Rapes Soar in Finland since Opening Their Borders warns Finnish PM

Finland has always been a trailblazing country for logical liberal values, however, since they decided to open up their borders some years after the likes of Sweden, Germany and other EU countries did, and what’s been the result for Finland? Well, of course, it’s an escalation in the rapes of young women and children, as has now been confirmed by Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, who has publicly warned parents and children to be more vigilant, as a result of taking in migrants and asylum seekers, especially on social media.

Finland were’t originally aboard with the open borders agenda which saw Sweden become the top rape country in Europe, and also saw kids and teens be raped in Germany in unprecedented numbers, but ever since Finland started taking in migrants as part of EU migrant quotas, the rapes in their nation have now become a concern and a major problem.

We would have said, “we told you so!” and Finland must now be regretting that they didn’t take a stance like Hungary and Poland did, against these EU migrant quotas, since now their children and their women are being raped by migrants.

Swedish online news publication Fria Tider (Free Times) reported on the pedophile rape epidemic that is occurring in Finland, with evidence of just that, in the sexual molestation of Finnish children in Oulu to name just one city, with four cases of girls under the age of 15-years old, being subjected to rape from non-domestic citizens or migrants.

Yes, in all the cases of the rapes of these young children, the accused all have migrant and asylum seeker backgrounds, and to think that it all stops in Oulu as several isolated incidents, you’d have to be stupid to think that it’s just several isolated incidents of rape by migrants onto Finnish children, in that city alone.

Here’s an informative map of only occurrences in Finland, where migrants have caused rape and even murder after rape. Credit: EthicsForum

Since in the capital city of Helsinki, police have now also arrested several more migrants that have asexually abused children, and all of this has just been taking place in the last couple of months.

Voiceofeurope.com reports: ‘And now the police in Helsinki have arrested several migrants suspected of serious rape and serious sexual abuse of children. The crimes have been committed in the last two months.’

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä announced publicly on Twitter that the government would meet specifically to discuss the horrible rape incidents of children in both Oulu and Helsinki.

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä announces the ties of recent rapes to new migrants and asylum seekers inside the country. Credit: SuomenKuvaleht

Additionally, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö stated his disgust at the migrants who pleaded for asylum, but then raped children, and caused an overall sense of fear and non-safety in the communities across the country, as a result.

This has now sparked Finnish parents to also educate their children about the dangers of social media, which is where these migrant male rapists conduct their grooming and communications in order to identify, groom and subject the children into being raped.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö says he is shocked that the asylum seekers and new migrants that Finland took in and support financially, are also raping their children. Credit: FinlandToday

Here’s now a direct translation of what the Finnish Prime Minister and Finnish President wrote to the public on Twitter and in an official statement, in response to the growing concerns, after these child rapes became national news in Finland over the past couple of months alone.

Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipilä shared on Twitter: “As a result of the inhuman and reprehensible events in Oulu and Helsinki, the Government will meet next week in negotiations both on Tuesday and Friday.”

President Sauli Niinistö released a statement to Finland, “It is unbearable that people who have asked for and even received asylum from us have brought such evil and caused unsafety here.”

Well, what’s the difference between Finland, to that of Swedish politicians and German politicians and society, well seemingly, Finland still has a freedom of press and they’re not sweeping these migrant rape crimes under the political carpet, such as Sweden and Germany always does.

Here’s an 2016 map of some of the sexual abuse and rape crimes across European countries. Guess what? It has only got worse, and such recent news has been censored and even underreported. Credit: DailyMail

In fact, in those EU countries, it’s borderline illegal in the press to actually state the ethnicity of said criminals and rapists. Yes, they don’t dare to state the truth about migrants and asylum seekers doing the rapes and even crimes, but around 90% (if not more) of all the rapes in Sweden and Germany are in fact, conducted by migrants and asylum seekers in those European countries. To hide the truth, isn’t that just weird? In fact, it’s shameful! All in the name of political correctness and censorship.

As for the United Kingdom, we all know that they have been sweeping the facts of organised rape gangs whom are originally from usually of Middle Eastern descent, under the press rug, as well. This had also become a national debate until it was quickly, considered at one point, not okay to report on, until that ruling was eventually revoked.

20 men were found guilty in October 2018 in Huddersfield, UK, for their campaign of the rape and sexual abuse of underage girls. Credit: BBC

But perhaps, countries such as Sweden and Germany and other EU countries need to be forthright in addressing problems about lax immigration (open borders) and identify the different cultures synonymous with these rape crimes, and not to hide and censor facts from the public any longer, by lying to them about the identities of rapists and even organised criminal rape gangs which have been seen in the United Kingdom.

However, in Sweden, Germany and now Finland, these rapes are a causation of new migrants and asylum seekers whom have arrived only in recent years and in recent months.

Finland saw a rise from 7.5 percent in rapes in 2017, almost double into 13.8% in rapes in 2018 alone. Surely, unless something is done, and with more immigration planned, there will be a steady escalation of rapes in Finland and beyond, if this open border mentality from the third world continues. Which is all in all, an absolute disgrace, and surely the corruption of EU politicians should stand partly guilty for indirectly causing the rapes of children within the EU, after opening their borders to it, without a public vote.

Meanwhile in Finland.. This is what Scandinavian nations are now facing thanks to open borders. Credit: Imgur

Can you see the problem now? Well, Finland are a smart nation, and they surely will not stand for the rapes of their children by migrant men, who sought asylum, and we sincerely hope that Finland can set an example, by going against EU migrant quotas in the future, and by also being hardline on the sexual molestation of their children, unlike Sweden, Germany and even the United Kingdom, whom have been handing down meagre sentences for the prosecuted in such cases.

Clearly, any such crimes committed by migrants, asylum seekers and by original non-citizens (or by anyone not originally from the country), should face stern sentences followed by immediate deportation in the cases of migrants, so as to unburden the tax payers from these savages and to protect their communities and their children, by returning the “guilty” back to their original home nations, without ever being able to come back. It’s really quite simple, isn’t it?

Swedish politicians like Stefan Lovfen and Annie Lööf see nothing wrong with the rape and murder of their youth by migrants, since they’re living in a state of denial. They even want more migrants to come.   Wow! Credit: bpblogspot

There’s definitive proof of the ties between EU migrant quotas, asylum seekers and escalating rape statistics in Sweden, Germany and Finland, now being tied to that of migrant men, and let’s no longer lie about it. Everybody already knows and by trying to censor the truth, it still doesn’t solve the problem, now does it?


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: TheTundraTabloids

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