Why the New ‘Tiny Penis’ Hand Gesture Emoji is Damaging and Sexist towards Men


It’s about time we acknowledge the blatant and out of control sexism towards men in 2019. From being accused of ‘toxic musicality’ while attempting to shave, to being put in dangerously biased unsafe environments where false rape accusations are as easy to make as ordering a Cappuccino in Starbucks.

The attempt to humiliate, demean and ultimately oppress men by unhinged and menacing far-left radical political groups and feminists is concerning to say the very least… This harmful form of sexism and discrimination can be seen in our everyday lives, sometimes almost unconsciously.

Men are expected to occupy the most dangerous and often lowest paying jobs and positions, such as waste collection, construction and mining, while women enjoy more comfortable and socially adequate roles such as fashion and beauty, marketing and recruitment. All the while charged with the fallacious crime of the so-called wage gap between men and women, conceived by radical feminist conspiracy theorists angrily waving homemade placards demonstrating how much they despise men.

Stigmatisation of a man’s genitalia can be damaging to mental health, researchers have found. Credit – Intermountain Healthcare

That, complete with the societal expectations placed upon men to be the ‘bread winner’ and the main provider for families, how they should and shouldn’t behave in public, and still trying to juggle the social minefield of  attempting to be a gentlemen, while not being accused of sexual harassment and being a “sexist misogynist dinosaur” because you offered to buy a Tinder date a drink.

Welcome to 2019, where being a bona fide heterosexual man is strenuous to say the very least. And to make sexism towards men even more apparent and obvious, a new emoji is now being released to not only body shame men, but to ultimately degrade and to humiliate them too.

The new emoji being rolled out by the Unicode Consortium, along with a selected group of 270 other emojis this year depicts a hand doing a pinching motion to depict a ‘small penis’ and mock modestly endowed men.

While many self-titled ‘empowered’ and ‘strong’ feminists may be screaming from the rooftops with delight that they get to lampoon and ridicule the very symbolisation of everything they despise in the world, aka – the male manhood, but what’s the real benefit of all of this?

Not only is the ‘tiny penis’ hand gesture emoji feeble and totally unnecessary, but it is unquestionably sexist and gives an inequitable reason to ridicule, bully and sexually harass men based on a discriminatory socially constructed stereotype of a man’s worth based on the perceived size and length of his genitalia.

Modern feminism has never been about equality with men. It has always been about special treatment and exemption from all responsibility. It also gives emotionally irresponsible women the right to behave intolerantly and quite frankly, in a sexist manner.

A man’s worth should be measured by his heart and intentions, not by his penis size. Credit: Ghanaguardian

VICE, a far-left digital publication couldn’t hold their excitement and squealed with delight that they could finally mock and humiliate men while basking in body shaming and dehumanising the male species, all in the name of so called ‘fragile masculinity’.

That same kind of fragile masculinity that puts men at a significantly higher rate of suicide, or that same kind of fragile masculinity that has resulted in men making up the vast majority of the prison population​, and often with high rates of mental health problems and increasing rates of self-harm.

But you won’t see a finger gesture emoji indicating the rather large size of a woman’s vagina because she has a bucket fanny, “NO!“, because that would be sexist. But, we are totally okay to remind men and young boys that their worth is only measured based solely by the length of their penis.

When 1 in 8 men have a common mental health problem, you can be sure that damaging and sexist emojis, designed to stigmatise and reinforce discrimination, don’t help in the matter at all.

In a world in which it is becoming common behaviour to demonise and body shame men, wouldn’t it be better if we start teaching the younger generation that a man should be measured by his heart and intention, and not what is in-between his legs?

Now there’s a thought for this Thursday.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Source: Mashable

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