Tony Blair’s Secret Meetings with Emmanuel Macron to Prevent ‘Brexit’ Exposed

Tony Blair and Emmanuel Macron secret meetings exposed

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who brought the United Kingdom into the Iraq war, under false pretences with so-called “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (WMDs) that did not even exist, plus, changed the face of the nation through highly questionable immigration deals, by recently even citing himself as getting it “wrong on immigration,” as Prime Minister.

But now, Tony Blair has been caught “red-handed” again, in advising failing French president Emmanuel Macron in secret meetings, on how to reverse Brexit, and to prevent the U.K. in exiting the European Union with a good deal.

Hmmm… How do you say “treasonous” or is this really ethical behaviour from Tony Blair against his own home nation? What do you think? Send us answers on an elitist pro-migrant “Eurocrat” postcard, please? Yes, since according to The London Telegraph, they reported:

‘Sources in Paris confirmed to The Telegraph that Mr Blair had been speaking to the French President about Brexit.

He is reported to have told Mr Macron to “hold firm” and wait for events to play out in London that end in Britain staying in the EU.’

Tony Blair just can’t help himself from smiling like a court jester, whilst advising Emmanuel Macron of how to go against what the British public actually voted for, which was and still is Brexit, in ultimately having the UK leaving the E.U. with a bad deal.

The British public shouldn’t be shocked, as this is nothing less than what many people would expect from Tony Blair, someone who lied as Prime Minister, and is now trying to subvert a Democratic election by advising against what they actually voted for, by encouraging that they get a lousy deal, if they leave the European Union.

He’s a weapon of mass destruction! Tony Blair is exposed in serving himself, and what’s best for him and not the United Kingdom, yet again. Credit: NeonNettle

Plus, this news is also being reported by Breitbart, of Tony Blair’s sneaky meetings in advising Emmanuel Macron of how to still keep Britain in a customs union with the E.U. and how to frustrate any benefits the U.K. would get in leaving the European Union.

These secret briefings between Emmanuel Macron and himself, is something that Tony Blair has simply called “meetings” and his staff even told The London Telegraph, we “don’t comment” on private meetings. Well, well, well… The London Telegraph wrote further:

‘Tony Blair has been accused of “unacceptable” behaviour after it emerged he has been briefing Emmanuel Macron on how to force Britain to stay in the EU.

The former Labour prime minister believes that if the EU stands its ground over the Brexit deal, Parliament will cave in and accept a customs union — which would keep Britain yoked to Brussels — or a second referendum that could cancel Brexit altogether.’

Many people say that what Tony Blair is doing against his own country, is having an immediate effect, since the E.U. is now vowing to extort billions more, if Britain does not accept the already expensive terms of exiting Europe.

Theresa May may now have to approach members in Parliament with pretty much the same deal which was already rejected; so is Tony Blair the real reason why Brexit is becoming such a potentially delayed and troublesome affair? It wouldn’t be the first time that Tony Blair only serves himself, which has seemingly been the case all along…

Blair War Criminal
Tony Blair wants “Blairexit” and not “Brexit”,  you see? Why else would he meet Macron? Credit: EveningHarold

Charles Moore writes in the London Telegraph about Brexit and about the British character:

‘[M]y impression is not that people have become more (or less) ideologically pro-Brexit.  It is rather than they are showing two traditional national virtues.

The first is common sense.  What is the purpose, people ask, of embarking on a major constitutional change which has been voted for and then half-cocking it?  The performance of all the main parties seems shameful. Theresa May’s idea that she should keep coming back to the House of Commons to ask the same thing seems almost babyish.

The second is a dislike of being bossed around. Kipling caught it in his poem about Saxons and Normans: “When he stands like an ox in the furrow — with his sullen set eyes on your own,/And grumbles, ‘This isn’t fair dealing,’ my son, leave the Saxon alone.”  We have not had fair dealing from the European Commission.  Instead we have been insulted.  Our leaders have not been straight with us either.  So let’s just go: we were always independent before 1973 and we can be so again, though it may be tricky at first.’

How is it ethical for a former Prime Minister to try and undermine his own home nation, against what the British public actually voted for? How is it justified that Tony Blair is going against the wishes of the British people, by advising Emmanuel Macron on how to prevent the United Kingdom in leaving the European Union with a good deal?

It’s clear that Tony Blair is still the “sell out” that he always was, and he has probably charged Emmanuel Macron a pretty penny for this advice, or he’s himself getting a very good deal, adding on top of all the astronomical speaking fees he has garnered post Downing Street.

Currently, the backstop and the Irish border has proven to be a niggling thorn in the side of Brexit, as well. Either way, is Theresa May aware that Tony Blair has been meeting with Emmanuel Macron and is she against Tony Blair’s actions? Let’s hope so, or is she, and has she always been a “Remainer?”

Theresa May Hard Brexit
Theresa May should be seeking the best possible deal for Brexit and ultimately be seeking to win in any Brexit negotiations. Credit: Telegraph

In any other country, with such a pending political situation, Tony Blair’s actions against his own nation and its people, would’ve seen that person be charged and or prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, or at least be reprimanded in some way. Some would even call it “treason” in order to meet with a president of a rival country, and advising against your home nation.

Read the following links to learn more about all of this via the Or catch-up on The Telegraph exposé on Tony Blair’s shady secret meetings with Emmanuel Macron to undermine Brexit, right here!

So, will Theresa May finally do the right thing, in serving the United Kingdom and its citizens toward their brightest possible future, which includes free independent world trade with other nations, ridden of the bureaucrats of the European Union?

Will Theresa May stand up for what’s right and fight for the best possible Brexit deal? Will she finally be steadfast and strong in standing up against the European Union’s bullying (like Margaret Thatcher would have) by simply walking away from a bad deal, if the EU tries to extort more funds from Britain? What will happen then, and what will happen next?

The whole world is watching and with shady dealings between Tony Blair and failed French president Emmanuel Macron happening in the background in recent days and even weeks, it’s important that Theresa May does what’s right and that she does what’s best for the people of the United Kingdom. We have faith that Theresa May will see through her Brexit task, and provide the UK with a better future. But, let’s now wait and see, shall we?


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