NASA International Space Station Infested with Space Bugs

Now for some news to leave you feeling all itchy and forever paranoid, since the International Space Station is infested with ‘Space Bugs’ that could spread incurable diseases, unlike your best friends couch in New York City, which will just give you those raw bed bug bites. Remember?

In saying that, this is a very serious matter, as space bug organisms have infected the space station and scientists have warned that it could spread illness to crew members and anybody coming in contact with it, with NASA scientists warning about the “Enterobacter”, which is similar to the bugs found on Earth in hospitals, such as with MRSA, a new study has revealed. 

Yikes! There’s clearly never been a worse time to become an astronaut, if this latest news is anything to go by, as researchers aboard the space station have already found five strains of bacteria, which were isolated to the space station toilet and on the exercise platform, aboard the ISS since 2015.

The former sounds like your average dive bar toilet in San Francisco, but this is luckily only happening in space, at the moment…

Make sure it’s only a “number 1”, and not a “number 2” in space, umkay… Credit: GettyImages

However, this has raised some serious concern for astronauts if the organisms are resistant to drugs and medicines, such as antibiotics, potentially causing an eventual outbreak of an incurable disease.

Head of author of the report, Dr Nitin Singh said: “Given the multi-drug resistance results for these bacteria and the increased chance of pathogenicity we have identified, these species potentially pose important health considerations for future missions.”

However, the organisms are luckily not strong enough to cause any disease that’s untreatable so far, for astronauts, but in the near future, it could still pose a very real threat to anyone inside the space station, if any strain becomes resistant to antibiotics.

If this were the case, then millions or thousands could die from a previously curable disease. The five different strains of “Enterobacter” could still be highly dangerous for humans, as they’re fundamentally different to the one’s found on Earth, since they may not respond to treatment, such as the ones down on Earth, in quite the same way

Researchers found that there’s a “79% probability that they may potentially cause disease” on dead samples, and not live samples, which signifies that the risk could be even higher when tested on any live samples.

The Metro newspaper reports that: ‘It’s feared some of the bacteria could be drug-resistant, meaning they could pose more of a threat to astronauts because traditional treatments would not work properly.’

A petri dish of disease has been found on the International Space Station by NASA on the ISS toilet. Credit: GettyImages

Dr Singh added in his report that, ‘It is important to understand that the strains found on the ISS were not virulent, which means they are not an active threat to human health, but something to be monitored.

Senior research scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Biotechnology and Planetary Protection Group, Dr Kasthuri Venkateswaran, said the three strains belonged to a species which caused illness in newborn babies here on Earth.

Which makes us think of one thing and one thing only, and that’s “cot deaths”, but even worse, the bug aboard the International Space Station already infected a ‘compromised patient’ with a low level immune system, suggesting that people can be easily infected if already suffering from a pre-existing condition. 

Scientists now want to conduct a widespread research and testing missions to determine just how much of a threat the bacteria poses to astronauts.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has stated that if any disease escalates a strain which becomes resistant to the strongest antibiotics, then it could claim the lives of 1.3 million people across Europe.

So, just imagine if there’s a space bug outbreak on Earth, eh? That would be like the modern day plague, but hopefully that won’t give anybody any evil ideas… 

So, there you have it! When all sorts of craziness is already happening back on Earth, such as Central American’s throwing rocks at border police on the southern border, trying to enter the USA, in order to get socialist handouts in return for Democrat votes, and even with Elon Musk contemplating to leave us all for the red planet of “Mars.”

These are surely are really crazy times, indeed… Well, what’s next aliens from outer space landing on Earth in order to just vote Democrat in future elections? Let’s not put it beyond them…

What happens in space, stays in space, or at least on the International Space Station, mind you… Credit: GettyImages

Anyway, as all that’s already happening simultaneously, the International Space Station and NASA are identifying space bugs, which lord help us, will never ever be present on planet Earth.

Now. let’s go ahead and just admit that this sounds way worse than “bed bugs” from your dirty weekend away at your friend’s place, which they can ultimately oven bake out of their home, and you can still scratch away until your heart is content, but with pest control at the ready. However, with these “Space Bugs”, it’s not quite the same, is it?

So, let’s all be best advised not to date an infected astronaut or a toilet cleaner from the International Space Station at this time, no matter if they vote Democrat or not! Okay, liberals...

However, we’re pretty damn sure that Donald Trump’s proposed Space Force can deal with all these problems, given the right funding, don’t you?


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Featured Photo Credit: TheVerge

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