‘The Death of Buzzfeed’ after Political Propaganda over ‘Fake News’ Michael Cohen – Trump Story

What’s about as trustworthy as a snake in the grass? Well, if it isn’t the Satanic socialist marxist entertainment news source called ‘Buzzfeed’, pushing leftists lies and Lucifer’s agenda in the hopes of impeaching Donald Trump, working in conjunction with CNN, but they have now already been exposed twice, for their complete and utter “bullsh*t” in the face of the whole wide world to see, and by their big brother liberal network of CNN, even.

Yes, just like CNN, who have been exposed for their lies, so many times that everyone has now actually lost count. But, Buzzfeed have now joined their ranks and buried their own coffin six feet deep and covered themselves up with fresh dirt.

Yes people, the “Fake News” terminology that the mainstream media concocted to cover up for unspeakable leftist Democratic socialist crimes around the world, is staring you right in the face, from your television screen and from your social media accounts and even web browser. That is, if you subscribe to Buzzfeed, The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post and a long list of fake news purveyors, classed into the MSM news media category.

Before we highlight Buzzfeed’s latest scandal of lying to the public, let’s all recall that it was Buzzfeed that released the Christopher Steele dossier, claiming that there was a “PeeGate” incident at a hotel in Russia, involving Donald Trump, as part of the fake Steele dossier, which was procured and paid for by the Clinton Foundation and the DNC, which was also originally funded and created, as a plan by some other evil entity in order to try to get Hillary Clinton into presidential office.

This obviously didn’t work and it was just “Fake News” which Buzzfeed released to the world, whom are now all, also shaking in their boots, but that’s the truth, and when it comes out, all will finally be revealed.

This says it all, doesn’t it? Wake up people! Credit: Funny.com

We wonder when those FISA Warrants will be declassified, don’t you? Exposing exactly who is behind SpyGate on Donald Trump, apart from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their Satanic cronies.

Yes, it was Buzzfeed that released the fake Christopher Steele dossier to the world, which is also currently under investigation, and it was the Democrats and sore losers and the intelligence firms, that created the false Russian meddling into the 2016 US election, to try to implicate Donald Trump on falsehoods, since Hillary Clinton’s epic election loss.

So, Buzzfeed are already synonymous with “Fake News” just like CNN, and we al know they work together, but they’re both now sinking like two Titanic’s into the depths of the abyss of liberal news propaganda and lies. Nice!

Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel released a statement which classified that Buzzfeed’s Michael Cohen – Trump story is not “accurate” and that’s what we call “Fake News.” Credit: NewYorkPost

But what did Buzzfeed do this time? Well, a fat reporter by the name of Anthony Cormier, who works at Buzzfeed, released a fake news story just before the weekend, which said that Donald Trump told his former attorney Michael “Sell-Out” Cohen to lie to Congress, about the so-called Trump Tower Moscow meeting, after it had reportedly ended.

All of that, is plainly only “Fake News”, as it was not long after the story was released, that Robert Mueller’s special counsel stated that Buzzfeed’s news story was completely false.

Yes, out of the blue, after Buzzfeed released their fake written story by Anthony Cormier about Michael Cohen and Trump, up steps Robert Mueller’s special counsel into Russian meddling in the US election, whom have actually never said that any news stories were false ever before, came right out and said that Buzzfeed’s story is totally false! Excellent work, Buzzfeed!

This is a really well earned sucker punch and an ultimate  statement of truth, which hopefully spells, ‘The Death of Buzzfeed’.

It’s clear that Michael Cohen’s soul is missing, after he was compromised by the mainstream media’s news circus of lies, tied into the Satanic cabal. Credit: AlJazeera

Since when did Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel ever call out a news story as fake, and even dispute the validity of any Russia “Fake News” story before? Well, this is the first time, and then you better believe that the story is truly a momentous fake.

A spokesman for Robert Mueller’s special counsel office, said in a statement: “BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate.”

But now, Buzzfeed have gone into damage control, with Anthony Cormier appearing on CNN on Sunday morning with Editor in Chief, Ben Smith, on CNN’s Reliable Sources, saying, “‘We are eager to understand which characterizations Mueller is talking about there.”

Even Robert Mueller’s special counsel shot down this fake Buzzfeed news story, but this didn’t stop Anthony Cormier and Ben Smith’s liberal “whack job” news engine, from appearing on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ show, now did it?

All in order, to try and convince people in the midst of their exposed lies, that they’re still a reliable news source. Hilarious! You can’t make this stuff up, but that’s exactly what Buzzfeed and CNN do, every day.

Anthony Cormier and Ben Smith appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources, which is hilarious! Credit: CNN

Cormier continued to lie through his teeth during his CNN appearance and said, “‘I have further confirmation this is right and stand our ground. Our reporting is going to be borne out to be accurate. And we are 100 percent behind it.”

Cormier added, “‘The same sources we used in the story are standing behind it and so are we.”

However, Anthony Cormier would NOT say who his two fake news sources were, and let’s say it again, shall we? Even Robert Mueller’s special counsel said that your story was fake. Get a grip, Buzzfeed!

It’s clear that only delusional people, liberal morons and those with serious mental illnesses are the only people subscribing to Buzzfeed and also the only one’s still watching CNN and actually believing in any of it.

