Do UK Motorists Really Swear The Most?

From some idiot driver cutting you up on your way to work, to an absolute clueless pedestrian stepping into the road without looking whilst staring blindly headfirst into their iPhone. Indeed, there are many reasons why Brits have got a reputation for being ruthless swearers when behind the wheel, with all these negligent morons out on the roads. 

In a poll originally published and commissioned by Hyundai News, over 2,000 British drivers were asked about their driving habits. Unsurprisingly, it was found that Britons are a foul-mouthed bunch when taking to the roads, with a total of 9 out of 10 admitting that they have angrily cursed while behind the wheel. Well, for f*ck sake! Somehow we’re not surprised at all!

In the UK, behind closed doors or mostly behind car windows. Anytime in private, it’s a well earned excuse to break into an expletive tourette’s rant! Credit: Car Talk

But then again, we really didn’t need a poll to tell us that. Just one journey in the back of a black cab in London during rush-hour traffic would give you an insight into the typical British road etiquette. Or should that be un-etiquette?

To be fair to Brits, there has been a lot to swear about lately other than stupid drivers, pedestrians and Pakistani rape gangs, and that’s without mentioning the devastating loss that was after the World Cup semi-final this year, which can only be classed as, “f*cking unlucky, lads!”

That’s still a very delicate subject for some Brits, and will be for more decades to come. Luckily, nobody got physically hurt. Phew…

Don’t worry folks, Theresa is strong, stable and in control – Credit The Week UK

Now, with Brexit on the horizon and with Theresa May’s watered down EU deal looking to dash the hopes of “Brexiteers” across the nation, who actually voted to leave the clutches of the European Union and not play bedside footsie with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, it seems Brits have a whole lot many more reasons to now watch their manners going forward, and completely refrain from cursing into March 2019, and beyond.

Either way, other more noteworthy findings from the drivers poll revealed that Brits are likely to swear 152 times on average, during a 373 mile monthly commute to work. Then after that, just imagine when away from the wheel of the car and all alone, when one is doing those mundane daily tasks that don’t always go your way, or to even watching football when England lose on penalty kicks, expletives surely run amok into obscenities and curse words that would even make Satan himself cower right back into hell!

In your own minds, please take a moment and then calculate just how much swearing the average British person might do on a daily basis…  Absolutely shocking, we know!

FFS! Move out of the way, you useless c*nt! Credit: Greekreporter

Additionally, school runs are also a given nightmare. The average parent driver swearing at least 26 times during a month during school runs, surely passing on that vocal phenomenon onto our heavenly children. However, 61% of parents were able to watch the profanity meter when their children were in the vehicle, so there still is hope…

Whilst the poll didn’t exactly reveal the exact choice of words most commonly used, we don’t really need to use our own imagination to pin point the types of profanity involved, do we? But as we are very much on a PG type of digital publication, we won’t be publishing them here, now will we?

So, are Brits really as vulgar behind the wheel as the poll suggests they are? Tell us if you’re a Brit “Brainstain” reader! You might as well swear in the comments section down below. Please share, how often do you really drop the “f-bomb” and the “c-bomb” on your morning commute to work?

Personally, at Brainstain, some of us drop those sorts of words all throughout the entire day, but that’s just some of us. But please do tell us your favourites, since it would make all of us join together as one group of short tempered, Tourette’s having, internally “raging” Brits!


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Source: Huffington Post

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