Is French President Emmanuel Macron the Real AntiChrist?

Just when you thought that Barack Obama, a man that appeared from out of nowhere to become the US President in 2008, later being perceived as the Antichrist of our times, in serving two terms in order to become judged the worst president of all time, leaving domestic and international destruction in his wake, with countless scandals and treasonous acts taking place during his tenure, however, there’s now lots of new evidence to suggest that Emmanuel Macron, is in fact, the real “Antichrist.”

Yes, fast forward a year and half after Barack Obama left Presidential office, but now in Europe, a similar story has emerged, with yet again a man coming from out nowhere to become President of France. How strange? Since on May 7th, 2017, voter fraud and French gullibility would ensure that Emmanuel Macron would become the President of France, in order for the European Union to stop Marine Le Pen, who embodied a straight talking similarity to Donald Trump, and thus the Satanic elites needed a new puppet and very fast, to carry out their plans to continually destroy Europe.

Yes, Emmanuel Macron was elected with the lies of the mainstream Eurozone media, stating that he was a centrist candidate, but anyone with half a brain would’ve foreseen and known about his ultra socialist agenda, and that he was just another George Soros pawn piece and a globalist Rothschild puppet, implemented in order to destroy France and also Europe.

Unlike Barack Obama, Emmanuel Macron’s cover has been blown at nearly the first hurdle, as he has been brazen in forsaking the people of France, opting in preference to being the European Union poster boy for failing Globalism, mass unregulated immigration from third world countries, and pandering to Islam and Palestine, and even calling for a totalitarian EU Army, and all the while, he’s not so secretly been guiding the sickening European Union agenda of white genocide via the newly signed UN Migration Pact. Yes, Emmanuel Macron has lost the support of his people faster than you can say, “Sacrébleu!”

“World Chaos” brought to you by Jupiter Boy aka Emmanuel Macron. Who could very well be the real Antichrist, as was foretold in the old testament. Credit: LesMoutonsrebelles

Surely, the people of France should have seen this coming? But they didn’t… So, what’s Emmanuel Macron’s solution to the escalating Yellow Vests protests in Paris and beyond? Well, he’s encouraged and organised another grand televised debate. Nice going, Manu… But, the people have already called this a “Masquerade”, knowing full well that Emmanuel Macron aka Jupiter, won’t change direction for anybody.

Thus, quite clearly the French people have had enough of the lies of Emmanuel Macron, and this is reflected in the escalating and ongoing violence in Paris, with the “Gilets Jaunes” movement against him, throughout the whole country, which is now entering into the 10th consecutive weekend of full blown riots, with no end in sight.

Yes, Paris and even France, was once known for its tranquility patisserie cafés serving up fresh baguettes, with the sounds of accordion’s near the Eiffel Tower and even romantic weekend getaways. But, this is no longer the case, since the titles like ‘the city of lights’ and ‘the city of romance’, can now be replaced with these new labels, such as ‘the city of terror’, ‘the city of violence’ and a ‘country in civil war.’

Emmanuel Macron has managed to achieve this in only one year and seven months, which has many people now very much believing that Macron is the real “Antichrist”, whom was referenced in the Bible and was foretold to rise up in Europe and to be of Roman descent, some day in the future. Has that day finally arrived? Many people think so…

Yes, the French Riot Police have started shooting at their own people by use of semi automatic ammunition, and explosions have already been going off in the streets of Paris, but the callous arrogance of Macron is set to continue, in that he’s not listening to his own people, and he will continue to pursue his agenda, regardless.

An anonymous protestor in Paris photographed a heavily armed riot police officer with a machine gun. Credit: Twitter

For a change, these riots are actually a genuine act of the people and not a George Soros implemented social uprising job, in order to oppose another candidate to serve a financial purpose, as has been the case in previous years, in many other nations and regions, such as with the Arab spring, for example.

Yes nowadays, Paris is very much a hotspot for terrorism, illegal migrants running amok and Yellow Vests protests rightfully taking over the streets in rejecting Emmanuel Macron’s globalist agenda to destroy their country. Some say that Macron signing the UN Migration Pact was the final straw that broke the camel’s back, as well as the unprecedented tax hikes as part of his corrupt Paris Climate Accord agenda. Well, can you blame the French people for opposing Macron’s actions?

Emmanuel Macron surely is the real Antichrist or is at least the “Antichrist 2.0” of the world, after Barack Hussein Obama, and the very real dangers of electing Mister Macron, is now becoming all the more clear, for even the people of the lowest level of intelligence. Let’s look at Obama’s endorsement of Macron now. Oh boy, this video didn’t age well, now did it?

The United Kingdom should really be scrambling to leave the crumbling European Union, post haste, with the best deal possible, and fast! Furthermore, the United Kingdom needs to adopt hardline tactics on crime and rid themselves of the other socialist puppet Mayor of London, whom has sought to destroy the beautiful city. Plus, with London now having a higher murder rate than New York City, the UK needs to help themselves quickly, so as they do not turn into another Paris.

In other recent news, and as we have long suspected, it is George Soros who owns, runs and controls the European Union, as was recently suggested by the Hungarian government, which can be backed up by more than forty secret meetings that George Soros’ Open Society has had with Brussels leaders in recent times, which was also called out by Nigel Farage in his Paradise Papers address to the European Union back in the summer of 2017.

Emmanuel Macron’s ‘En Marche’ origins didn’t fool everyone, but it fooled enough people to have him elected as President of France, with George Soros in the background pulling the puppet strings. Credit:

According to Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch, a member of the European Parliament, has stated that it is George Soros “pulling the strings of the European Commission’s leading politicians”, which clearly signifies that Soros has all of the European Union politicians in his cash pocket, signifying political corruption at the highest level.

The reported: ‘Tamas Deutsch noted that daily Magyar Idok learned that U.S. billionaire Soros had met for talks with the EU leaders on at least 20 occasions. Soros held talks with Jean-Claude Juncker, Frans Timmermans, Emmanuel Macron and Dimitris Avramopoulos.’

Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch has said it is “absurd” that George Soros can meet EU leaders more frequently than the prime minister or head of state of any EU member state.

Also, let’s remember that within Emmanuel Macron’s Presidential campaign being named ‘EnMarche’, it is a direct translation from one of Soros’s US organisations, named, and even with a Soros similarity to Hillary Clinton’s failed US Presidential campaign of 2016.

This is how many people saw Emmanuel Macron before the French election. It’s a real shame that the French people didn’t get the memo. Credit: Twitter

So, without the need of being a qualified rocket scientist, we already know that Emmanuel Macron was heralded and funded by evil insurgence billionaire and socialist political gambler George Soros. Curiously, Emmanuel Macron also won the French election with 66.06% of the vote. Hmmm… Coincidence?

So, it’s fair to say that Emmanuel Macron is the Antichrist and so could this be the sign of the end times? Well, it definitely seems that way for France. The video below is a must watch for everyone!


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  1. Yes, I believe he definitely a the strongest candidate yet!

    All of this isn’t a coincidence…

    If not, then perhaps he’s the final forerunner, & one of the ten kings…

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