Kamala Harris says Drug Dealers Should be “First in Line” for Marijuana Industry Jobs

Kamala Harris says drug dealers should get Marijuana Industry Jobs

Jussie Smollett’s auntie, Kamala Harris, who’s a hopeful 2020 Democrat candidate, is pandering for a voter base in the most unusual of ways, making deranged statements, such as the earlier one claiming that she smoked weed and listened to Tupac and Snoop Dogg back in college in 1986, although, they didn’t release any music until 1991 and 1992, respectively. Hmmm… Somebody is going for that voter base, eh?

Moreover, Kamala Harris’ latest statements at Wednesdays, “She the People” forum in Texas, she touched on Marijuana once again, and with her own words, it now doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the rumours of Mexican drug cartels having Democrats on the payroll to block the souther border wall being built, in order to continue to flood the nation with drugs, since when Kamala Harris makes statements like these, it really makes you wonder…

“Invariably a lot of the people who historically who were arrested for Marijuana sales were young men, young men of color. And so isn’t that the irony of it all?”

No Kamala, the irony is that those laws were passed by Democrats, which is more ironic, don’t you think?

Kamala Harris then added, “That now this is one of the fastest growing money-making industries in our country and the very young men who were trying to make money doing the same thing, but got criminalized and have now been branded felons for life are excluded from the economic opportunities that are now available because of this new industry.”

The difference back then Kamala, was that it was illegal in all states in America, right? So, let’s see if Kamala Harris can really go back in time and change history, then?

“There have to be policies in place and look at the background and actually do the work of saying some of those young men should be first in line to get the jobs that are available” she stated to the crowd.

“And that their felony convictions should not be the barrier to them having employment in an industry they were a part of before it was an industry. They were ahead of the curve” said Kamala.

Seemingly, the Democrats, such as Bernie Sanders, who wants ISIS prisoners, rapists and child molesters to be given the right to vote, and now Kamala Harris, wants drug dealers to be given the jobs in the Marijuana industry. Nice thought, eh?

Although, how is Kamala Harris going to free only prisoners’ on age old misdemeanour and low level felony Marijuana charges? Donald Trump could start doing this soon, as he has already begun prison reform, but naturally, it will take time and resources, which Kamala Harris’ currently doesn’t have, or will ever be able to implement.

Bernie Sanders thinks terrorists should vote in US elections
Communist Bernie Sanders thinks that terrorists should be allowed to vote in US elections. Great idea, right? Credit: Independent

It’s also ironic that the majority of those in prison for low level Marijuana offences, is actually down to the laws passed by Democrats, like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, that consistently referred to black people as “super predators” in the nineties. But, don’t worry, new Democrat Kamala Harris, is really going to sort out this mess, as part of her 2020 campaign promises.

Donald Trump has made efforts in prison reform already, more so than any other president, and he could still roll out, new legislations that would exonerate those imprisoned for low level Marijuana offences. Donald Trump freed Alice Marie Johnson in June of 2018, which is more than we have seen from Democrats freeing anybody from prison on drugs charges.

But, for Kamala Harris to roll this new notion, out as a campaign promise, that drug dealers should be given the jobs in the Marijuana industry, and pandering to an ambiguously and complex term, such as “drug dealers,” just wreaks of falsehoods and blowing “hot air” up the backsides of criminal voters.

We understand what Kamala Harris is saying, but how will she as president (LOL!), separate every low level Marijuana drug dealers’ offence, case by case, from let’s say, the drug dealers that sold Cocaine, Crack, Heroine, Methamphetamine and other illegal drugs?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Well, according to what Kamala Harris said, drug dealers are trailblazers and the true pioneers of business. They were ahead of their time, apparently.

What will Kamala Harris say next? Maybe, that Mexican drug cartels should be allowed to vote for Democrats in the US elections? Only joking… Credit: CNN

So, it seems like the Democrats are going to extreme measures to clock up any sort of voter base, with false promises, such as these, now exemplifying support for drug dealers, or the rights of terrorists and criminals to vote in elections.

But, just how will Kamala Harris ensure that these drug dealers, will keep it all legal, in future? Maybe, Kamala Harris will elaborate on her wild claims, some day soon…

Also, Kamala Harris wants to take your guns away with an executive action promised on guns, as in your right to bare arms, but maybe she doesn’t know that drug dealers usually also carry guns, although they carry them “illegally,” hmm?

So, Kamala Harris is for drug dealers (but will take away your legal guns) and Bernie Sanders wants terrorists to vote in upcoming US elections. No, you’re not taking crazy pills! Welcome to the 2020 Democrat nominee race, everyone! This is sure to become very interesting to watch “objectively” over the next year and a half, until November 3rd, 2020.


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