Liar Michael Cohen Pitched Book Deal Praising Trump weeks Before FBI Raid

Compromised former attorney of President Donald J. Trump is about to carry on his congressional testimony this week, set up by Hillary Clinton’s lawyer Lanny Davis, where he’s reading a rehearsed Democrat script and doing whatever it takes to reduce his jail time. These are very ugly and treasonous tactics from the Democrat party and the cabal, which they say is tied to the Russia investigation, when it’s clearly not by focusing on a former porn star, Stormy Daniels, with her own past ties to NXIVM, making her of questionable character. 

Yes, Robert Mueller’s special investigation on Russian collusion has found nothing tying Donald Trump to Russia, and it’s laughable to think that nobody is investigating Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal with Russia, in selling them 20% of America’s Uranium supply. The first sample of which was personally delivered to Russia by Robert Mueller himself. Isn’t that strange, that this doesn’t service into the mainstream media’s Russian collusion narrative?

Regardless, it’s now really worth noting that only a few weeks before Michael Cohen’s office was raided by the FBI, he was pitching a book deal which praised Donald Trump at every turn, dismissing any Russian collusion, to several publishers including Hachette, who were willing to pay him sum of $750,000 for the book, which promised chapters on Melania Trump and even the president’s children.

Michael Cohen wanted to paint Trump in a positive light and write about his close relationship with him, by stating that the 45th president is not, ‘crazy, dumb, paranoid, in over his head, or a liar’ as always construed by the mainstream media.

He states that his role inside the Trump Organisation was ‘looking out for Mr. Trump and his family’, but what wasn’t mentioned in the book, is how Michael Cohen hoped to get a role within the White House, which he had even mentioned in a previous interview.

Cohen wrote, ‘No issue was too big, too sticky or too oddball for me to tackle. I saw it all, handled it all. And still do.’

His own writings are a stark contrast to his words on Wednesday’s testimony last week, when he called Trump a “racist and a conman”, which is evidence of how he’s flipped and been compromised by the Deep State and is in turn, pushing the false Democrat narrative against the American president. So, why should anyone trust the words of Michael Cohen in front of Congress this time, when he was already exposed for lying to Congress in the past? Good question…

Michael Cohen is reading from a Democrat playbook script, to get a reduced sentence and we all know it. Credit: Newsday

Well, nobody should believe a man that’s now being described as a “rat” and a “liar”, who’s solely trying to save his own skin, after being given ultimatums by a corrupt and fraud laden Democrat operation to undermine the sitting US president.

This concoction to compromise Michael Cohen to bad mouth the president is the latest play from the Democrat playbook, likened to the similar false congressional testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, about her false rape some thirty years ago, in order to try and prevent the SCOTUS appointment of Brett Kavanaugh.

A man bereft of any truth, Michael Cohen (pictured) giving testimony on Wednesday last week. Credit: CNP/Mega

Donald Trump said at the CPAC conference over the weekend, that “these people are sick” and we couldn’t agree more, as Michael Cohen now hopes to reduce his three year jail sentence which is set to commence in May, by fulfilling a rehearsed Democrat agenda.

Michael Cohen’s book pitch, had a working title, called ‘Trump Revolution: From The Tower to The White House, Understanding Donald J. Trump’, which is a full 360 degree flip from the words that he’s now saying in his congressional testimony, which continues this week.

Publishers are now also stating that after private meetings with Michael Cohen regarding the book proposal, they said, “‘Even in our meeting he was glowing with praise for the president.”

Donald Trump hugs the flag of the nation at CPAC, before his two hour speech this weekend. Credit: TheDailyBeast

In Michael Cohen’s, 52, book proposal it said, ”Most of my work took place behind the scenes. Unless it was the sort of situation that required me to come through the front door with a wrecking ball, that is – in which case my involvement was pretty obvious.

‘No issue was too big, too sticky or too oddball for me to tackle. I saw it all, handled it all. And still do.’

Cohen’s proposal added, ‘All of these things have been said about my longtime boss, Donald J. Trump. None of it is true. Except maybe that last one – about the media. Trump does believe that reporters are out to get him, and for a very good reason. Many of them are.’

‘That doesn’t make him paranoid. That makes him a realist,’ Cohen wrote.

Michael Cohen wrote his book proposal on January 24, 2018, where he showered praise on Donald Trump, but on Wednesday he said: ‘I am not protecting Mr. Trump anymore. ‘My loyalty to Mr. Trump has cost me everything: my family’s happiness, friendships, my law license, my company, my livelihood, my honor, my reputation, and soon my freedom.’

Why anybody would trust the testimony of Michael Cohen after previously lying to congress is beyond logical, also considering he’s been compromised to avoid prison time. Credit: GettyImages

‘I will not sit back say nothing and allow him to do the same to the country.’

What this shows is that the Democrats and the cabal, whom wish to impeach the president have in a sense, kidnapped Michael Cohen for ransom, by use of threats of prison time, making him susceptible to what he’s now doing, lying and saying anything in order to reduce a sentence that they placed upon him, in order to pressure him to play their game.

Last week, the son of Sicilian mob boss Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Gambino and cousin of Carlo Gambino, Giovanni Gambino, 43-years old, said the following about Michael Cohen, “Inmates love Trump, and hate rats. If he wants to get out alive, he better keep his mouth shut about Trump,” and he suggested that Cohen could get whacked in prison for his lies.

Another thing which is also worth noting, is the timing of these Michael Cohen congressional hearings took place on the exact date of Donald Trump’s second peace summit in Vietnam with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, in order to undermine Trump’s achievements and pursuit of denuclearising the Korean peninsula.

This is a new low for Democrats, which Trump correctly tweeted last night, citing the Cohen testimony as the reason why more progress wasn’t made at the Hanoi Summit with Kim Jong-un last week, as follows:

Credit: realDonaldTrump

The dirty tactics used by Democrats to control the narrative of the media against Donald Trump’s peace talks with Kim Jong-un, should tell you all you need to know about the inner workings of what’s really going on in the world, as Trump’s administration continues to do what’s best for America, its people and the world.

Do not be fooled by the mainstream media, as Q said, “we are the media now” and the independent media must continue to tell the truth, countering the obvious lies and evil strategies of the cabal news networks and their Democrat party political cohorts.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: TheRinger 

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