricted firearm.’

Last year, the C-71 bill in Canada, proposed to extend background checks from five years to the lifetime of the applicant, and mandates retailers track sales for at least 20 years, on any firearm purchases.

Tony Clement spoke with The Post Millennial, and declined to reveal his source for the information, stating, “I’m feeling really constrained on what I can say – it is definitely not any gun organization that has contacted me on this.”

Tony Clement Conservative Canada
Tony Clement has not revealed his source for the information of Trudeau’s plans to announce a “sweeping” guns ban at the WDC in early June. Credit: CTVnews

“I honestly don’t know how broad this is, but I am led to believe that it’s sweeping,”

“Apart from where you stand on restricting guns, the way they’re going to do it is not through legislation…prevent(ing) parliamentarians from having a meaningful discussion on it – that’s certainly something I object to,” Clement added.

The Women Deliver 2019 Global Conference will be held in Vancouver on June 3rd, through to the 6th, and will consist of attendees from 150 countries, including 6,000 world leaders, to influencers, academics, activists, journalists and advocates.

Jacinda Ardern banned all semi-automatic guns in New Zealand, after 50 people were massacred in two Christchurch mosques back in March, in an incident that many people believe was suspicious, as in either being a “false flag”, a grand “hoax” or even a real orchestrated attack, to service an agenda.

Nobody knows, but with little to nothing confirmed about the said gunmen, apart from the mainstream media’s news coverage of the assailant, it ultimately enabled guns to be banned in a sweeping move in the country.

June 3rd is just around the corner, and one now wonders how Canadian’s will feel about Justin Trudeau planning to take away people’s rights to legally own guns, which is seemingly very high up on the agenda of many leftist and socialist politicians now, and in foregone history.


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Featured Photo Credit:  Radionz

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