Emmanuel Macron has turned Paris into a New Type of Tourist Hotspot

With so much happening in the news in the past few days alone, with Donald Trump negotiating big deals in Vietnam, involving the sale of Boeing jets amassing over $12billion in US revenue, whilst also negotiating with Kim Jong-un for peace and full denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula, which has all been largely ignored by Democrats and the mainstream media.

Since they are instead focusing on the lying and flipping of US lawyer, Michael Cohen, who’s been lying in his testimony for lesser jail time to Congress again. Yes, Michael Cohen who has been compromised to feed a Democrat Party narrative, after bending from pressure from the Deep State and house Democrats, such as from Adam “Svetlana” Schiff and Hillary Clinton’s pro-bono lawyer, Lanny Davis, thus basically already being accused of reading from a rehearsed Democrat script, as a result, which does equal… Sad… Anyway

So, we’ve decided to ignore that news all together, in favour of what nobody is really talking about, and what rarely even makes the news, which is how French President, Emmanuel Macron, has really turned Paris, France, into a serious tourist hotspot since May of 2017, and beyond…

Want to staying like the new locals in Paris? Well, by glamping with them in the city of lights, it’s far cheaper than staying in an actual hotel. Credit: Publika.MD

Yes, simply not content with somehow already winning the award for top travel destination in the world, back in March of 2018, according to Trip Advisor, Emmanuel Macron has gone to extreme lengths in only one year, to make Paris, even more popular with certain factions of people.

Emmanuel Macron who’s often been known to be competing with Angela Merkel, to see who can turn a city or even a whole country up onto its head, in the fastest way possible, reminiscent of a horrible car accident, with debris left in its wake, inside sources have already told us that Emmanuel Macron is way ahead in that department. Whilst far away, across the ocean, Canadian President Justin Trudeau is trying to do the same very thing, to the whole nation of Canada. Amazing!

But, the city of romance and the city of lights, also known as Paris, has truly changed remarkably since Emmanuel Macron took over the reigns of Les Bleus, with his plans for the Paris Climate Change fuel tax and other tax hikes, plus with his selfless efforts at integrating countless undocumented migrants into the city, paying no mind to the cost or resources available, plus to even signing the UN Migration Pact, which has truly turned Paris into a multicultural paradise to be reckoned with, for generations to come.

Sleeping bags on the streets have replaced full to capacity hotel stays, all week round in Paris. It’s truly bustling with activity nowadays. Credit: VoiceofEurope

Yes, Emmanuel Macron’s work in Paris, France, must be the envy of all EU politicians, clinging onto the dream of yet more useful migration and yet more productive new illegals, willing to take a handout, just like themselves, and it’s surprising that none of this is getting the mainstream news media coverage that it truly deserves, don’t you think?

Romantic weekend trips to Paris by frequenting paying tourists, has been replaced with Emmanuel “Jupiter’s” own vision, a new type of Paris, one that sees no colour, no borders, and all of the wonderful things that come with it, like the sacrifice of a nation’s culture, baguettes, terrorist sympathy and the new tourists that never-ever leave, which require special economic assistance, some of them, for life even

Yes, this new tourist wave, which is not being booked through your usual online booking sites, instead arriving by the boatload and in any other way which George Soros and Emmanuel Macron can dream up, has really escalated and continued the earlier crash course work of socialist president, Françoise Hollande, in order to keep changing the face of Paris and France, into something totally unrecognisable. Well, we have the feeling that Emmanuel Macron’s goal has already been reached…

Flights and hotels in Paris, France, are available at a very low cost nowadays. Credit: TheNewYorkTimes

However, the Yellow Vest (Giles Jaunes) movement which is now entering it’s 16th consecutive week of full blown protests and epic riots, is just a minor setback for Emmanuel Macron’s new type of so-called “tourism” into Paris, France, and one now wonders if one year later, will Trip Advisor yet again crown Paris, France, as the top travel destination in the whole wide world?

Let’s wait and see, since the 2019 list of Trip Advisor’s top travel destinations, should be with us, in only a weeks time, or even less, which will give us the answer. We truly can’t wait, and our sources say, nor can Emmanuel Macron either.


Happy Travels Everyone!

Story by The Narrator

Feature Photo Credit: RFI

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