Ghosts in the Playboy Mansion? “Yes” says ‘The Girl Next Door’ Bridget Marquardt

Playboy Mansion Haunted

Well, there’s been a lot happening in Hollywood and in the entertainment world lately, from blaming Michael Jackson for abusing children for the third time, although it never happened. Just so that James Safechuck and Wade Robson won’t go broke. And, Director Steven Spielberg has made a move to ban Netflix Original films from future Oscars. Plus, ‘Captain Marvel’ was released starring the first female superhero in a lead role, to great box office receipts.

But, in show business, when they really need to deflect and project away from well known scandals and “hidden” pedophiles, Michael Jackson is still their go to guy. Who knew?

But, the house of much “secret” entertainment for celebrity elites, apart from inside that surveilled Grotto, not too far away from Hollywood, lies the famous Playboy Mansion, which has now been confirmed to be haunted, according to Hef’s former longtime girlfriend and star of ‘The Girls Next Door’, Bridget Marquardt, who recently appeared on Channel Seven’s ‘The Morning Show’, revealing that she actually finds the Playboy Mansion “spooky.”

Yes, the famous house of fun, which existed long before the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement without any major incident, hosted lots of fun activities for invitees and regular patrons. But nowadays, it’s not only mere mortals who frequent the halls of the famous mansion, after its public closure, unless for those very special events.

Bridget Marquardt Good mOrning Show Seven News
Bridget Marquardt called the Playboy Mansion “Spooky” in front of a backdrop of Hollywood. Credit Seven

As ghosts of women have reportedly been spotted numerous times within the Holmby Halls property, but nobody should be alarmed, as the Playboy Mansion was famous for a few things, which were adult entertainment, swanky parties and scantily clad blondes.

It’s been two years since the granddad of all Gentleman and pimps passed away, in Hugh Hefner, and when he passed, the world lost a true icon and original at 91-years old, but he certainly isn’t forgotten as the Playboy brand continues on till this day.

Bridget Marquardt revealed that she and her friends encountered ghosts in the Playboy Mansion, one which she recalls stood in a doorway by the living room, and which looked “just like a woman standing there,” said Bridget Marquardt, who added, ‘I didn’t get a negative vibe from it at all.’

“I got a very positive vibe and I think that it might have been a former employee of Hef’s just coming to see the new addition to the family.”

Friends of Bridget who encountered ghosts in the mansion, reportedly, “immediately broke down in tears,” as seemingly ghosts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but whether they wore Playboy negligee’s or whether they were pure sheer in appearance, was not confirmed either.

PlayBoyMansion Haunted
Only happy ghosts frequent the Playboy Mansion, inside sources tell us. Go figure! Credit: FilmMagic

But, many stories of paranormal activity or spirits within the Playboy Mansion, which was built in 1927, have been reported through past decades, and there’s ample room for them, with 29 rooms, a wine cellar, a grand hall, and a swimming pool with a secluded grotto, for added privacy.

We’re immediately sensing a new E! series or investigative special (call it our sixth sense), called ‘Ghosts of the Playboy Mansion’ hosted by Bridget Marquardt, or something along those lines. Furthermore, apart from the ghosts of “happy go lucky” women wearing bunny ears, there have also been reports of the ghost of an old man, strutting through the halls, but if the ghost is smoking a pipe and wearing a burgundy robe, has not yet been confirmed either.

However, it wouldn’t be unthinkable that Hugh Hefner would return to check up on his old property, in which he lived for 43 years before his passing. Long live Hugh Hefner, the pioneer and trendsetter of modern pop culture and also the undoubted trailblazer for the sexual revolution.


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