How do you Spot a Deep State “False Flag” Attack? Questions arise over New Zealand Attack

False Flag

Well, what a terrible weekend it has been! A horrible “terror” attack took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, and in the aftermath, New Zealand’s Prime Minister was seen wearing a hijab in solidarity and curiously John Podesta, had been on a speaking tour just days before in the country.

Yes, only five days before the attack on the Christchurch ‘Masjid Al-Nur’ mosque took place, John Podesta had called New Zealand a “big juicy target” for a cyber attack, and it makes us wonder, what did he even mean by New Zealand being a “big juicy target?” Was that a “trigger” word for someone under some sort of mind control program?

Then it happened, almost as if John Podesta was some sort of clairvoyant psychic, and not just a Satanic pedophile child trafficker, “a la PizzaGate” fame, when suddenly a “supposed” white supremacist shooter emerges, targeting the mosque, killing 50 people. And, the control of the narrative of the mainstream media’s 24hour coverage began, with reports of the NZ massacre on CNN all day and night, and strewn across all mainstream media platforms. But, just how fast the news comes and goes, is something that we’ve surely already come to expect and have experienced many times before.

Satanist Pedophle John Podesta
John Podesta called New Zealand a “big juicy target,” only a few days before Friday’s attack, and the symbols on his hand, were also found on the shooters rifle. Coincidence? Credit: wakeupkiwis

Could it be a media spin and a Deep State “false flag” that’s slowly being exposed, and as the news starts coming out, it will most definitely be censored and removed from all of social media, whenever questions are raised on the subject at hand?

We are yet to see any similar images from the New Zealand attack, to the very real attack which took place in Las Vegas in 2017, at the Route 91 Harvest Music festival, which was actually the biggest mass shooting on American soil, where images of the shootings were shown from all angles, from citizens’ phones, confirming all of it to be very true.

That was a shocking massacre in Las Vegas, which mostly remains unsolved, but as for the real reasons for that massacre, it has not yet become public knowledge. But the recent arrests of various MGM executives, could hold some answers as to what really happened at the Mandalay Bay hotel and resort, which was where the majority of the shootings that night, emanated from.

Las Vegas Massacre
Who was really behind the very real Las Vegas massacre? Also, recently many MGM executives were arrested. Credit: TheIndependent

But so far, we haven’t seen anything conclusive in this attack on the Christchurch mosque, but what has been pointed out by many online researchers since, is the several inconsistencies to the emerging story coming out of New Zealand.

Now nobody is saying that the attack on the Mosque in New Zealand didn’t happen, but false flags are now so common place, especially when the end result is to somehow to blame Donald Trump, saying that white supremacy is a growing problem in the world, then pushing for gun control. Also, further blame is now being cast on 4chan and 8chan forums, plus the mainstream media narrative is now ultimately pandering to Islam, whilst calling it “the religion of peace”, when everybody knows that Islamic extremism and Sharia Law is anything but peaceful…

Yes, and the shooter, what was his name? Brenton Tarrant, who left his manifesto online, where he actually called himself  “a former communist, turned eco-fascist” who doesn’t support Donald Trump. But, strangely the shooter also tried to claim that American political commentator and “Blexit” founder, Candace Owens, was one of his inspirations for the attack, as written in his manifesto. Say what? That’s so preposterous that you may even wonder if the manifesto had been written by John Podesta himself.

Yes, the manifesto makes no sense at all, which makes one question the origin of the manifesto, to no end. Then the shooter, Brenton Tarrant also named Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie in the livestream, saying “subscribe to PewDiePie”, as well? Huh? Say what? 

Yes, this was truly a “very strange” attack, with many questions now still left unanswered. But, let’s hope that Brenton Tarrant, wherever he came from, is now classed as both mentally ill and perhaps as a consequence of mind altering pharmaceutical drugs (which could be the reason?), as we’ve seen in the past, since in judging by only samples of this so-called manifesto, there’s a lot of “crazy” assumptions and rhetoric within, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Clearly, Brenton Tarrant is mentally ill, but we should give him no sympathy!

