London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “Green” flyer Miles are enough to reach the Moon & He’s Not invited to Trump’s State dinner at Buckingham Palace

Green Tax Sadiq Khan

It’s double whammy this week for London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who’s been pretty quiet lately about the knife crime epidemic in the capital, and also after his earlier outbursts about president Donald Trump not being welcome in London. But, what Sadiq Khan has fully focused on is his “green taxes” on cars in the capital, but it’s now been exposed that while advocating for this socialists’ favourite “green” spiel, Khan has clocked up enough air miles on private flights that he would reach the Moon.

Yes, in another case of the biased socialist and leftist ethos of “do as I say, not as I do,” reigns true with Sadiq Khan, which we already knew, but this encompasses “hypocrisy” at its finest, which was also called out by his critics.

“Hypocrisy” is something that socialists and leftists do so well, from proclaiming to “open up the borders” for all refugees and migrants, yet they won’t house any in their mansions but desperately want their votes, to lecturing us on climate change and then flying around in private jets.

Last week, actress Emma Thompson, the upper class educated former A-list actress, rallied people at the ridiculous London ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protests over the Easter period, flying in first class with British Airways, to a protest which was seen by many as purely a “pagan” and a Satanic nuisance, which disrupted traffic and fear mongered people into believing that the world is going to end, due to climate change. Say what?

Let’s be clear, the leftist notion of climate change doesn’t exist, but it’s a great socialist ploy to enlarge their coffers with more money, whilst all the while, if they’d stop using modified airplanes to spray Chemical trails into the atmosphere, consisting of dangerous metals, in geo engineering experiments and projects, then surely we’d all feel much better, and cleaner air to breathe.

Sadiq Khan airmails Green Tax
Sadiq Khan has flown enough airmiles to reach the moon, while simultaneously proclaiming his “green tax” agenda. Credit: NewsOnePlace

However, you don’t see climate change activists protesting any of this, since they never protest against any classified Chemtrail projects, do they? Nor, did they protest this at the London ‘Extinction Rebellion,’ which should only be seen as a grand embarrassment, judging on how many people are conditioned enough to believe this “jargon” on climate change. Let’s remember that Al Gore said that the polar ice caps would have all melted by 2014, yet, they’re as strong as ever. Coincidence?

The overall reason for people believing in climate change, is that these people are not very clever, and they’re conditioned and brainswashed by the “green” agenda, which is a shame, since all that higher education seems to have gone to waste and more produced clueless leftists, that virtue signal and want to occupy a moral high ground, whilst also littering and occupying the streets, blocking incoming traffic. That’s truly “green”, isn’t it?

Extinction Rebellion London
Any excuse for hippies to sit around and cry about “Mother Earth” beneath pagan symbols, under the guise of climate change. Credit: DailyMail

Just as commentator Katie Hopkins recently pointed out, that the majority of the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protestors are public (private) school educated posh people, without any jobs. Sad… And, as anyone could see, they left a lot of litter and waste behind in their wake.

Well, who else was at the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ in London, brushing up against them and cozying up to these hippies and hipsters?

Well, if it wasn’t Sadiq Khan himself, who knows exactly what all that “green” rhetoric can do for financial figures, when encompassed into politics. Yet, Mr Khan and his team have flown up to 280,000 miles around the world, despite the recent warnings of a ‘climate emergency’ that’s threatening the planet. Once again, “do as I say, not as I do.”

Yes, now if climate change was real, the globetrotting of Sadiq Khan and his team in recent years, will have produced 180 tons of carbon dioxide, which would have taken two and half acres of trees a full 34 years to cleanse from the atmosphere. But naturally this doesn’t pose a problem for Sadiq Khan, when he’s pushing his “green” ventures, but his opponents have already pointed out his hypocrisy.

Susan Hall, a Tory member of the London Assembly, told The Sun, “Sadiq Khan goes to great lengths to brandish his green credentials, including cosying up to the Extinction Rebellion protesters and reassuring them that he is on their side. While the mayor talks a good game when it comes to the environment, it is clear that his own actions fail to match his words.”

Now, we can all remember when Sadiq Khan, was crying out about US president Donald Trump and how he should not be allowed a state visit to London, which was bad PR for the United Kingdom. That blame must fall fully on Sadiq Khan’s shoulders, in trying to square up against the US president, by trying to speak for all of the United Kingdom, which wasn’t appreciated. Left wing propaganda doesn’t speak for all of the country.

But then, suddenly Sadiq Khan went quiet on the issue of Donald Trump’s future visits to the UK and London (good news!), but subsequently he will not be invited to the full State dinner at Buckingham Palace with the Queen, during President Donald Trump’s State Visit to the capital in June.

President Donald Trump is set for a full state visit to the United Kingdom on June 3rd, through to the 5th of June. Credit:

Whether Sadiq Khan will unveil the failed Trump “Baby Blimp” again, remains to be seen, after it was a massive failure that barely got off the ground on Trump’s last visit to London, which Khan enabled to be commissioned to fly in the sky, so to speak. It barely flew off the ground and some people would call that karma.

Now Sadiq Khan has been omitted from the guest list of the prestigious state banquet at Buckingham Palace, although, he said he would love to have the opportunity to meet the US president.

Many people see Sadiq Khan’s failure to control London’s knife crime epidemic, to be pretty damning evidence of a failed mayoral tenure. Just maybe if Khan hand’t been such a vocal opponent of president Trump, then he could have joined in on the guest list.

Regardless, US president Donald Trump will visit London and the United Kingdom for three days in June, to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

But, imagine if Sadiq Khan focused a quarter of his efforts on fighting London’s spiralling knife crime and homicide rate, rather than just focusing on “green taxing” cars for fuel emissions, then maybe London would be a much safer place to live in.


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Featured Photo Credit: NewStatesman

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