The World is Caught Up in Spiritual Warfare & it’s “Good vs Evil”

It’s 2019, and just look at how far the world has come since January 20th, 2017, with but the fight very much continues, as it’s becoming abundantly clear that the landscapes of culture, sovereignty and morality is being tested and pushed to the limit right across Europe and America, but just what is it that’s really happening in the world?

To the untrained eye and to the uninformed, it all looks crazy. Plus, to the severely brainwashed and underdeveloped people whom are warped by the mainstream media and by the press, they can only be forgiven for wearing symbolic horse tacks and blinders over their eyes, due to their own lack of research, awareness and gullibility in the face of spiritual warfare, for which they cannot even comprehend.

Ignorance is bliss, as they say. But for those who are more than well aware, have been striving to wake people up for quite some time, and judging by the Yellow Vests movement in Europe, from France to the United Kingdom, former sheep have now begun to wake up from their own slumber, as the totalitarian agenda of the European Union, the United Nations and the globalist initiative, with their Satanic overlords becoming more and more exposed by the day. On another closely aligned note, what is really happening with Brexit? Just a thought…

Paris, and many cities throughout France are currently caught up in a burgeoning civil war, for the 9th running weekend against the globalist policies of Emmanuel Macron, and the government and EU backed authorities have begun shooting their own civilians with Semi-Automatic weapons and spraying the public with chemicals from flying helicopters, and this isn’t just about the planned socialist Paris Climate Accord tax hikes, now is it? You’d be totally stupid to believe only in that single official narrative, whilst the real reasons are swept under the political carpet. Now is not the time for a romantic trip to Paris, since those days are well and truly over. We sincerely hope you already went there for such a trip, since it’s no longer a safe place to visit.

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The French people should have voted for Marine Le Pen when they had the chance, since Parisians and the French are now paying the consequences of electing a socialist president (masked as a “Centrist”), who does not have the goodwill of his own people in mind. There’s riots, horrible injuries and even a small number of reported deaths in the streets of France, but the mainstream media hardly reports on it, now do they? Yes, this is now making the muffled civilian journalists the only voice of the French people, suffering under a totalitarian regime. How about that car bomb in Paris over the weekend? Did you hear about it? Nope, maybe it was just a gas leak like they said, eh?

Meanwhile, in America, President Donald J. Trump (45th) unselfishly picked up the reigns and tasks of God, in order to fight the good fight, against the evil within and around the world, draining the political Swamp tied into the Satanic elite, both domestically and also challenging them internationally. What does the Satanic agenda already own, aside from numerous European countries?

Who owns French President Emmanuel Macron? Credit: DailyExpress

Well, around the world, they run the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, the press, plus they also run the big tech social media companies, and their ownership of the public schooling system has indoctrinated the youth to become snowflakes, in order to make them subservient participants in the planned agenda for total world domination via a New World Order which is already opposed by their peers.

Yes, it’s all becoming more more widely known what all of this constitutes, and it’s being referred to as “spiritual warfare” and what you are witnessing is the battle between “good versus evil” and this is why Donald Trump is continually being bashed in the mainstream media for his righteous agenda, which is aligned with the good of god, and also for the good of the world.

The title of this book truly says it all, ‘God and Donald Trump’ and we applaud Trump for his efforts daily to make the world a better place, against the globalists. Credit: CharismaNews

Yes, it’s no longer, so much as the ‘Left versus the Right’, or ‘Socialism versus Capitalism’, ‘Liberals versus Conservatives’, but more so, it is becoming ‘Control versus Freedom’, ‘Deceit versus Disclosure’, ‘Morality versus “Sodom”, and ‘God versus Satan.’

It’s time to wake up and pick a side, but not without us informing you even further of the types of things to look out for, in identifying and aligning yourself with the side that you will actually support in this world, going forwards.

But, before you proclaim the benefits of socialism, open borders and a one world government, name one country where socialism has actually worked, and not actually led to the deaths and the starvation of its own people, where the failed ideology of socialism has been implemented, which only leads to communism. Go on, name a place? We’ll wait…

A woman shopping for groceries in Venezuela, in dire times for the nation that adopted Democratic Socialism, not many years ago. Credit: WorldNewsGroup

But, Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Pot’s Cambodia and currently Maduro’s Venezuela, are all prime examples of the evils of socialism and the destruction of countries throughout history. Perhaps, this is why the Yellow Vests movement is really catching on in Europe, since people are tired of the lies, and are not happy about the Satanic plans to replace Europeans with a culture, that does not align with theirs, and also have their voices censored in the process, as an alien religion becomes favoured over the beliefs of the already domesticated citizens from centuries past. Flooding Europe with a religion which does not align with an already functioning liberal Christian culture, was well documented in the written manuscripts of renowned Freemason, Albert Pike, in the 1870’s to bring in what is now known as the New World Order. And, who do Freemasons worship? Well, Satan…

Currently, Matteo Salvini of Italy and Viktor Orban have called for anti-immigration policies to take over the EU, for which France and Germany have a lot to answer for, don’t they? Many German people and many French people feel that way, which is evidenced by the Yellow Vests movement.

French police are using extreme violence and now Semi Automatic weapons on their own people, whom are protesting socialism and mass immigration. Credit: YouTube

Anyway, aside from the EU’s evil plans of wanting to flood formerly and perfectly good countries of Europe, with even more unskilled migrants with illegal and forced immigration from third world countries in the form of mandatory EU migrant quotas and the already active United Nations Migrant Pact, let’s now all take a moment to analyse the disastrous consequences of the migrant influx of 2015, with rape, crime, terrorism and the further failings of multiculturalism becoming ever more apparent since then, without the need to have it happen all over again, on a much grander scale.

