Did An Intruder Really Break Into Buckingham Palace?

You would have thought that the security operations at Queen Elizabeth’s residence of Buckingham Palace would be so tip-top and in a tight condition, that not even an unassuming fly could get past those mammoth gates before being shot dead by one of the Queen’s guards.

Hell! Even tourists are shouted at and threatened with force if they get too close to those menacing Beefeaters in the Tower of London.

So, you would be shocked to know that someone has actually managed to break into the heavily guarded grounds of Buckingham Palace, and to top it off, even managed to sneak into the Queen’s own personal bedroom. A place we are sure few men have ever entered before.

In the summer of 1982, Michael Fagan, 31 at the time, scaled the walls around the palace topped with barbed wire and revolving spikes, as guards were in the process of changing the guard.

The intruder, who was actually barefoot at the time, was able to climb the drain-pipe of the palace before finally making his way up to the Queen’s private apartments. It was there, that the unemployed father of four triggered the alarm, not once, but twice, but shockingly, the police guarding the property at the time actually turned it off, assuming the warnings were errors.

One was definitely not amused. Credit: W3LiveNews

It was later determined that several other alarms had been improperly installed. So much for that strict royal protocol, right?

According to the Royal Family’s website, there are over 200 bedrooms in the palace. So the fact that he managed to randomly pick the Queen’s bedroom, all while high on the effects of magic mushrooms and barefoot is anyone’s guess really.

Entering the Queen’s bedroom, she woke up startled to see a strange man standing by the end of her bed who wasn’t Prince Philip sleepwalking in his undies. Shocked by the strange man in her bedroom who had now perched on the end of her bed, the Queen was only able to raise the alarm when the intruder boldly asked her majesty for a cigarette.

While not able to provide him any kind of nicotine intake, the Queen calmly spoke to the intruder and kept him occupied as she pushed the alarm button. All while in her flowery knee-length nightie too.

Ironically, when her majesty triggered the panic alarm for help, the guards in question were unable to hear her call, as they were out walking the dogs.

Barefoot and high, Michael Fagan still managed an audience with the Queen, mind you. Credit: Warehouse

So, while her guards were busy seeing to the royal mutts, the Queen had to still tend to a strange man in her bedroom all by her lonesome self. Eventually, a maid and a footman were able to come to her majesty’s aid in which later police were called and the intruder was arrested.

Shockingly, Michael Fagan was not charged for the breaking into Buckingham Palace, although he did end up spending time in a mental institution for psychiatric evaluation in 1982. Well, we guess that beats paying child support for those 4 kids.

We like to think that security procedures at Buckingham Palace have been tightened since then. But with Meghan Markle currently roaming around the place, we’re very surprised that it hasn’t been transformed into a women’s refugee hostel just yet.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Source: Joe

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