Crackpot Celebrities React to Robert Mueller’s “No Collusion” Report on Trump

Just as sure as there would be absolutely “no collusion” in Robert Mueller Russia probe, there was also an inevitable guarantee that the biggest crackpot celebrities would respond and react in kind. So, now we’re going to share some tweets from some of the looniest and most deluded celebrities from Tinseltown, in reaction to the Robert Mueller report. Hey, you might even recognise some of the usual celebrity simpletons in this list…

First off, it’s Bette Midler, once renowned for her acting and singing, yet here she’s showing off why she’s not the brightest bulb in the marquee…

Bette Middler No Collusion tweet
Credit: Twitter

Somehow the fake news Russian narrative was seemingly something that Bette Midler truly believed in, which might just show that most entertainers are not that intelligent, despite some of their talents.

BetteMidler No Collusion tweet
Credit: Twitter

Denial is akin to a narcissist’s personality traits, and Bette Midler doesn’t disappoint, but there’s so many more that we must go through. So, let’s get going.

Yes, when Rosie O’Donnell isn’t having her own children abandon her, and then disowning her, usually she’s trying to find a way to trump Trump, but it has never worked, so why would it work now?

Rosie O'Donnell no collusion tweet
Credit: Twitter

Rosie wants to see the full report, as she’s truly the legal authority on all matters Donald Trump, and now that it’s clear that President Donald Trump will win in 2020, so we continue to wonder why she didn’t leave America already, as she promised before he was rightfully elected.

Then it was time for everyone’s favourite gay Asian man from Star Trek, George Takei, to shed some light on the “no collusion” Mueller report, since sometimes you need a man from outer space to clear up all the things that are happening on Earth.

George Takei no collusion tweet
Credit: Twitter

The next up we have the CAA, Z-list client, Alyssa Milano, a so-called spokesman for #MeToo and #TimesUP, whilst protecting Harvey Weinstein and other predators, and when she’s not claiming to be transgender, disabled, black and gay, then she’s usually found tweeting something anti-Trump, so we had to bring her in for comment on the special counsel’s verdict of “no collusion.”

Alyssa Milano Anti-Trump tweet
Credit: Twitter

Alyssa Milano can be seen clinging onto just a glimmer of hope in her tweet, that even though the DOJ ruled there was “no collusion” from Robert Mueller’s report, that somehow the full Mueller report will still be harbouring something that 40 FBI agents missed in their Russian collusion investigations. Seemingly, it’s not over till the fat lady sings, apparently

When non-funny comedian, Sarah Silverman, isn’t having her TV shows cancelled, talking about how unattractive she is in her standup routines and breaking up with cuck boyfriends, then she’s usually trying to do some form of Trump bashing. Just as with her very poor Hulu ratings for her recently cancelled anti-Trump show, after an extremely short run. So, it comes as no surprise that Sarah Silverman’s a political expert judging by this moronic tweet.

Sarah Silverman No Collusion tweet
Credit: Twitter

Maybe there should be some sort of Sarah Silverman special counsel investigation into these mythical Russian trolls, that somehow used old “Stalinesque” mind control techniques to hijack 63million American’s minds in order to vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 US election. Hey Sarah, that could be your new TV show, right?

Now this list wouldn’t be complete without another verified Satanist, and former mysterious 80’s heartthrob, in John Cusack, who’s leading roles and character roles have now dwindled to non-existence, sort of like absolutely “no Russian collusion” in existence within Donald Trump’s election win. But, John Cusack needs the full report, because he’s adamant that there was something “Russian” going on, after all.

John Cusack no collusion tweet
Credit: Twitter

When cancelled talk show host, Chelsea Handler, isn’t being pee’d on by that guy from American Pie, and having her stage name sounding suspiciously a lot like “child handler,” just like recently exposed Rachel Chandler, then she’s usually calling out “resist!” against Donald Trump and or photographing herself naked, and talking loosely about sex, but its’ been awhile, so she had to come out through the twittersphere to lend her intelligence to Mueller’s “no collusion” report, by tweeting :

Chelsea Handler
Credit: Twitter

Seeing reclusive Chelsea Handler marching out in the streets, might just be good for her (and she’d also lose a few pounds), so we’re sincerely looking forward to when that happens.

Who else next, but Mr. Angry man himself, Alec Baldwin, tweeting out his mental illness in the midst of the Robert Mueller report finding “no collusion”, and so far, we haven’t even heard of Alec Baldwin assaulting anyone in the streets, so this is good news!

Meanwhile, Patton Oswald (mister ‘I am a proud pedophile’) tweeted the following, trying to add some legitimacy to suspect Trump, even though, no collusion as found… Why are we not surprised?

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) seemingly affects the biggest crackpot celebrities the most, even when presented with sure fire facts from Robert Mueller’s report showing, that there was “no collusion.”

You can’t win with these deluded people, and symptoms of denial and delusion are systemic with those that suffer from TDS. Just like Bill Maher, who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome (as we all know), by now scrambling to find any new fairytales to cure his TDS.  Sad…

So, that just about sums it up, but things just wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t bring in funny-man, turned weird guy, turned political painter, in Jim Carrey, somehow?

Since surely this guy must have  a new anti-Trump painting, or something happening today, so that we can finally put Robert Mueller’s “Russia probe” report into perspective, inside the moral compass, in the one and only “Jim Carrey Way.”

Well, we went to have a look for any commentary from Jim, and this is the best that we could find….

It’s so weird, where’s Whoopi Goldberg? One of the loudest anti-Trumpers’ there is, and she’s not been seen, or heard from in quite a long time now. Well, it’s usually the one’s that “scream the loudest that have the most to hide,” sort of like Jim Carrey, and with no tweets and no sightings, we just hope that Whoopi’s doing much better after that reported health scare, wherever she is…. Maybe she’ll react in due time, in her usual brazen anti-Trump style, regarding the Mueller Report some day soon, right?


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit:  NoCollusion

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