Why Instagram Is Becoming An Online Drug Dealing Marketplace

Social media can be a bit like a drug. Addictive, bad for your health, and can leave you looking like a manic anorexic with a severe eating disorder, riddled with incurable anxiety and begging for likes and validation.

But a means for a crackhead to get their fix of illegal substances without leaving the confines of their filthy bedsit? Who would have thought?

Fancy some cocaine? Heroin? Valium and Xanax without prescription? How about some marijuana? Well, rather than dealing with a dodgy hooded figure in a darkened rat-infested alleyway surrounded by used needles and fake refugees claiming asylum, all you have to do now is to log onto your Instagram account, whilst also getting your daily dose of Kim Kardashian inspired “ass photos.”

Are those “golden nuggets” on Instagram? Credit: WoodTV

In a bid to increase net profit as well as their digital followers, drug dealers are now taking to the social media photo sharing platform and turning it into an open marketplace to sell illegal substances, with criminals in particular using it to advertise addictive chemicals and all sorts of other shifty substances, that quite frankly you wouldn’t want anywhere near you, let alone running through your blood supply, bought cheaply, and distributed through social media.

And the method of this drug pushing social media campaign? Well apparently, it’s all to do with Instagram’s algorithm.

Once an Instagram user has followed one of the accounts peddling illegal substances, they are reportedly shown other drug sellers by Instagram’s recommendation using the social media platforms algorithms. This then allows the user to be kept in an online community where purchasing illegal drugs is literally just a swipe and a like away.

Dealers are using social media to target the millennial selfie generation for swift sales. Credit: DailyMail

This was all well and good for Instagram (owned by Facebook), but censoring and “shadow banning” conservatives and free thinkers is not a problem at all. They have had that algorithm in place for a long time already!

The hashtags that attract those looking to purchase drugs are also used for on the social media platform, with not so unassuming hashtags like #Weed4Sale inserted into each post to make the search for getting hold of illegal substances that much easier. Hasn’t social media come a long way?

How many daily doses have you had today? Credit: Ketchum

However, Instagram are now finally starting to crack down on users using the social media platform to advertise and sell drugs, with numerous arrests made within the last year.

Instagram have also recently blocked several hashtags that were connected to online drug sales, and are removing drug dealers from the platform daily.

So, if you are looking to get your daily fix while searching for the best possible supplies on the conveniently created hashtag #Heroine4sale, we are afraid you may be sh*t out of luck. Look’s like a trip down that germ-infested migrant alleyway may be in order after all.

At the end of the day, Instagram should only really be used to post holiday snaps and heavily filtered narcissistic selfies while following our favourite virtue signalling celebrities telling us how to live our lives. So, if you get a friend request from a gap-toothed drug pusher looking like a homeless hobo, just say no and continue ignorantly selfie-ing away.

Remember kids, the only “gramming” you should be doing on Instagram is obsessively stalking your ex, obsessively liking booty photos, and not the “gramming” of any snorting kind. That’s still best reserved for the methods of old school communications, perhaps?


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Source: Time Magazine

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