At times, the manifesto seems as if it was written to target people whom are going against the common leftist narrative, which is so synonymous with the mainstream “mockingbird” media. But now, let’s see some curious slides of some very crucial information, shall we?

Let’s hope there’s swift justice for Brenton Tarrant, and that he will never see the light of day ever again, which is what the mainstream media craves most, as does everybody else. However, it’s worth noting that Brenton Tarrant had been well travelled and spent much time in Turkey and also in Pakistan. But, why was he traveling to Turkey and also spending so much time in Pakistan? Those are not exactly regular tourist hotspots, are they? Was he on a mission of some sort? Was he heavily medicated? Nobody knows…

But, clearly this shooter is mentally ill, and yet has no relation to anyone mentioned in his manifesto, and most definitely has nothing to do with Donald Trump, which CNN tries to spin the narrative towards all day long…

Well, what exactly is the real history of this mysterious shooter, since many people would like to know more about it, before the story disappears. But, will he vanish into the abyss, just as soon as he arrived into our consciousness via the mainstream media? Our reliable sources say, “that he might do” and other reliable sources, say “yes.”

Is this like a “Pallywood” production on some level, or is that just red Kool Aid in a bottle? Either way it’s incredibly sad imagery, with red everywhere. Credit: DailyMailPhoto/Anonymous

Much of the mainstream media story on the Christchurch mosque attack isn’t even making sense today? But, hopefully in the coming days, we will all learn more about this horrible crime in more detail.

But, this is why posts pointing out that the NZ attack could be a false flag, or an instigated attack by the Deep State, is now being removed all across social media, so as to protect the narrative, or to perhaps give the people that have been affected by the massacre, a real chance to grieve…

Let’s hope it’s the latter, but the mainstream media’s continuation of the NZ massacre coverage continues, for now. But, will it reveal any new and tangible facts? New Zealand will now launch an official inquiry and perhaps that will give everybody some answers.

However, in trying to blame people that have no relation to the attack via the mainstream media narrative, could well spell the downfall of the public’s attention on the massacre, as elitist politicians call for more open borders, more mass immigration and so forth, giving no deliberate coverage to logical thinking, as per usual.

Many nations love Donald Trump, and many people fail to understand why the mainstream media narrative tries to blame everything on the US president, but also, many people already know why this is the case…

Let’s all pray for the victims and families of Christchurch, New Zealand, but to imagine that there’s seemingly no ulterior motive for this attack, or in the construction of the media narrative, would be very naive to think. Since already, gun control is now very much on New Zealand’s agenda.

A country which has often been seen as a safe haven for future living for the rich elite, which is also emphasised in the vast amount of properties purchased by foreigners in New Zealand in only recent years alone, now have some serious soul searching to do.

This mosque attack was a horrible massacre and our thoughts and prayers are with all the people in New Zealand at this time. Let’s hope that the mentally ill, suspect and shooter, Brenton Tarrant, will get his justice served to him swiftly, and surely the death penalty should be brought back, shouldn’t it? If not in this case, then when will the death penalty be brought back for terrorists and for those who commit mass shootings?

For now, this might have to fall into the mystery category, like many false flag assumptions, but seemingly the mainstream media’s push for something in particular in “gun control” is quite clear to see at this point, isn’t it?

In some ways the New Zealand massacre has all the definitive hallmarks of a false flag attack, perpetuated by the mainstream media in order to control and capture the world’s attention and to serve a political agenda, which is now seeking immediate gun control in New Zealand.

However, what’s most important is that it’s incredibly sad that somebody would do this anywhere, especially inside a place of worship. Yes, let’s pray for New Zealand, and our thoughts are now with all the victims and their families caught up in this massacre.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: actvisitpost

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