A rogue Starbucks Coffee Cup ruins ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 4

Starbucks coffee cup on Game of Thrones was a mistake

Not many people can say that they haven’t watched a single episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, but at Brainstain, we can gladly say that we’re apart of that exclusive group, which may now be justified after fans of GOT were shocked to spot a Starbucks coffee cup mid-scene, inside the HBO drama’s episode 4 of the very last season.

Well, somebody please fire the continuity assistant! Yes, in an epic mistake, ‘Game of Thrones’ were reduced to ridicule in one of the most elementary mistakes of production, forgetting to check the frame for objects that shouldn’t be in there. Whoops!

‘Game of Thrones’ is seemingly all some people can talk about, which is now approaching its final episode in a fortnight’s time. But now, the fans of the TV drama, will never forget the rogue Starbucks coffee cup, somehow finding its way into the medieval times show.

This must be GOT’s biggest mistake since letting Ed Sheeran make a singing cameo in a previous season, which also resulted in huge amounts of cringe, and took viewers way beyond the mark of believability, as all they could picture was Ed singing a lullaby.

And, who can forget, a few weeks ago, when somebody spotted an extra from the show, wearing blue jeans in the background of another ‘Game of Thrones’ shot, for good measure. Somehow we feel that the person in charge of continuity should’ve been fired.

Coffee Cup in Game of Thrones exposed
You can’t unsee, what you have already seen. Very disturbing! Credit: HBO

Anyway, was the Starbucks cup, some clever product placement paid for by Starbucks? Only joking… Or was it just a big mistake by one of the actors or the production crew?

Or was it done on purpose by a disgruntled actor or crew member? Or could it simply have been a slip of the mind, or a slip of the eye, so to speak?

In any case, it’s almost unbelievable, that even in the editing room, that this coffee cup wasn’t removed in the post-production phase, let alone at the time when it was shot, which ultimately let this coffee cup, join the cast of ‘Game of Thrones’ in Episode 4 of Season 8.

Starbucks coffee cup in Game of Thrones
An unmistakable Starbucks coffee cup was present in Game of Thrones, season 8, episode 4. Credit: HBO

We will probably never know the real reason or who is to blame for it. As nobody will probably ever fess’ up to the huge blunder. However, this is massively embarrassing for the drama series, that has already been lauded for revolutionising TV dramas, but they couldn’t even get rid of a Starbucks coffee cup, before it broadcasted worldwide, could they? Hmmm…. Come on GOT…

Fans react to coffee cup in Game of Thrones
A fan decided to voice his displeasure about the GOT Starbucks coffee cup via Twitter. Credit: Twitter

Talk about suspending belief, with such an amateur mistake, which could have been easily removed on the cutting room floor, with After Effects, even

It will now be interesting to see how this affects people’s ability to perceive any form of reality left in the final season, in what will surely never be forgotten by die hard fans, and neutrals alike. In an episode, that will presumably forever be known as ‘the rogue Starbucks coffee cup that took down Game of Thrones.’

Tweet reaction GOT coffee cup
Yes, eagle eyed fans spotted the massive mistake right away and posted it to Twitter. Credit: Twitter

The HBO production team have now admitted that the Starbucks coffee cup was just a mistake. Well, we’d say that was a pretty big mistake! Not to mention, a huge embarrassment for HBO and for the production team of ‘Game of Thrones’.

But, it’s definitely not their first big mistake. However, this mistake will surely go down in television folklore, for all the wrong reasons, as will the episode itself.

Starbucks Meme Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones and Starbucks is a great combination, which will go down in history. Credit: Twitter

In conclusion, for those who never started watching ‘Game of Thrones,’ because it was not their cup of tea, or even coffee, may now feel justified for avoiding the show like the black plague, after GOT’s most recent coffee cup slip-up. Will you be watching the last few episodes of Game of Thrones, or have you been put off the drama series altogether now?


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