Tracey Jon Remington Blows Whistle on Clinton Foundation’s links to Crimes Against Children

A woman named Tracey Jon Remington made an impassioned Periscope video blowing the whistle on her former husband, Gregory Vern Remington, whom she says was the primary child pornographer for the Clinton Foundation, named the “Baby King”, from McMinville, Oregon. She dropped the video a couple of days ago on Periscope, so as to answer to the calls from Liz Crokin about anyone with any insider information on the Clinton Foundation’s pedophilia network, within the elite of the elites.

Tracey Remington answered Liz Crokin’s calls with her video and has now outed her dead husband, Gregory Remington, whom she said was involved as the main child pornographer for the Clinton Foundation, which she discovered back in 2008, which later escalated into a long running domestic argument with her husband, that eventually led her to shoot past her husband (she said), after he had beaten her for six days.

But, it wasn’t until the year of 2016, when the John Podesta emails were first leaked, which was when Tracey Remington said that she could finally identify the common pedophilia code words, through Google searches, linking her back to the extent of the pedophilia that her ex-husband was really involved in (when he was still alive), which links back to the reported Clinton Foundation child trafficking network, in committing numerous crimes against children, of which former FBI director James “Howdy Doody” Comey had five full binders of evidence, relating to the exact same thing, but he did nothing about it.

It was even proved and confirmed by the IG report that James Comey was briefed and was very aware of the Clinton Foundations links to ‘Sex Crimes Against Children’ which were also found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, when investigated for sexting a 15-year old girl, for which eh is now serving time in prison.

Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin (pictured). Nobody thought that Hillary Clinton would lose the 2016 US election. Credit: TruePundit

So, let’s take a look at the following ten video slides (below), shared by Liz Crokin on Instagram, after it was initially shared by @robointeriors and by @greatwakening45, and all three accounts have been helping to share Tracey Jon Remington’s story, out into the world.

That’s why we thought that we would also help to share the story even further, in hope that other people will finally wake up, and realize the true extent of the sickening crimes of certain elitist political figures and even major celebrities, past and present, with the elements of Satanic worship, the child ritual sexual abuse and even to the human sacrifice of children, plus to the ingestion and consumption of Adrenochrome, after terrorising children to capitalise on their adrenaline, making them high, which is all very synonymous with Satanism.

However, all of this is not just restricted to the Clinton Foundation, but it’s even been rumoured to have been seen in various other industries that are rife with Satanic practices, almost always involving the sexual abuse and sacrifice of children.

Be prepared to see a woman, exposing the truth, in sharing her own traumatic story in realizing that her own husband was a child pornographer for the Clinton Foundation’s pedophile ring/network. Please by all means share this far and wide, so as to wake up many other people, about the incoming truth, that’s ready and set to shock the world.

She implicated Hillary Clinton for her numerous crimes against children, including rape, murder and the human trafficking of children for the Clinton Foundation, and she also outed former FBI Director James Comey, as being the gatekeeper of protecting the pedophile network within the Clinton Foundation from being prosecuted, because he’s, according to her, also a known “pedophile”, which is none too surprising either, at this point. If you search up James Comey and Howdy Doody, there’s some evidence suggesting that fact, as well.

Also, within John “Skippy” Podesta being exposed as a well known pedophile through PizzaGate investigators’ research found via that long DNC email trail, and also being that he was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager for her failed 2016 US Election bid, with James Alefantis of Comet Pizza also being implicated into investigations, as being one of the most powerful men in Washington DC, despite being a pizzeria owner. Weird, eh? Who knew that Pizza could make so much money? Well, it’s clearly not that kind of Pizza.

Rest in Peace, Andrew Breitbart, who tweeted this back in 2011 about John Podesta, but later died of a mysterious heart attack. Credit: AndrewBreitbart/Twitter

All of this, makes it all seem very much like Tracey Jon Remington really knows what she’s talking about here, since she also discovered a long time ago that her own husband was the Clinton Foundations’ main child pornographer, nicknamed the “Baby King.”

This was something surely traumatic for her, as her whole life fell apart, so can something like this really be untrue? Given the stacks of mounting evidence against the Clinton Foundation, with no less than all the summoned intel acquired through hoards of DNC emails and video files found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, for instance?

Well, also remember that somebody has the server with all of Hillary’s deleted emails, plus rumours of the Chinese ZTE phone provider, backing up all cabal members files onto a server back in China, meaning that they already have all the information readily available and at hand. Yes, everything is already in the right hands of the law, after the firing of James Comey, Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe from the FBI, within the last twelve months.

Well, what do you make of Tracey Jon Remington’s Persicope video and do you think that somebody would make such a video with such passion, if it were not true? Tell us in the comments section down below, and please share this news far and wide, so as to put an end to crimes against children and to spread further awareness about what’s really been happening within the Clinton Foundation’s ties to human trafficking in a highly organised Satanic pedophile ring.


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2 thoughts on “Tracey Jon Remington Blows Whistle on Clinton Foundation’s links to Crimes Against Children”

  1. I wonder if the Delphian School of Scientology is some how connected with the CIA operations at Evergreen Aviation. They’re both in close physical proximity, Sheridan and McMinnville Oregon.

  2. We know the Emergency files on Weiner computer had the horrible video of Abadeen and Hilary torturing and killing a girl. Right out of the Mayan times. It was so sick grown men cried when they saw this video. The FBI hid the video when given to them them and many N.Y. police that saw video were pissed and said they would leak it out. When will these creeps get theirs? Trump is working on them. No wonder they hate him. God Speed to all who harm, all of God’s human beings, that justice will be served..

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