Since what have been the other consequences of this lax immigration policy encouraged by bought politicians really created? Well, also a major strain on a many nations’ financial resources, as the welfare state grows and socialist handouts are given in return for leftwing socialist political votes by migrants who rarely join the workforce, whilst depleting a nations’ medical resources, plus sacrificing the promised pensions of long standing taxpayers, all in order to pay for the migrants and new immigrants. In turn, affecting the quality of life of naturalised and domesticated citizens of those nations, that have become sick to the death of the lies of their globalist leaders, hellbent on destroying their livelihoods and the future lives of their children.

In America, you have a similar battle, with Senate Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi wanting a further $134billion dollars allocated for new migrants, to secure their future voter base, whilst “Petulant” Pelosi won’t agree to Trump’s meagre $5.7billion to fund the southern border wall, eliminating illegal immigration, drug trafficking and even human trafficking.

It’s very much checkmate for Democrats and their Satanic agenda, as the public now knows who these corrupt Senate Democrats serve and support, and it’s not the will of the American people. Funnily enough, it wasn’t long ago, when Democrats also supported national security and a secure border, but since they’ve gone onto to serve Satan in a war against God, their tune has changed, since they’re all trying to take Trump down and failing in doing so, but the president also can instigate a national emergency to fund the border wall. Maybe, it’s soon time for Trump to do just that. Now let’s take a look at the hypocrisy of the Democrats or now as they’re more commonly known, the “Demonrats.”

Lies and deceit, and furthering the Satanic agenda of the New World Order has been synonymous with past presidents after Ronald Reagan, with George Herbert Walker Bush’s presidency from 1989 to 1993 (recently passing away), who actually married the daughter of Aleister Crowley (the famous Occultist), with not much research even needed into the Clinton’s, George W. Bush and the Obama family, in order to realise that they were just a long winded continuation of “war for profit”, scandals, corruption, treason, and even more recently, during the 44th president’s tenure, so-called “liberalism” came to the forefront of modern day culture along with the social media generation. Which is no doubt a war on the family institution of old, and a psychological war on the two genders, as we know it.

Barack Obama throwing up the devil horns, is not a red flag or a confirmation, or is it? Ben Carson, the head of the HUD, recently found $581billion funds of mismanaged money under Barack Obama’s tenure. Credit: Pinterest

Yes, this form of extreme liberalism and lies under Barack Obama, is exemplary of the full blown Satanic agenda, which has garnered the modern day label for the uber liberals of today, naming their progressive and delusional agenda, as follows, “liberalism is a mental disorder.”

This involves the 72 gender identities, the transgender agenda and to even that of drag kids and gender fluidity, all confusing the youth, which makes Satan very happy. Since, Baphomet and lord Lucifer is intersex, and anything that goes against the Bible and God’s plan is Lucifer’s daily bread. In some Middle Eastern nations, child brides are common place, but don’t expect the rest of the world to agree with it, nor let it take place in their own countries, but socialist liberals will most likely allow it, and there’s already evidence of this happening, via the EU’s pandering to that religion all day long.

Desmond the Drag kid is 11-years old, seen in a spot from CBSNews. These are crazy times! Credit: YouTube

Also, it must be noted that the sexual abuse of children is also encouraged and practiced in Satanism, and the consumption of “andrenochrome” is a ritualistic practice in ingesting the blood of terrorised children, which makes one think of the Hampstead cover up, the presence of the the Clinton Foundation in Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake, since the blood of un-vaccinated children is even more pure and valuable for those that ingest the blood, since the more melanin filled the blood is, it is seen as more of a delicacy in Satanic circles. Anyone for a “Hatian special?”

As was also commented on James Alefantis previously public Instagram page, called JimmyComet, by PizzaGate researchers, once the Hillary Clinton and John Podesta emails within the DNC were exposed, which led people right to Alefantis’ social media IG account, exposing child trafficking within Washington D.C. and beyond, and with his undoubted links to these Satanic practices even further. The sexualisation of children and using young boys dressed in drag, to push a Satanic agenda, should be seen as nothing else but child abuse. Plus, we can all remember the transgender reading hour at Michelle Obama’s Neighborhood Library in Long Beach, California, to children as young as 4-years old.

Canadian 10-year old Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden was recently featured in Huck Magazine, and was also photographed next to the naked transgender winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, in a photoshoot. Credit: TheDailyWire

The world has never been stranger, as many truth’s come to light, so given all this information, to blindly say that you do not like Donald Trump who is fighting human and child sex trafficking to name only one policy that he fights everyday, please take moment to ask yourself why you do not support him? Most likely, you’re an illegal immigrant or a Satanist, or you’ve been had by the falsifying mockingbird mainstream media.

Since there’s a spiritual war going on, and not a war for profit in unsettling the Middle East, as was seen in past presidencies, but with the leftist mentality of open borders, socialism and confusing the youth on gender identity, and trying to normalise 12 new perversions, including pedophilia and bestiality, is what will follow the already warped liberal agenda (as is already clear to see), something which Donald Trump and logical people vehemently oppose, along with open borders and the replacement of age old cultures for that of a medieval religious ideology, which is not aligned with the people and culture which built the modern day Western civilisations into what they are today.

Yes, what you have been witnessing over the past few years is far deeper than politics, and it’s far deeper than the mainstream media’s fake news agenda against Donald Trump, because you know what it’s really all about? It’s about ‘Good versus Evil’.

If anyone has anything to add, since this topic is so very vast, then please comment a reminder of anything that we missed out in the comments section. Dark to Light! These People Are Sick!


Have a great day!

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