Serena Williams GQ Cover Sparks Outrage & Confusion Over Transphobia

There’s so much transgender news coming at us from all directions this Wednesday, isn’t there? The transgender agenda is really picking up steam these days, what with the new book called ‘Becoming‘ just released by Michelle Obama, and now Serena Williams gets her own cover on GQ. What are the chances?

This surely is a good thing for transgender people and the progressive gender agenda, which really came on like a steamroller during the Obama years, but the real truth behind it is slowly coming to light in many different ways.

However, the drawback of pushing the transgender agenda into the mainstream, is the consequence of extremist liberals’ forcibly manipulating their own children to change sex (when they don’t even want to). These people are often seen in “pussyhat” wearing cities such as San Francisco and Portland, with men filling their cups with soy milk to justify their waning masculinity. This epidemic of forcing gender reassignment on children, should be seen as nothing short of child abuse.

Should children really be allowed to choose their own sex before they can fully form their own functioning brains? Should gender fluidity be pushed in elementary schools in a modern-day staple of socialist ideologies gone wrong, all the while, claiming it under the guise of gender inclusivity? We think not!

Serena Williams has the frame of a man, and no scientist could ever deny that biology. The veins in the neck, really tells it like it is. Credit: People

In saying that, there are some people whom genuinely feel that they are born in the wrong sex, and can then undergo gender reassignment procedures and finally surgery, going from Male to Female, or Female to Male, with expensive hormone treatments to follow, along with the ‘ultimate snip’ if that is so needed. Or more creative yet, making the Mona Lisa from scratch.

This bring us to the GQ cover of Serena Williams, featuring the 37-year old tennis champion, who some have said was in fact born a man, which would go some way to explain her “swole physique” and her dominance of strength on the tennis court.

The cover of Serena Williams on GQ magazine, with the word “man” crossed out, for “woman” has sparked much debate and much liberal outrage. Credit: GQ/Conde Nast

The “WoMAN” of The Year’ headline, with the word “Man” crossed out, has pretty much let the cat out the bag, but it also has now upset liberals, whom are outraged because they say it’s “transphobic” and “racist”. Yes, Serena Williams was the sole woman listed in the Men of the Year Awards, with the word “Woman” in quotation marks.

The word on the cover, they now claim, was handwritten by Serena’s friend Virgil Abloh, designer of ‘Off-White’ who designed her tutu dress for the US Open, with his brands signature being to put double quotation marks over words, which is why it appeared on Serena Williams cover.

“Woman” or “Man” of the Year? For the ‘Men of the Year Awards?’ Hmm… Credit: GQCondeNast

People have become outraged over Virgil’s act of putting in quotation marks over the word “Woman”, whilst she was the only woman on the cover, alongside the men of the year like Michael B. Jordan, Henry Golding, and Jonah Hill. You can look at all the covers here.

The GQ publications released on Monday sparked social media questions, such as from a woman who tweeted: ‘Okay but why is woman in quotation marks?’

Now, let’s see some of these tweets in response to Serena Williams being the sole Woman in the Men of the Year awards, starting with Gal Gadot on the GQ cover last time around, who is a woman, next to Serena Williams, who is a…?

Hmm, indeed. Do you see the difference here? From the body frame to bust and the muscles? Something doesn’t quite add up…  Credit: Twitter

There’s many more tweets that hit the Twittersphere at rapid speeds yesterday, after the Serena Williams cover was released to the masses. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

A very good question here…. Credit: Twitter

So many questions, so many people seeking answers for this mishap on the cover of GQ Men of The Year issues, since it included Serena Williams. If Serena Williams was indeed born a man, how does it justify her playing against women in tennis for all these years? That would be a deception, wouldn’t it?

This woman feels confused, but maybe she should look closer at the overall deception. Credit: Twitter

Some people are really stunned and need answers from GQ, ASAP! The next tweeter decided in a liberal sense of the word, that this was clearly “racist!” Also, that it was “dangerous” and “transphobic!” Wow! What sort of debacle have GQ got themselves into? Meeting the wrath of leftists like these won’t end well for the Conde Nast publication.

Is this racist? Is this transphobic? But just why was Serena listed in the ‘Men of the Year Awards’, hmm? Credit: Twitter

GQ have yet to respond to the social media backlash over the Serena Williams “Woman” Of The Year cover, but clearly, there are some people that need answers. Serena Williams has also not responded to the controversy of ‘Off-White’ designer Virgil Abloh putting the word “Woman” in quotation marks. Maybe, they are trying to tell us all something.

One Twitter user wrote “I get the Virgil Abloh reference but that quotation around woman is weird af and totally uncalled for”.

Another Twitter user posted, “In the context of Serena Williams, a person who has been mocked for her appearance and deliberately misgendered for years… this ain’t it, Virgil.”

Olympia Williams, daughter of Serena Williams, is she the real deal or simply adopted? Source: Instagram

GQ wrote in the spread, “No matter how you cut it, Serena Williams had a remarkable year.”

Then they added the choice word of “G.O.A.T” which is the modern-day meaning of ‘greatest of all time’, however, the GOAT has been picked up by many researchers as being an in plain sight reference to Satan, who often is depicted with a goats head.

So, when you say “GOAT’ you are actually praising the dark lord, and what does the dark lord love very much? Well, obviously people who flip their sex, and going against what God created, because the goat is inter-sex.

So there you have it! Lots of debate will now surface over Serena Williams’ rather interesting depiction on the GQ ‘Men of the Year’ issue, following on from her public on-court meltdown after losing to female tennis player Naomi Osaka on September 9th, 2018. Who will ever forget?


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Featured Photo Credit: The Telegraph


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