Don’t Worry, more “News” to come!


Due to some unforeseen circumstances, there’s no news for you today, so we will let the mainstream media’s majority “fake news” coverage, carry-on in the background, harping on about Russia (no collusion- already proven!), whilst we stow away our writers’ minds for another day, in preparation for some worthy-news.

Yes, plus given social media and big tech’s censorship of credible news sources and prominent speakers being censored, who have been labelled “controversial,” for being conservative, because they’re reporting on truths and facts, which expose the lefts’ scandals and much more, hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Now, with shamed Democrats scrounging to find anymore anti-Trump angles, which don’t exist, since they know that their time is soon up. Well, it’s all been, amusing to watch, hasn’t it?

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Yes, the fables they concocted, which were all based on a “witch-hunt” and more lies, have now fallen to pieces, and now the truth will soon come out, which consists of the many stories that we have already been covering, for the past couple of years, which will eventually land right into the mainstream.

So, that’s something extra-exciting to look forward to, when those real stories,¬†finally become top news stories! As well, hopefully in due time, the biased “fascist” social media and leftist “book burning” tech giants, will soon have to release and remove all “shadow banning” from their platforms, and rid search engines of their totalitarian censorship tactics, which have been implemented by the left in order to hide numerous impending scandals.

But, if you’ve been following along, you’d know about most of these forthcoming stories¬†already. If not, then please feel free to read up with us, educate yourself, and get clued in on what’s really been happening in the world, by using our above categories and handy little search bar. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!


The Brainstain Team

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