Donald Trump’s Comedic Comments on Bill Clinton’s Indiscretions during White House Tours are Epic!

President Donald Trump isn’t just a master negotiator, business man and tactical genius, but he’s also a sarcastically gifted comedian, since the news has just come out in the largely untrue memoir, called ‘Team of Vipers’, that on White House tours of the Oval Office for guests and friends, Trump usually shows them the Oval Office with some added historical commentary, as follows, “‘I’m told this is where Bill and Monica . . . We’ve remodelled it since then” he often says. 

Haha! Clearly, Donald Trump’s timing for some good old fashioned comedy is just as good as his chess like ability to expose his enemies and win at the negotiation table with world leaders, in one way, or another.

The memoir by Cliff Sims, called ‘Team of Vipers’, written by a former White House aide, says that Trump used the old joke as recently as of December in 2018, then yet again, he used the same classic commentary to a TV anchor in 2017, whilst entering into the Oval Office, as he would often tell his guests, ‘I’m told this is where Bill and Monica… (silence) We’ve remodelled it since then.”

Now if this doesn’t make you chuckle, smile or even laugh, then quite clearly you have no sense of humour at all. Also, if you think that joke is too crude because you’re a deluded anti-Trumper or a Satan worshipper, then we’d be inclined to think that using something along the lines of hinting at Barack Obama’s private party of $65,000 worth of hot dogs ordered in from Chicago, for a private function, which definitely took place somewhere in the White House, would be too much for most guests to handle hearing. So, Trump’s tongue in cheek comment on Bill and Monica is clearly a great ice breaker to make any room laugh.

But, you could forgive Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky, after being married to Hillary Clinton, couldn’t you? We understand him completely.

As they were, Bill Clinton staring at Monica Lewinsky during his presidency at the White House. Credit: GettyImages

Regardless, Donald Trump is quintessentially “classy and graceful” even in his comedic genius, whilst one truly wonders what else went on in the White House prior to his arrival on January 20th, 2017.

We digress, but Bill Clinton’s indiscretions were probably the least of their worries once they arrived at the presidential home.

Wikileaks exposed an email from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama from 2011, and you can spot the commonly used pedo codes, can’t you? Credit: TopCat1957blog

Reportedly, Melania Trump had the whole White House exorcised by priests before moving in, so as to expel any Satanic or Demonic forces from within, or to even free any lost spirits still stuck inside, whom may have been haunting the White House, after the previous sixteen years, which saw two George W. Bush terms (Skull and Bones) and also two terms of Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro. Weird, huh? 

Yes, it was written in the Bible of all places and once translated from Hebrew…  Surely, a coincidence, rightCredit: Instagram

No less, during Bill Clinton’s one term and almost two terms, until being impeached for his nine sexual encounters with Monica Lewinsky, naturally Hillary Clinton also stayed in the White House, and her praying to and sacrificing chickens Moloch (the god of child sacrifice) in her own backyard should be noted, which may be a serious red flag, indeed.

So, just as to what she got up to in the White House, is still a mystery, which should still warrant an exorcism of some kind, but so much was divulged in those emails form the DNC, so it could give us an inkling of just that.

Let’s now look at that world famous email from Hillary to her top aide, Huma Abedin, who stupidly let convicted child sex texter and husband, Anthony Weiner, back up all of Hillary Clinton’s emails on his now famous laptop, which retrieved by Police and is now in the hands of investigators, for safe keeping.

Moloch, eh? The same Moloch that can be found at Bohemian Grove and in Satanic scripts, who was referenced by Hillary from her own email to Abedin. Credit: TheFreedomArticles

But, back to more easily understood phenomenon’s now, and whilst it was right to exorcise the White House before the Trump’s moved in, it’s also customary for a president to decorate the White House as they want, so as to make 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue feel more like home.

A White House official told CBS News in 2017, that, ‘[Mr. Trump] wanted to bring back the luster and the glory of the White House.’

‘The Obama wallpaper was very damaged. There were a lot of stains on it,’ the official said. Well, we can only imagine what sorts of stains they were. Anyway, only Trump put up new curtains and added chandeliers in various places in the White House, with the redecoration of the premises costing a reported $1.5million due to the poor condition which the house was given to him, with plenty of necessary repairs. 

Regardless, one of Donald Trump’s favourite things to do, is to show guests on a tour of the White House, and during the visit of the Clemson Tigers in January 2019, Trump said, “I think we’re going to take the entire football team down to another special place, the Oval Office. Let’s go to the Oval. Let’s take some really great pictures that you’re going to have for a long time. A long time.’ 

Trump served up $1,000 worth of hamburgers for the visiting Clemson Tigers football team at the White House in January of 2019. Credit: TheDailyDot

Clearly, Trump is very proud of the American history of the White House and has even treated dinner guests, to a viewing of Abraham Lincoln’s actual bedroom, saying, “You want to see the Lincoln Bedroom?” to his visitors. 

‘I don’t know how he slept there. He was a really tall guy!’ he would all his visitors. 

Reportedly, Trump also gives such great tours, that according to the memoir, ‘Team of Vipers’, it states that during Trump showing guests around the White House, with his prideful commentary of the prestigious history of the country, it has even made certain people shed a tear due to the rich history of freedom present in the walls of the White House. We’re not surprised.

Donald Trump’s desk in the Oval Office. Credit: GettyImages

So there you have it! Not only is Donald Trump an expert on comedic timing, with his sarcastic laden humour, but he’s also a proud president that knows his American history too.

And, we decided to throw in some interesting pieces of evidence in this article, from former and recent presidents’ for good measure, all off our own accord, of course.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Reddit

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