But, let’s now bring in a reality check and fact confirmation for such clueless people, and so listen up “MORONS”, since here it comes!

CNN’s Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin said live on CNN,  “The larger message that a lot of people are going to take from this story is that the news media are a bunch of leftist liars who are dying to get the president, and they’re willing to lie to do it”.

Toobin continued, “I just think this is a bad day for us … It reinforces every bad stereotype about the news media.”

HELL! Even whiney voiced Brian Stelter of CNN had to agree with Toobin, and you could see that Anderson Cooper was not very happy, which makes us very happy, indeed.

Brian Stelter then said, despite agreeing with Toobin, that he was worried that Trump would use this incident to attack liberal journalists. Oh really? Sort of like the story of Claas Relotius, your previous winner of CNN’s Journalist of the Year, who was fired from Der Spiegel in Germany for writing “Fake News” stories and “Propaganda”, as part of the liberal socialist agenda, maybe? We’re just asking…

Clearly, only delusional Millennial Leftist Marxists need to apply to work here. After all, Buzzfeed is Fake News! Credit: FydoSysop

Yes, we love seeing Buzzfeed and CNN having to chew an old leathery shoe of truth, don’t you? But now CNN have had to publicly criticise Buzzfeed and basically disown them once again, in order to save their own “ass*s”, which is always a joy to behold.

Let’s remember that this is the second time that CNN has had to do so, after Buzzfeed have lied in their journalistic news reports in the past, the biggest of which was the publication of the fake Christopher Steele Russia dossier.

Yes, liberals will really believe in anything, and fake news networks like CNN and Buzzfeed will run with any anti-Trump story, especially one with any reported ties to Russia.

Which is also why Nastya Rybka aka Anastasia Vashukevich, the Belarusian Instagram model and prostitute who was arrested for selling sex in Pattaya, Thailand, used the fake Russian Trump fairytale story to authorities, and also tried to contact Robert Mueller’s special counsel with fake taped evidence (which didn’t exist), in order to get her out of a Thai prison. Yes, Rybka claimed of having dirt on Oleg Deripaska and his ties to Donald Trump, but just recently went from her Thai Prison cell, then got immediately deported, into a Russian prison cell.

Well, so why did that happen? You might ask, if you’re an idiotic liberal… Well naturally, Anastasia Vashukevich has now confessed to making all of it up, and she said that she lied about it, in order to try and save her own behind from a Thai prison, but it has now landed her in a Russian prison instead. Whoops! What’s better? A Thai prison or a Russian prison? Answers on a Putin postcard please.

Belarusian prostitute Anastasia Vashakevich, has now gone from a prison in Pattaya, to a prison in Russia, due to her many lies about Russia and Trump. Credit: AP

So, what does that tell us? Well, it tells us not to believe Belarusian Instagram prostitutes, and to also not trust CNN and Buzzfeed with their anti-Trump “Fake News” stories, pertaining to the falsehoods of any Russian meddling and Russian collusion, which has already been proven false.

Additionally, CNN and Buzzfeed also covered Anastasia Vashakevich story multiple times, which shows us yet again, their “Fake News” agenda in believing a Belrusian prostitute as one of their own Reliable Sources. What a joke!

But, we already knew that CNN and Buzzfeed are the daddy of “Fake News”, didn’t we? Now, Donald Trump hasn’t latched onto the Buzzfeed story so much, since he has better things to do, but you can bet that the whole wide world has caught onto this latest “Fake News” scandal emanating from the liberal anti-Trump agenda which Buzzfeed are heavily implicated in. So, let’s now turn to a real gem of a reaction from Terrence K. Williams on Buzzfeed’s latest lying scandal.

Anthony Cormier stated in his fake news piece on Michael Cohen and Donald Trump, that Robert Mueller first discovered that Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress, via evidence from internal company emails, text messages, and witnesses from the Trump Organization. Furthermore, Buzzfeeed reported in the story that Michael Cohen later confirmed it all, during one of his own interviews with the special counsel.

This is all lies and Robert Mueller himself had to intervene, and Buzzfeed is now in limbo and combusting in an internal meltdown, due to their fake news reporting, whilst conducting damage control, and trying to save face in the midst of their exposed lying news publication.

This is why, Cormier said, “I’m not going to talk about my sources. Rudy Giuliani signaled there would be a leak investigation. This is a really significant matter and in order to protect our sources and not put them in any risk, we’re not going to talk about the sourcing. Our sources are solid,’ he added.

Anthony Cormier, a fake news reporting leftist Marxist liar in the flesh, who works for Buzzfeed. Credit: Twitter

It’s clear that Buzzfeed is “Fake News” and judging from this scandal, which exposes their political “propaganda” of lies, on top of the lies that they shared regarding a fake dossier concocted by former British spy Christopher Steele, about “PeeGate”, which never actually happened, mounting all of these lies up, it’s not very difficult to discredit Buzzfeed news reporting, to no end!

Somebody will soon file a monstrous lawsuit against Buzzfeed and for that, they will pay. So, are we witnessing ‘The Death of Buzzfeed?’ We sincerely hope so! It’s really best to Boycott Buzzfeed, or just be another liberal moron. The choice is yours!


Story by The Narrator 

Featured Photo Credit: Funny.com


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