Pedophile Child Killer Gary Oliva Confesses “I Killed JonBenét Ramsey” in Letters to High School Friend

In letters obtained by the DailyMailTV, convicted killer and pedophile Gary Oliva, 54, whom has long been a suspect in the murder of child beauty pageant princess, JonBenét Ramsey, has confessed to her murder, in written letters to an old high school friend, Michael Vail, in which he describes how smashing her head in the basement of her parents home in Boulder, Colorado, on December 26th, 1996, was an ‘accident.’

In the letters written from Limon Correctional Facility in Colorado, where Gary Oliva is serving a ten year sentence for the possession of child pornography, since his arrest in 2016, when police also discovered that he had 335 photos of JonBenêt Ramsey, including pictures of her autopsy on his phone. He wrote to Vail, ‘I let her slip and her head bashed in half and I watched her die. It was an accident.’

Michael Vail, a music publicist from Ventura, California, has informed police and urged them to charge Gary Oliva for JonBenét’s murder, since Oliva is due for parole in 2020. In the letter before the big reveal in the past year, Oliva called and told Vail on the phone on the exact day of JonBenét Ramsey’s murder, saying, ‘I hurt a little girl.’

Gary Oliva has confessed to killing JonBenét Ramsey in letters to music publicist Michael Vail. Credit: LimonCorrectinalFacility

Since JonBenét Ramsey’s murder, investigators had accused her own parents for years for her death, suggesting that the father John molested and then murdered his own daughter, and that Patsy Ramsey covered up for the crime, and to even years later investigators accused and suspected JonBenét’s brother, Burke, of murdering his sister out of sibling jealousy.

Patsy Ramsey died at 49-years old, in 2006, and John Bennet Ramsey is still alive today, however, the whole family was drastically affected by their daughter’s murder and they have also suffered due to the unverified allegations ever since.

Those claims and allegations of involvement in their own daughter’s murder, were put to rest in 2008, after DNA testing ruled out JonBenét’s own family as suspects in her murder. John Bennet Ramsey said at the time to an NBC affiliate:

“I think the people that are in charge of the investigation are focused on [the DNA evidence], and that gives me a lot of comfort. Certainly we are grateful that they acknowledged that we, based on that, certainly could not have been involved … But the most important thing is that we now have very, very solid evidence — and that’s always been my hope, at least in the recent past — that would lead us to the killer eventually.”

The crime scene outside the Ramsey home in December of 1996, where a police failed to conduct a thorough and clean investigation, leading investigators onto the wrong DNA evidence.  Credit: GettyImages

But, earlier in 2018, CBS aired a documentary program suggesting that Burke Ramsey murdered his own sister, for which Burke filed CBS with $750million defamation lawsuit, which was settled out of court last week. The total sum that Burke Ramsey received has not been divulged, but the settlement is estimated in the tens of millions of dollars.

However, recently Police investigators have suspected that many men were involved in JonBenét’s death and Vail hopes that Oliva will also identify them, after Vail provided Boulder police with the incriminating letters.

An excerpt from Gary Oliva’s confession letter to Michael Vail. Credit: MichaelVail

In a chilling excerpt from the letters to Michael Vail, Gary Oliva wrote about him killing JonBenét Ramsey, ‘I never loved anyone like I did JonBenét and yet I let her slip and her head bashed in half and I watched her die. It was an accident. Please believe me. She was not like the other kids.’

The letter goes on describing JonBenét’s killing at the hands of Oliva. Credit: MichaelVail

This suggests Gary Oliva’s sexual abuse of many other children, from the man that once tried to strangle his own mother, he added regarding his love for the pageant princess, ‘JonBenét completely changed me and removed all evil from me. Just one look at her beautiful face, her glowing beautiful skin, and her divine God-body, I realized I was wrong to kill other kids. Yet by accident she died and it was my fault.’ 

Michael Vail had suspected Oliva’s involvement in JonBenét Ramsey’s death for 22 years, and he thinks that the written confession from the pedophile serial killer is the evidence finally needed to charge him with her murder.

As she was, JonBenét Ramsey was a well known local beauty pageant princess from Boulder, Colorado. Credit: DailyMail

Police spokesperson Laurie Ogden told DailyMail TV, “The Boulder Police Department is aware of and has investigated Mr. Olivas.”

She added, “We have passed the additional information you provided onto investigators. We will not comment on any actions or the status of this investigation.”

JonBenét Ramsey was murdered on the 25th of December in 1996, but was only discovered the next morning, killed with either a blunt force trauma to the head or through garotte strangulation, with added suspicion of the use of a stun gun.

The basement window where Oliva is thought to have gained entry into the Ramsey home. Credit: GettyImages

There’s no explanation in the letters as to why Gary Oliva was in the house that night, but the letters suggest that he was staying only ten blocks away from her home, at the time that she was murdered.

At the time of Gary Oliva’s arrest in 2016, police found countless child pornography images on his phone, once it was seized. Michael Vail revealed to DailyMailTV that on the 26th of December, 1996, he received a call from Gary Oliva, he was sobbing and said, “I hurt a little girl.”

