‘IT: Chapter Two’ Trailer Released and it’s Very Much up for Debate…

IT Chapter II Trailer

The Chapter II of IT just released its new trailer, based on the Stephen King novel by the same name, where the Losers’ Club are all grown up and they return to Derry, Maine, as a group because they fear that Pennywise has returned 27 years later, after receiving some strange phone calls.

Yes, after the highly anticipated box office success of the IT remake, which grossed $700million, so many people are naturally curious as to what the second part is going to be like.

We for one, were extremely excited to see the first chapter remake of IT, which served up a sense of nostalgia and certain expectations in horror, however, we felt that the film really fell short of the mark in numerous ways, after watching the remake on its release date.

It was not so much scary, or even thrilling, as much as it was totally overdone, with the usual Hollywood formula in bringing action horror sequences into overkill, making it anything but scary, and considerably more pretentious and at times even extremely annoying.

But overkill in movies is what Hollywood does best nowadays. So, is that bad down to bad screenwriting or is it the producers that demand this sort of nonsense that ultimately ruins a potentially great film. Nobody knows…

Well, in judging from the recent remake of Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary,’ this formula happened in that film also, where scenes were overdone to the point of overkill, with too much violence, blood and gore. Yes, only one word can sum that up, SAD…

Pennywise IT 2
Can Pennywise really scare us this time in ‘IT’ Chapter II or will we lose interest towards the climax? Credit: Indiewire

Yes, there was obviously going to be changes from the two part TV movie of 1990, but what the remake did really well, was to capture the dynamic between the Losers Club as children, with some clever dialogue and talented child actors.

However, what the ‘IT’ Chapter I remake did very badly, was the parts that featured Pennywise attacking and fighting the kids, ruining the film before, up to the climax, and through the ultimate resolution. A big yawn is what it was…

Or better put, it was all very “Meh,” since it didn’t feel convincing, and it was all way overdone to the point of one wanting to roll one’s eyes into another dimension, such as is the case with all modern day Hollywood films, fraught with too much on-going action, that seemingly never ends…

Plus, with just too much blood and gore in certain places, it ruins the stories that were supposed to be scary. You might even say that they did the opposite of overcooking IT, in Chapter I movie.

Well, luckily we have the newly released IT Chapter II teaser trailer to give us an overall idea of what’s coming on September 6th, this fall. But, will we really be feeling any chills or any thrills, at all? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Now if you’re scared of old ladies, then that trailer might have frightened you, but seemingly not everyone is scared of the elderly, are you? Newsflash! Blood and gore isn’t scary, it’s just disgusting and it’s in totally bad taste. So, what can we expect from Chapter II, which was a considerably worse chapter than the first chapter, in the 1990 TV movie, so can the remake of Chapter II really be any better this time around?

The script is written by Gary Dauberman again, based off of Stephen King’s 1986 ‘IT’ novel, with director Andy Muschietti carrying on from where he left off in the last remake, which should be another box office success, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is going to like the film for what it is.

Jessica Chastain blood scene IT 2
In an interview, Jessica Chastain has revealed that in one scene, it has the ‘most blood that’s ever been seen in a horror film.’ (pictured) What even more than in Carrie? Credit: WarnerBrosPictures

The film has got somewhat of an all-star cast this time, with Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and comedian Bill Hader, playing the adult roles of the Losers Club, so hopefully the acting will be on point, but we can’t be sure of that, given whatever plot twists come their way. 

Bill Hadder IT Chapter @
Funnyman Bill Hader seems like an odd choice to star in ‘IT’ Chapter II, but let’s wait to pass judgement for now. Credit: WarnerBrosPictures

Nevertheless, great acting can never subsidise for a poorly written screenplay, so it will be interesting to see how Chapter II turns out, with surely yet another more revealing trailer to come in a couple months time. So, lets wait till then, until passing final judgement. 

But, if Chapter II misses the mark entirely and only scares teenagers and children like Chapter I did, then at least, we’re assured that there won’t be some third instalment coming out of nowhere, since this is the only ‘IT’ novel in existence, with just two parts.

So, there definitely won’t be a classic Hollywood trilogy, which is good news, if solely judging from the first film.

Anyway, on a side note, will the Losers Club participate in an orgy with each other, as they do in the Stephen King novel? Or has this also been omitted from the screenplay, as it was in the 1990 TV movie?

Since nobody wants to witness a creepy and awkward orgy scene with Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader, and the rest of the Losers Club. Or was this already supposed to have happened at the end of Chapter I (in the first movie), back when they were kids?? That’s very weird and disturbing, right Stephen… (read here)

IT II teaser trailer
Will ‘IT’ Chapter II be more comedy than horror? Well, the screenplay and the actors’ performances will surely determine that factor. Credit: WarnerBrosPictures

Well, ‘IT ‘Chapter II hits cinemas on September 6th, and we will definitely be watching, unless we have to switch it off, if the action-horror sequences go into overkill… Clearly, the notion of “less is more” is dead in Hollywood, and that’s been the sad fact of storytelling for many decades. Let’s hope IT’s good!


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