House Approves Spending Bill to Avoid Shutdown with $5.7billion for Border Wall

On Thursday night in Washington D.C., the House passed a stopgap measure to prevent a government shutdown, which also included $5.7billion for a border wall sought by president Donald Trump. Success! But, not so fast since the move is expected to be blocked in the Senate by obstructionist Democrats and by a few Republican cabal “swamp” monsters.

So, this means that whilst it is a step in the right direction, once the Senate rejects this latest endeavour, there is likely to be a government shutdown on Saturday, but within a war veteran that lost three limbs in combat, starting a GoFundMe page to build the border wall, which has already raised $10 million in only a few days, shows that it’s very clear what the American people want, and that’s a border wall. This is a new record in GoFundMe campaigns setting up capital in such a short period of time.

How will the Democrat obstructionists such as Chuck “Clownface” Schumer and Nancy “Senile” Pelosi explain that rapid funding, eh? Let us guess, they will blame the Russians?

Anyway, a move in the Senate to reject the House measure, should spell further distrust from people onto obstructionist Democrats and pinpoint the swamp politicians, who clearly do not have the best intentions in mind for the American people. This could very well be their downfall, as a southern border wall is a matter of national security, amidst George Soros sponsored caravans of Central American migrants, and tons of drugs, human trafficking and child sex trafficking occurring on the US – Mexico border.

The vote of 217 to 185 on Thursday puts the House at odds with the Senate, who on Wednesday night passed a funding bill which did not include the $5.7billion or any other funds for a southern border wall.

The Senate will now have to mull over the House version before midnight on Friday to circumvent a government shutdown, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signalled to Senate members for a possible vote on Friday at noon.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the disgraced anti-American Democrat operatives look downbeat after the House vote. Nice! You two really deserve it, since you make people feel really sick inside. Credit: EPA

But, Democrats who surely love MS-13 gang members, drugs, illegal weapon trafficking, human trafficking and child sex trafficking, will likely block the measure in the Senate, with 60 votes needed to advance an appropriation bill to a final vote, with Republican senators needing Democrat votes to make it over the threshold.

When and if the Senate rejects the House measure, it is unclear as to how House GOP leaders will respond and proceed. Their only two options are passing the so called “clean” Senate bill without border wall funds, and or opt for a government shutdown, which Trump has stated that he would be proud to do.

We are inclined to think that option two, or the latter option is far better at this stage, in order to stick it to the Democrat obstructionists, and expose them for their “ill will” against the American people. The shutdown is clearly the best option, which will ultimately show how these Democratic Socialists and swamp monsters operate, against the will of the American people.

The House’s approval of $5.7billion on Thursday for a border wall, comes after Donald Trump stated that he would not sign a short term spending bill that did not include border wall funding.

Donald Trump is pleased with the House measure for Border Security, but he knows it’s up to the Senate now, but clearly the chess pieces have already been placed. Credit: EPA

Trump said, “Any measure that funds the government has to include border security — not for political purposes, but for our country.”

The House’s resolution to provide border security with wall funding, would also fund the government until February 8th to prevent a shutdown, plus with an additional $8 billions disaster belief. This is all-around, a great deal!

So, the ball is in the Senate’s court and if their decision is to stop the measure, it will be all so clear to the American people and the people of the world, that the Washington D.C. swamp rats and monsters are very real, as they simply cannot justify not to give $5 billion in meagre spending to pass it, without looking like treasonous insiders scrambling for more migrants and Democrat votes, sacrificing the safety of the country for more illegal drugs, crime and human trafficking in the process.

It will be very interesting to see what the Senate does now on Friday in their vote, so as to prevent a government shutdown, as the people of America are watching and as the whole world is watching, as well.

If all else fails, why not do what marvellous Texas Senator Ted Cruz suggested last year, which is to make drug kingpin “El Chapo” pay for the border wall, after amassing a fortune far greater than a meagre $5 billion needed for the border wall. In hindsight, El Chapo moved so many drugs across the southern border and made tens of billions of dollars, so you can also listen to Ted Cruz, since he truly has great ideas.

Also, if you wish to donate to the Trump border wall, created by a 37-year old Floridian war veteran, then please click and donate here in the spirit of MAGA!

In conclusion, Friday’s Senate vote will really expose the levels of political corruption within the Senate, if they do indeed block the new House spending measure, that already includes the $5.7 billion for the border wall, all inclusive, so to speak. Let’s all keep our eyes peeled on this mammoth moment on Friday, shall we?


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: GoFundMe

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