Michael Vail said on his friendship with Oliva to DailyMailTV, ‘I had known Gary from my time at high school and we had kept in touch. When he said he had hurt a little girl I tried to get more information out of him. The only other thing he told me was that he was in the Boulder, Colorado area.’

He added, ‘On December 27 I read on the front page of my local newspaper ‘Girl, 6, slain in Boulder, Colorado’. I knew I had to alert the police. I immediately called the Boulder Police Department and told them what I knew about Gary and what he had told me just days earlier. They didn’t get back to me.’

‘Three months later I called the police again to find out what was going on in its investigation of Gary, but instead I was sent to a police answering machine set up for tips on the JonBenét case.’

Michael Vail holding the chilling letters that he received from serial murderer Gary Oliva, confessing to the killing of JonBenét Ramsey, also stating that she was different from the other kids. Credit: DailyMail

Vail then revealed, ‘I left a message on the recorded line and again I never heard back from investigators.’

Vail revealed, ‘I’ve continued this for decades now, even with him being in prison. But he has only just admitted to killing her. He believes he will go to hell if he doesn’t admit to it.

‘I have now sent these letters to Boulder police in the hope it will get Gary to provide them with firm proof and to name who else may have been involved in JonBenét’s death.

‘I hope it helps bring justice for JonBenét and peace for her family. ‘Now they have this, a written confession, the police need to charge him with her murder.’

Michel Vail spoke on Oliva’s eligibility for parole in 2020, ‘The thought that he could be released on probation next year chills me to the bone because he should never be allowed out. He is a danger to society. The day he walks free is the day I will be terrified for every child and family.”

In 2002, CBS released an episode on JonBenét Ramsey’s death in ’48 Hours Investigates’, where retired Colorado Springs homicide detective Lou Smit identified Gary Oliva as a suspect, divulging that Oliva was living as a registered pedophile (sex offender) near the home of JonBenét Ramsey. Furthermore, Oliva had even shown up at a candle lit vigil outside the Ramsey home, after JonBenét’s death.

In 1991, Gary Oliva was arrested and charged for molesting a 7-year old girl, and in 2000, he was arrested for criminal trespassing on the campus of University of Colorado. Credit: BoulderCountySheriff

Smit also highlighted that Gary Oliva was arrested in December 2000,  for criminal trespassing on the campus of University of Colorado, in possession of marijuana and stun gun, which was of importance since investigators long believed that a stun gun was used in the killing of JonBenét.

In further letters to Vail, Gary Oliva claimed, ‘I pleaded guilty to the murder of JonBenét as well as countless charges of assaults and sexual abuse against many children, there were various agreements made by me and the court which I signed many pages.’

Gary Oliva then made the incorrect claim to Michael Vail in a letter, that he was in prison for the rest of his life, writing, ‘I’m a serial murderer. I have a disorder that cannot be stopped. I’ve told the detectives all the murders I can remember. All of them pan out. They just can’t prove any of them.’

Police investigators failed to acknowledge that the $118,000 ransom note found in the basement of the Ramsey home, could have been written by an accomplice, since it did not match Oliva’s handwriting.

In May of 1991, Gary Oliva was already on three years probation for molesting a seven-year-old girl, when he had also threatened to kill his own mother, back in Grants Pass, Oregon. 

Michael Vail told DailyMailTV, ‘Gary is a danger to everyone. Since that phone call to me where he said he had hurt a little girl, I’ve always known he had something to do with JonBenét’s death.

A shocking autopsy photo of JonBenét Ramsey’s right neck, where she was found behind the wine cellar door in the basement of the Ramsey home. Credit: ForumsofJustice

‘I hope Boulder police will finally charge him. I think they have been placing too much emphasis on DNA matches. We now know the crime scene and evidence in the case was compromised.

‘I am begging Gary to do the right thing and reveal everything he knows. He may also be able to name people he was possibly involved with when he broke into JonBenét’s home. They need to face justice as well.’

So there you have it! At long last, after numerous years of failed police investigations going on DNA evidence on a mishandled crime scene back on the 26th of December, 1996, it has seen known pedohpile and serial murderer Gary Oliva steer clear of justice for his involvement in the killing of JonBenét Ramsey, but thanks to Michael Vail that is now about to change (we hope!), after all the incriminating letters have been handed to Boulder police.

However, what is shocking and extremely curious is just as to why Boulder Police didn’t act on the information already given to them at the time of JonBenét Ramsey’s murder. Don’t you think? Which could seemingly suggest that there was some form of cover up, especially being that Gary Oliva was already well known for pedophilia and on the sex offenders register at the time of her death, and in him living nearby the Ramsey household at the time.

In the last few hours, it has been reported that the Boulder Police Department are showing little to no interest in Gary Oliva’s written confession in his letters to Michael Vail about killing JonBenét Ramsey, read here. That’s mighty strange, wouldn’t you say? Something is seemingly still very wrong here!


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Featured Photo Credit: NorthernStar

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